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Carbonite Review – Online Backup Service | Lifestyle Select

Carbonite Review – Online Backup Service

In this Carbonite Review I will examine the functions and features of Carbonite online backup and how it could be beneficial to use to protect the valuable personal and business data on your PCs. Carbonite Review below

Carbonite Review

Numerous surveys are shown that people know that they should backup their computers but for some reason the majority of people don’t do it. One of the reasons for this is that some people don’t know how to do it, and think it’s too complicated, and it needs special hardware and software so they don’t try. Carbonite is an easy-to-use backup solution that removes the complexity in backing up a PC so that the most non-technical users are able to do necessary backups of documents, music, photos, videos, etc at the click of a button.

When choosing a backup service it is essential to select a company that can be trusted. Carbonite were founded in 2005 and are based in Boston USA and operate from multiple backup server locations in the US. They employ over 400 people and backup more than 300 billion files. They have received many industry awards for the quality of their service. Carbonite provides a range of backup solutions with Unlimited backup for home and business users.


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When you first sign up for the Carbonite online backup service the first thing that you need to do is install a small free Windows and Apple compatible desktop application on your PC. Once you run the Carbonite software it will instantly start backing up the files in the My Documents folder on your computer. If you want Carbonite to only backup specific files it is possible to manually configure which files are backed up. Furthermore if other files as well as the ones in My Documents need to be backed up then they can be added to the backup schedule. By default Carbonite will not automatically backup individual files that are bigger than 4 GB or video files. In reality very few files are greater than 4 GB so the need to do this is unlikely unless they are videos. It can still backup the files larger than 4 GB by manually adding them to the backup which is done by just right clicking the mouse and selecting the option to back up the file. The online backup does not include operating system files and excludes applications by default. Again these can be added if needed.

There are also options within the software to create a schedule for the Carbonite backups making it possible to do backups at a specific time during the day. It can also be configured to not backup files during a particular window of time such as business hours. By doing this it minimises the impact of the Carbonite backup on other programs that you may need to run during this time. Unfortunately there isn’t an option to set the Carbonite software so that it only backs up when the computer is idle or after a certain time of latency. An option is provided to set the priority of the Carbonite backup when other software is running on the PC where Carbonite can be set to be a low or normal bandwidth usage priority. Unlike some other software where there is a sliding scale the Carbonite software only provides the normal or low bandwidth settings. For most people this is probably all that they need.

The initial backup when you first start using Carbonite’s online backup service will take quite a long time to perform. How much time will be depend upon the size and quantity of files on your computer’s hard drive, as well as the speed of your Internet connection and how much of it you allocate to the backup process. Once completed Carbonite will continuously do incremental backups. The benefit of incremental backups is that only the files that have changed or have been added since the last backup will be backed up. The incremental backups run silently and unnoticed in the background on your PC and require no user intervention. Versioning is also included in the backups which mean that it is possible to easily get at previous versions of the backed up file in the event that you accidentally change it or delete it.

Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup.


Carbonite also provides an online portal to access the files that it has backed up from your PC or Server. This is an easy-to-use website where it’s possible to navigate and see the backed up files and also restore them individually or all at once if needed. Other account maintenance can also be performed within the web portal such as updating your payment details and buying another subscription. It’s possible to access your PC’s backed up files from anywhere either by logging in to the web portal or using the Carbonite App which is available for iPhones Blackberries and Android phones.

Restoring Files – Carbonite Review

Files can be restored either from the Carbonite website portal or from the Carbonite desktop software. This is done with the click of a button by just right clicking and selecting restore. It is also possible to choose the location where the file or files are restored to. Backed up files can be restored individually or as a selection or all of them can be restored.

Security – Carbonite Review

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The security of your irreplaceable home and business computer data is very important and care should be taken when choosing who you trust it with. The Carbonite data centres have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year protection. The data centres are state-of-the-art with enterprise grade servers, temperature control, UPS backup, backup generators, restricted person access with biometric scanners, on-site security guards, etc. All of the data is stored across redundant arrays of drives. Carbonite encrypts the files before they leave your PC and they are uploaded to the backup servers in the Carbonite datacentres. The files remain encrypted when stored on the Carbonite backup servers. The encryption uses bank levels of security with 128 bit Blowfish encryption and SSL technology during the transfer.

Help And Customer Support – Carbonite Review

There are many ways to get help and support when using Carbonite online backup service. They provide getting started guide, frequently asked questions (FAQs), a searchable knowledgebase, how-to guides, troubleshooting and video tutorials. If the solution that is needed can’t be found in any of these then there is also U.S.-based e-mail support, live chat and phone support seven days a week from 8:30 AM to 9 PM US Eastern time excluding US bank holidays.

Price – Carbonite Review

Carbonite has a range of online backup plans for home, Home Office and businesses. Their home and Home Office plans include unlimited storage for a single computer, and start with the ‘Home’ plan from $59 a year which allows any time anywhere access to the backed up files. The ‘Home Plus’ plan costs $99 per year and has the added benefit of backing up external hard drives and a mirror image backup. The ‘Home Premier’ also includes automatic video backup and a courier recovery service which is ideal in the event of total loss of data to quickly restore the lost data. Carbonite offer a discount on these rates when a longer term commitment of two or three years is made. There is also a 15 day no credit card required free trial available.

The business plans start from $229 per year and have similar features to the home plans plus they allow unlimited computers and server backup. One of the great features of the business computer backup plan is that it charges based on the amount of data that is stored rather than the number of user licenses required which can have obvious advantages and save money.

Conclusion – Carbonite Review

Carbonite provide a great backup solution that is perfect for anybody that is non-technical and just wants a set it and forget it reliable and secure online backup solution for their valuable home or business data. I have used Carbonite to back up my own PCs for a number of years and have been more than happy with the service that they provide and I would recommend them. They may not be the cheapest but cutting corners on something as important as the data on your home and business PCs may not be the wisest thing to do to save a few dollars for an inferior service.


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Carbonite Review

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