Herbalife Scam? Get the Truth About the Herbalife MLM Home Business Model?

In creating this article dealing with whether Herbalife is truly a scam I figured it would be smart to study the Herbalife company, as well as the Herbalife products, the Herbalife comp plan, plus what people are reporting about Herbalife before deciding Herbalife is really a Scam or really a genuine opportunity.

Herbalife was set up by Mark Hughes in 1980 and has been distributing its products to 91 countries across the globe ever since. The Herbalife company sells a range of products such as nutrition, supplements, weight management and skin-care products. There is also a Multilevel marketing business opportunity available from Herbalife that lets you make money with Herbalife part time or full time, being an independent distributor.

Often people want to find out the truth about a multi level marketing company and the business opportunity which it offers ahead of parting with their hard earned dollars. Due to the fact all companies will invariably inform you about what a terrific business opportunity they’re offering it is essential to question what you are actually being told. Obviously you will need to make sure that there is a genuine opportunity that you could make money with and it is really not a scam.

Just before I continue I’d first want to make you aware I am not affiliated with Herbalife whatsoever. I’ve not been sponsored by anybody into a Herbalife downline and also I haven’t ever used any one of the products. I feel that this places me in an impartial position since I don’t represent the Herbalife company, I’m not someone who has made a fortune with Herbalife, nor am I somebody who has lost money with Herbalife. In Addition, I am not even someone who is at present considering joining Herbalife. For that reason my viewpoint is impartial and logical.

The thing that provides me with the ability to be able to judge the business opportunity is that I have experience of network marketing for over 2 decades in addition, I set up and ran a non-network marketing business that retailed over £300 million or $500 million of products through my direction. So I offer an understanding of the MLM marketing business plus the corporate world of business that gives me the ability to consider factors in a manner that the majority of people don’t possess the knowledge to do.

A scam is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “a fraudulent business scheme”. Other Synonyms include things like con, defraud, diddle, swindle, etc. I state at this stage that Herbalife isn’t a scam. I will now explain how I’ve arrived at this conclusion.

In 2013 Herbalife had total net revenues of $4.8 billion and it directly employs 7000 people. This level of business turnover necessitates complying with international regulations and rules. You cannot hide what a business of this magnitude is doing. Plus in the US they have to do business inside the FTC rules for MLM Marketing and direct selling rules that have existed since the late 1970s. They’re also a member of the The Direct Selling Association. Herbalife is an authentic network marketing company with a legitimate opportunity.

Since I’ve shown that the Herbalife business is actually a legitimate business I am going to now talk about the product range. Herbalife hire industry experts and scientists to make certain the most up-to-date research and nutritional science goes into developing the company’s range of products. Most of the Herbalife products and solutions are pretty cheap and considering the volume of sales they are doing annually they would eventually run out of clients if folks weren’t ordering their products again and again – this is usually the best test for how good a product or service is in terms of quality and value for money.

The Herbalife Business Opportunity and the Mlm comp plan

The Herbalife life compensation plan is way too complicated to describe in this article. However, like most home Network Marketing Business opportunities it rewards you for several things such as the sale of products, the volume of sales, a profit percentage out of your down line.

The Herbalife comp plan is actually a ‘Breakaway Plan’. The leading advantage of a ‘Breakaway Plan’ is that you get to recruit a limitless amount of people across your frontline and earn downline commissions on an endless amount of legs. One downside of a ‘Breakaway Plan’ is they often only pay monthly. It really is a great idea to study the company’s compensation plan and to understand it totally before you get involved.

During the process of composing this article I looked over the opinions people have made concerning their experience with Herbalife. I expected and discovered a number of views from folks who have and haven’t had financial success with Herbalife. The fact remains that most people who join a MLM company don’t have the level of commitment and dedication that is required to make it successful. Frequently they will treat the business opportunity like a job. The key to achieving your goal is not to be like the majority of individuals.

As a result of analyzing the various aspects of the Herbalife business it is quite clear this isn’t a scam. But it’s definitely not a guarantee to earn money without dedication plus commitment. Herbalife has been around doing business for many years, which says a lot about it. Obviously Herbalife would undoubtedly not have been in business for this period of time if they was a scam. With this knowledge it is best not to refer to the ‘Herbalife Scam’ again.

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