Can Cats Get Colds? The Facts That You Need To Know…

Cats can, interestingly enough, get colds and allergies.  These wonderful furry friends are prone to colds just like people are prone to colds.  As with people, cats colds are usually viral and cannot be treated with antibiotics.  Although vets are known to prescribe them anyway in order to prevent an infection spreading whilst the cat’s immune system is weakened from fighting their cold.  I will explore can cats get colds in the following article.

Cat To Vet – Can Cats Get Colds?

You should take your cat to the vet if you think he has a cold and is lethargic.  Also, if you think your cat is not eating you should take him to the vet as he may need some caring support.  A vet will know whether he needs additional help and may well prescribe him with antibiotics.  If your cat is eating normally and is not showing changes in his/her activity levels they will most certainly fight it off under five days.

Could Stop Eating – Can Cats Get Colds?

Can-Cats-Get-ColdsThe biggest worry to cats when they catch a cold is that they stop eating because they cannot smell the food.  One good way of stimulating their appetite is to microwave their food for 15 seconds, as this makes your cuddly cat’s food easier to smell as it is more fragrant.

Check Cat’s Temperature – Can Cats Get Colds?

You may want to check your lovable cat’s temperature.  This can be done rectally with a digital thermometer greased with Vaseline.  If the temperature shows anything over 103.5 you should call the vet.  If their temperature shows 101 to 103 degree range then this is the normal cat temperature.

Cats Start Sneezing – Can Cats Get Colds?

So if your cat starts sneezing, don’t be alarmed.  Cats can get colds.  They may get over it in a couple of days and they should be fine. However, if it doesn’t clear, and you think it is an upper respiratory infection then you should take them to the vets to see if they need antibiotics.  Upper respiratory infections which are caused by common causes such as viruses are prevalent in cats, also known as kitty colds.

Cats Can Shiver – Can Cats Get Colds?

Cats can get cold and can shiver when they are cold.  They do like the warmth and will come back in even though they have a higher tolerance for cold more than you or I.  When he goes outside and it is very cold you should bring him in after a few minutes and keep an eye on him.  Some people do not let their cat out when it is below freezing.  They are warm blooded animals like people and can get cold!  Look after your cat and read the signs!  Their fur doesn’t keep them that warm and just like people whose faces get cold when outside, cats also get cold, so bring them inside as soon as you can.

Sign Of Cold – Can Cats Get Colds?

Cats show signs of a cold by having red watery eyes, sneezing or breathing through the mouth are all signs of URI in cats or kittens.  This URI is caused by bacteria, a virus and sometimes an allergy.  Cats can recover and will just need time and love.  So if you think your cat is off their food and is weak and has started to wheeze, take them to the vet who will check them over.  Check if your cat is dehydrated, this is very serious and you would need to take them to the vet.

To conclude, cats can get colds and if you think your cat needs a vet’s attention, do not hesitate to get them to the vet.  With your loving care and attention, your cat will be fine!

Can Cats Get Colds

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Can Cats Get Colds

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