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Hide My Ass Video Review | Lifestyle Select

Hide My Ass Video Review

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Hide My Ass Review Video Transcript Below

Hello its Neil Ball here from Work with Neil Ball and today I’m going to look at a piece of software that I use quite a bit, which is Hide My Ass Pro VPN. A lot of people want to hide or change their IP address online, possible for more privacy, or to get around an IP block. Or maybe you are doing some online marketing, and you are submitting a lot of content with an automated tool, and you want to use different IP addresses to maximise your success rate in doing what you are doing. There are a number of solutions and ways of doing this. You can get free solutions and you can also get paid solutions.

The free solutions often revolve around identifying or finding a proxy server and hoping that proxy server is going to work well. If you doing things on a bigger scale you may well have to scrape lots of IP addresses for different proxy servers and using something like a piece of software from Scrape Box. And then you will have to test it all, and often you find at these kinds of connections are not that reliable, and they are also intermittent. So something that works one day all of a sudden just stops working.


The alternative to that is to use a paid service. And the paid services again are a better solution because the IP addresses are not abused like the free IP addresses are. But there are a number of limitation. Or I have found that there a number of limitations, especially if you are using it for online marketing. They are quite often difficult to interface with software because the IP address sometimes involves going to website to change the IP address. So you can’t automatically change it with a piece of automation software. Or not easily. The way I have got around this is to use Hide My Ass Pro VPN which is a fantastic piece of software and it is the best solution that I have found over the years of doing lots of automated submissions.

Hide My Ass have a massive number of IP addresses. In fact they have got in excess of 41,000 IP addresses and this number is increasing all the time. They operate with 350 VPN servers which are in 52 countries around the world. I don’t think that there is continent that they are not on. They have got servers in Europe, Oceana, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, and in Asia. And they’re adding servers all the time. So using Hide My Ass saves a huge amount of time over manually scraping and is a lot more reliable. So really as far as Hide My Ass is concerned the main reason for wanting to use it would be that it’s more reliable, it is more stable and is also faster. And the other thing is that the IP addresses don’t tend to have been as you abused as much as the free IP addresses that you may scrape. Another thing about them is that they aren’t detectable in the same way as the free ones. You will quite often find with the free ones that some of the more switched on websites are able to identify that you are using a proxy server and because of that they will still block you, even though you’re not using your IP address directly. Where Hide My Ass Pro VPN differs is that it uses a connection which is encrypted. Unlike the other services because it’s using a secure VPN tunnel between your PC and the server in the country that you have elected to use, they can’t actually see your connection to that server. Because the server itself is actually in the country that you are intending to use for your IP address. The VPN Pro. The Hide My Ass Pro VPN it works by basically installing a piece of client software on your PC. And that piece of software then communicates with the various servers that are in the Hide My Ass network of servers around the world. And that way and it gives you a totally secure and anonymous connection to the Internet and allows you to do whatever it is you are wanting to do with the connection.

So what I will do now is I am now going to give you a quick demonstration of the software and how easy it is to use. The actual installation of the software is a very simple process which I am going to go through now. It is like installing any piece of software really. There is nothing special or difficult about installing the software. It is very very straightforward and the great thing about it is that it just gives you so much functionality which is really useful which I will demonstrate in a second. So here we go I am just going through the process of installing it. It doesn’t take long at all – as you can see.

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It has now finished the installation. I stopped recording whilst it did it, but is now back on. So you can see the screen is saying it is completed here. And it is just a question of clicking next and finish. And it will now start the application. I will just bring it into the window so you can see it. And there it is. It is on. It’s a very simple process to install and setup. And all that it is requiring now is a username and a password now. Now what I will do is I will just put my username password in. I’m sure that you don’t want to see my username and password so I shall take it out of the recording area whilst I do that. And there we have it. It is now connected. So there we go. It really is so simple. It might sound complicated when you start talking about pieces of client software on your PC and things, but in reality is just a piece of software you stick on your machine. It connects to their servers and away you go.

So just a few things that I will run through this whilst I have got it on here. As you can see it is very easy to use dashboard. There’s a few bits and pieces on here. Currently I’m in the UK. So you can see my original IP address and you can also see the new IP address. So it’s given, it’s already up and running and its working.

