Elephant Facts – 7 Things You Need To Know About Elephants

I will explore some interesting facts about the wonderful creature, the elephant.  This beautiful mammal is an endangered species and we can do more to help save them from extinction.

Elephant Facts – Endangered Species

Elephant Facts 7 Things You Need To Know About Elephants

Elephant Facts 

Elephants are symbols of wisdom in Asian cultures.  Elephants are seriously threatened by human beings and this is on the increase.  The elephant once numbered in the millions, particularly the African Elephant and has now dropped to almost 470,000 of them. The elephant must be protected and now it is a protected species worldwide.  There are now many restrictions in place that protect the elephant on capture, domestic use and trade in products such as ivory.

Male elephants weight about 6 tons and they are called ‘bulls’.  The elephant has the largest brain in the animal kingdom.  African Elephants are classed as vulnerable and Asian Elephants are classed as Endangered.  They are hunted as their tusks are made of ivory.  Ivory is wanted and therefore they are endangered but not extinct.

Elephant Facts – Tusks and Teeth

The elephants have tusks which are their incisor teeth.  These teeth they use for defending themselves and to dig for water and to lift things up.  The elephant also has four molars which can weigh about five pounds each.  The elephants go through about six sets of molars in their lifetime and when they get old they eat softer food as their teeth can be a little sensitive.

Elephant Facts – Largest Land Mammal

Due to the growing African population and as their habitats are taken away from them, the African elephant is endangered. The elephant is the largest land mammal.  It can, interestingly enough, live to be 80 years old.  The elephant does not travel by day and this magnificent creature must be protected.

Elephant Facts – The threats to elephants are:-

  • Poachers who are after ivory
  • Conflict with people
  • Their habitat will be destroyed

Elephant Facts – Herbivorous Mammals

The elephant is herbivorous.  It eats grasses and other vegetation. Elephants sleep standing up.  Only the young ones lie down to sleep.  An elephant can swim a very long distance.  These herbivorous mammals have tough skin. Their trunk is strong enough to lift a baby elephant from a mud hole.  The elephant can pick a leaf from a tree with a gentle probe of its trunk.  They spend 16 hours a day eating.  These herbivorous mammals cool themselves using their ears. Elephant skin is grey and wrinkled and they roll around in the mud to keep the bugs and insects from biting them.  They are very strong and heavy and they are scared of mice. The elephant is self-aware.

Elephant Facts – Live In Herds

The elephants live in herds.  They have poor eyesight and their hearing is poor.  The elephant is 10 – 13 feet in height and it can run 24mph for short distances.

They are the only land mammals beside us that cry.  They can have a close bond with humans.  They mourn their dead.  They carry their calves for 18 months.  The wonderful elephant!  Adopt one today!

Elephant Facts – Adopt An Elephant

You can help save this magnificent creature by adopting and elephant.  This will help with training and equipping anti-poaching patrols.  It will strengthen the conservation law also.

It will reduce the conflict between local people and elephants that exists.

Elephant Facts

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Elephant Facts

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