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Big Commerce Review | Lifestyle Select

Big Commerce Review

Big Commerce is website building software and has been used to do over $1,231,112,569 in transactions for over 30,610 store owners. The Big Commerce software is on an eCommerce website that has software that is designed to get you online quickly. You can use it with your own domain name and it does not require any installation once you sign up.

There are lots of design tools in the Big Commerce software as well as administration features for running your new website and selling physical products, digital products, events, and services. The tools and facilities provided include the website, domain name, secure shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateway, CRM, email accounts, marketing tools, reporting, a mobile optimised store, etc. There are also Catalog options including buy online, email inquiry or catalog-only mode. The Big Commerce web site has been designed with ease of use as the main feature so that no matter what level of skill you have you will easily be able to get your new site up and running quickly.


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Big Commerce Website Design

When you first start using Big Commerce the first thing that you need to do is create a website which is done by choosing one of the over 100 included professional themed templates for most categories of business including clothing, electronics and many more. If you have HTML and CSS experience then you can customise the design of your storefront. The designing of your site is easily done with drag and drop and a ‘Microsoft Word’ type of What You See Is What You Get (WYSYWIG) editor. You can even design your own logo or if you already have one upload it. The websites stores that are created in Big Commerce are automatically compatible with all mobile devices.

Big Commerce Products

As you add products you can add unlimited product options such as SKU, size, color, shape, Price, Weight, etc. you can even create fields for customers to fill in. It is also possible to import items in bulk from an existing online store, POS or accounting system. There is also a facility to edit products in bulk either in a web browser or on a spreadsheet.

Big Commerce Images

You can upload images for your web site design either one at a time or in bulk and they are automatically resized to fit your web site. Images that are displayed on your website will have a zoom facility for the buyer to look closer. Big Commerce also a carousel builder to spot light your products on the home page with large images and you can add custom titles, custom descriptions, and buttons all with point and click without the need for coding. You can also determine how quickly the images rotate.

If you can’t find a design that you like or suits your business, and you don’t have the required HTML and CSS skills, you can employ design partner to create a custom design.

Big Commerce Inventory Management

BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

It is possible to set up the inventory stock control in Big Commerce to work exactly as you need so you will know how many units of a particular item is in stock. You can specify bin locations for picking in you warehouse. There is pre order and backorder support. As well as this it will automatically synchronize and update as orders are placed and when the stock level hit zero the product can be updated so it is not available for sale and at the same time send you an alert. You can also process orders individually or in bulk for shipping and keep track of where they are in the process and print packing notes and invoices. You can easily see stock inventory levels at any time at a glance and set low stock levels.

Big Commerce Product Returns

There is also a complete returns handling system includes that has amazing flexibility, full customisation and automated returns. It can manage refunds, product replacement, and offering store credit. You can also disable returns or use the permission-based user system to assign RMAs to your staff. Additionally there is also an option to add return reasons and actions. As part of the automation process Customers can even place a return request in their My Account page on the website that you design.

Big Commerce Payments

The Big Commerce Websites are securely hosted which adds piece of mind when adding a shopping cart and collecting customer information. It is possible to have a single page checkout to maximise conversions. It is also PCI compliant for integration of Visa and Mastercard. Big Commerce will easily integrate with up to 50 payment gateways such as Paypal, eChecks, credit cards and more.

Big Commerce SEO

The Big Commerce has built in SEO tools to ensure that your webstore ranks well in the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc so that your website is easier to find. This is done with Custom page URLs, Title and header tags, Meta descriptions and keywords, Image alt tags, and Search engine friendly links, Sitemaps, Google Shopping Integration etc.

The Bigcommerce Content Delivery Network (CDN) dramatically decreases page load times by distributing files to servers all over the world. Microdata and reviews help you stand out by displaying average star rating. There is also an email follow up process to automatically email buyers and encourage them to post a review in the store.

