Beetroot Benefits – 6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know…

I will explore beetroot benefits in the article below and will detail the many wonderful health benefits to this vegetable.

About Beetroot – Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot benefits show that this wonderful round, red vegetable is sweet, earthy and packed with vitamins and minerals.  Beetroot became a popular vegetable in roman times and was used to treat wounds and fevers.  This wonderful deep red vegetable is great for skin problems and was used as an aphrodisiac.  So get some beetroot today and enjoy!

Packed With Vitamins – Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot benefits show that this tender to eat, red vegetable is rich in vitamin A, B6 and C.  Beetroot may also protect against liver disease.  Beetroot has many uses and the green leafy portion of the beet is also edible and packed with vitamins.  Beets contain many B vitamins and beet juice can be used in fruit fillings, red food colourants, jams, jellies, to intensify the colour of tomato paste.  Beetroot can also be used to make wine.

Loaded With Minerals – Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot Benefits – 6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Beetroot Benefits

If you want to put more minerals in your diet, beetroot benefits reveal that many minerals can be found in beetroot.  It contains potassium, iron, protein, magnesium, soluable fibre and plenty of antioxidants as well as folic acid.  Beets also contain the mineral silica which helps the body use calcium and this is important for reducing the risk of osteoporosis.  It has plenty of iron in it which helps beat fatigue and anemia.  It helps keep blood sugar levels stable and is low in calories.  So get some today and see the health benefits for yourself!

Great For Lowering Blood Pressure – Beetroot Benefits

It is well known that beetroot benefits include lowering blood pressure and can improve blood flow.  Researchers revealed that nitrate is the great ingredient found in beetroot that lowers blood pressure and helps fight heart disease.  Beetroot contains high amounts of nitrate which are converted in nitrates by mouth bacteria.  These nitrates can help blood vessels open and thus increasing blood flow and oxygen to places needing it.  Nitrates widen blood vessels in the body.

Beetroot Is Good For The Brain – Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot benefits include the power to increase blood flow to the brain, particularly in older people which is great for fighting against the onset of dementia.  This is because beetroot is packed with nitrate which help open blood vessels in the body and increase blood flow.  Beetroot’s folic acid also helps protect against alzheimers and dementia.  It is essential for normal tissue growth.  It is the high amount of nitrates in beetroot that fights against dementia.  So buy some beetroot and enjoy the benefits of this incredible vegetable!

Packed With Antioxidants – Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot benefits show it is packed with antioxidants and many nutrients.  It is rich in vitamin c, betaine, magnesium and potassium.  The betaine helps to reduce the concentration of homocysteine which is harmful to blood vessels and adds to the onset of heart disease and stroke.  Antioxidants are believed to help the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and can protect artery walls and helps reduce stroke risks.  Beetroot also contains protein, carbohydrates and soluble fibre.

Beetroot benefits

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Beetroot benefits

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