2,000,000 tonight? (live at 9pm EST)

I wanted you to see something


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Rising from the ashes of defeat,



…like you
…have been frustrated, hopeless,

and in despair, yet somehow

overcame, and now, today…

…are about to get paid their

two millionth dollar in



…in only 56 days 🙂



You want to see the movie.


There are three things that you

need to have in your business,

if you want the river of abundance

to flow to you like water…



First, you want to have a product

that everyone wants to buy.

Secondyou want to learn the

critical ‘secret keys’ to selling

lots, and lots of that product…

Third, you want to over-deliver

on your promise, giving people

even more for their money than

you actually promised.

Because when you do those three


…all that’s left is to decide to take

massive action

…and money can flow to you like

a river.

I’m not saying that making

money is easy

…I’m not saying that everything

is going to be absolutely, totally


…I’m not saying that riches will

come to you instantly…

Because that wouldn’t be telling

the truth…

…and that’s not why we’ve helped


people make almost $2,000,000 in

commissions in the last 56 days

…it’s because we taught them the

secrets, they listened, and more than

just deciding to take action

…and watching this movie:


…and buying this product:



…it’s because they see the vision

…it’s because they decided to do

whatever it takes…

…it’s because they realize, that it

is not just about getting lots of money –

– getting money is easy

…when you learn the secrets, are

selling a great product, and are

getting 100% commissions
(Yes100% of it all…)
…it’s more than that.

Tonight, all of the leaders who

have been paid nearly $2,000,000

will be in one place at 9pm EST.

Because we’re going to lay out

our plan for 2012.

A plan to help hundreds of thousands

of distributors in hundreds of companies

make more money, recruit more, and

have a better life…

…and you get to learn it all tonight for free.
Call in here at 9pm EST tonight:

Secret Number:  (712) – 432 – 0900

Secret Code:   113543#
Be there at 9pm.
See it for yourself.


Take action.



– Neil Ball

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