Big Commerce Apps

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Big Commerce can integrate hundreds of apps and it is compatible with most well-known pieces of software such as Mailchimp, Facebook, Google and Constant Contact. There is even a try before you buy option on lots of the apps. If the piece of software that you want to integrate with is not listed then you make a request for them to create it for you. There are many things that can be done with the apps. They can integrate with existing software so that you can sync orders with your accounting software, update inventory levels from your warehouse software, save and sync customer details to your CRM, import product details for your POS system and more. You can also customize layout & functionality to add live chat for real-time sales and customer service, provide instant coupons and time-limited deals, ask customers for feedback on your products and website, Drive traffic and more sales, etc. Additionally you can reward repeat customers with loyalty points and rewards to encourage customers to share their purchases with friends, get insight into where your customers come from and how long they stay in your store and more.


Big Commerce Marketing

The Big Commerce Marketing module has tools to create urgency to sales. There are also dynamic pricing rules that make it possible to offer discounts for certain order amounts or customers. Some of the other marketing tools include:-


Trackable coupon codes Free or discounted shipping Minimum quantity purchasing Rule-based promotions like buy 2, get 1 free
Time-limited promotional campaigns Customer groups with pricing rules Gift certificates and wrapping
Put products on sale and display discount against RRP Multi-tiered pricing with bulk discount rules Flexible catalog display (buy online, call for quote, catalog only)


There are also a number of functions included for use with search marketing on Google and Yahoo that will automatically create and export ad campaigns. It is also possible to integrate the Google Website Optimiser to analyser pages on your website to determine how you can best attract new customers and convert them into sales.

The recommendation engine will also automatically recommend relevant products to customers based on the items that they are shopping for to further increase sales.

Other features that are designed to increase sales include Side-by-side product comparisons, Product search, recently viewed products history, Third-party live chat integration and Public and private wish lists.

Big Commerce Social Sharing

Any pages on your Big Commerce website can also have social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. This will help get extra free traffic.

BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

Big Commerce Reporting

The built in reporting in Big Commerce will allow you to see a daily snapshot of your online store. All of the reports are presented in tables and graphically in charts, pie charts and bar charts. There is reporting on unique visitors, Orders, Conversion rate, Revenue, Orders geographical locations, Best-sellers and Top customers. Additional reporting is possible with the Google Analytics integration.

Big Commerce Pricing

Big Commerce has five pricing options that are based on the number of products, number staff log in’s required, and data storage space required. There is an ‘Abandoned Cart Saver’ option that will send emails to anyone that abandons the sale in the shopping cart. Each of the packages also come with a free $100 Google AdWords advertising coupon.


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
$24.95/mo $39.95/mo $79.95/mo $149.95/mo $299.95/mo
Click Here To Go To Website Click Here To Go To Website Click Here To Go To Website Click Here To Go To Website Click Here To Go To Website
100 Products 500 Products 1,000 Products Unlimited Products Unlimited Products
3 Staff Logins 10 Staff Logins 20 Staff Logins 50 Staff Logins 100 Staff Logins
200 MB Storage 300 MB Storage 500 MB Storage 1 GB Storage Unlimited Storage
Free $100 Google AdWords Free $100 Google AdWords Free $100 Google AdWords Free $100 Google AdWords Free $100 Google AdWords
Abandoned Cart Saver Abandoned Cart Saver Abandoned Cart Saver


Big Commerce Security

The staff at Big Commerce monitor all their websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year to keep the websites live. There hosting is also designed to handle a lot of traffic without a problem and has an uptime of 99.9%.

The Big Commerce web hosting has hardware firewalls, a network-intrusion detection system, denial-of-service protection, and complete disaster and recovery support. Automatic backups are also included to make sure that you don’t lose your data if there is problem with the servers.

You can secure the store’s online checkout process with your own SSL 128-bit security certificates to give your customer the confidence to buy off you.

Staff access can also be controlled so that your employees are only allowed access to certain areas of the system. There are also log files that record the history of every action that they take.
Big Commerce Review Speed Test

When I tested the speed of the Big Commerce Website website using Pingdom I found that it was above average being faster than only 69% of all websites as can be seen below:

Big Commerce Review Speed Test


Help & Customer Support


Help and support is available by email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, phone at any time of the day, every day of the year.


I was very impressed with the range of useful features that are offered by the Big Commerce ecommerce platform. It is extremely easy to use and is very flexible. Big Commerce is a great way of getting a website online and is a piece of software that will scale with your business as it grows. There is even a free, no-risk, 15 day trial.

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