Facts about Wolves – 6 Interesting Facts About Wolves

The article below looks at some interesting facts about Wolves

Facts about Wolves #1: An endangered species.

Wolves are an endangered species. They are just animals trying to survive. Wolves live in wilderness areas in Northern America, Northern Europe and Asia. It is a fact that they are not harmful to humans. They belong to the same family as the dog. Wolves are predators that hunt and eat other animals. In some places they are considered a vulnerable or endangered species. There are many of wolf organizations and government agencies working to save wolves and to educate people about them. We can help this endangered species.

Facts about Wolves #2: Myths about wolves.

Facts About Wolves

Facts About Wolves

The wolf is a common motif in foundational mythologies of people throughout North America. One myth about wolves is its strongly associated with danger, destruction, making it the symbol of the warrior on one hand and the devil on the other. The modern myth of the big bad wolf is a development of this. In many cultures the identification of the warrior with the wolf gave rise to the mythical identification of man and wolf. According to Roman tradition, one myth is that a wolf was responsible for the childhood survival of the future founders of Rome. Twin babies were ordered to be killed; however, the myth is that they would be adopted by a she-wolf. As a result, the myth is that the Italian wolf is the national animal of the modern Italian Republic.

Facts about Wolves #3: Further myths about wolves.

Norse mythology prominently includes three malevolent wolves. In particular, a giant wolf who was feared and hated. His upper jaw could touch the sky and his lower jaw touches earth when he gapes. The myth has it that this wolf was feared by the gods.

In modern Mongolia, wolves are seen as a good luck symbol. One myth is that the grey wolf showed the Turkish people the way out of their legendary homeland. The myth is the Turkish people believe the wolf is thought to possess spiritual powers.
In Alaska, one myth is that the people believe the wolves were once men and view them as brothers.

Facts about Wolves #4: The wolf hunts in a pack.

The wolf is a mammal which hunts in a pack. It has a life span of 13 to 15 years. There are many stories of wolves being ‘wild dogs’ which could be tamed. Wolves and dogs do interbreed and the pups are called wolf hybrids. They do not usually make good pets. Wolves are wild animals and live in family groups called packs. They can travel long distances at a regular trot of about five miles per hour. They are much quicker when they hunt. They can also travel far from their home pack and their regular territory in search of food. There are 8 or 9 wolves in a pack usually. All the wolves in the pack take care of the youngsters by playing with them and keeping them safe.

Facts about Wolves #5: How the wolf communicates.

Wolves are great communicators and like dogs they bare their teeth and growl. In any pack there is one alpha male and one female. The alphas are the oldest and lead the pack. They communicate by howling and scent marking by leaving their urine.

Facts about Wolves #6: The carnivorous wolf.

The wolf is a carnivore. Wolves eat small birds or mice. They prefer goats, sheep and deer. When they find food they eat as much as they can, as they can go days before eating again. They have incredibly strong jaws and can break hard bones in a few bites. There is no record of a healthy wolf ever eating a human being. A Grey wolf is the largest existing wild member of the Canidae family. It will eat elk and moose.

facts about Wolves

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Facts about Wolves

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