It’s also got a. In here you have got all sorts of settings that you can set up. So there is a load balancing set up here and what that’s for is that if you decide to use a server that’s got a certain number of users already on their and the usage is such that it’s not going to give you a very reliable service then it will switch to a different server automatically. And you set the number here as to the percentage that you want to give. That you are prepared to accept as a quality of service and after that it will automatically always give you that quality of service and if it can’t find that quality of service on the server that it is using it will switch to the nearest, the nearest server that is available that will give you that quality of service. So that is quite useful feature because it means that you are not actually being hung on a server which is giving you a poor performance which is affecting everything that you do.

You’ve also got on here the ability to change the location of the servers in the particular country or the location in the country that you have selected. So for example here in fact these are all UK, no they are all of them. Actually that is wrong so. Basically you get a full drop-down of all of the different, of all the different servers that they have got around the world and as you can see there is many, many, many of them as I mentioned before. There is 350 servers or whatever the quantity was that I said at time. And that’s one way of selecting them, which is not the easiest way of selecting them. But if you’re only, if you decide that you want to take the next one down in a different location then you can do that very easily. An easier way to select them is to use the country selection option at the side here. And with that what that gives you is. It will then give you everything sort of grouped together in an easier to follow way. So you can see all of the American ones are there. And then you have got the Canadian ones, the British ones, the Netherlands. There are servers all around the world. It is quite incredible. In fact they have got a map overview here that shows all of the servers. And these are obviously the all of the locations of the various servers everywhere. So you can see it is quite a widespread collection of servers that they have got everywhere. And if you want to change. If you wanted to change to different countries. So currently I’m in the UK you can actually very easily just say well I want to work from Phoenix in Arizona and you will see now that this has come up on the screen saying that it is changing in the country. So it is a very very quick process. It is just going through the change right now. It usually takes about 20 to 30 seconds I think to change to a different server. And once it’s changed it will come up with a message saying that it is now connected to a different IP address. And it will even tell you the IP address. There you go. So my new IP address is and I am, for all intents and purposes working from the USA in Phoenix Arizona. It’s a fantastic, it is a fantastic service.

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The other great thing is has got is this. Which is the 10 closest servers. Which is quite a good feature, because what it will do is it will make sure that it will always pick from ten of these. Each of these locations have a number of IP addresses associated with each server so by rotating those, if you are using automated submission software then it can be quite useful to have a random selection of 10 servers which all have all got multiple IP addresses. So the chances of you ever using the same IP address very frequently on the same site is very slim. In fact the other thing with this software is that each time you actually login, it does, Or each time you connect to the service it will give you a different IP address to the IP address that you previously used which really helps to sort of increase your anonymity online and makes sure that you are always, you know, as anonymous as you can be if that is something that is important to you in whatever you are using it for. So once you are actually online you got this thing connected you will find that your online identity is very well masked behind all these anonymous IP addresses which are within the Hide My Ass network. And the other thing is the security is a great thing on this as well because if you are actually connecting to the servers with a secure VPN connection and what that means is that everything you do online is actually encrypted and essentially anonymous. The encrypted connection is almost like a tunnel from your machine to the server so everything you do is virtually. It’s as secure as you can make it. They are using government levels of security with 128 bit encryption to make sure that you really have got a first-class service there.

Now as far as changing the IP addresses goes, I showed you one way of doing it. If at any point you decide you just want to change your IP address then in the dashboard there is a button here, and you can just press the button and what it will now is it will again go through the process that I showed you before where I selected a different country and it will change the IP address, and within 20 to 30 seconds it’ll be on a new server. There we go, it’s done it again. Another way that is this can be done, is if you’ve got this running and you’ve not got the software up on the screen when you doing it, then the other way that you can do it is, if you go down to this little logo here on the taskbar. If you right click on there then there is an option there to either disconnect, quit or to change your IP address so by clicking there… Again very quickly you can change your IP address. So yet another great way of accessing the software without any hassle.

A few more features on here. Another great feature that is on here. If you are using the software with some kind of automated submission software and you’re wanting the software to change the IP address every period of time. Then this this can be a great feature because what you can do is you can have a random change of IP address every, however many minutes you want to set it at here. In fact you can even go down to the second and every time the software has been logged into that IP address for the time period that you have set here, it will automatically change and select another fresh IP address that you’ve not used recently. So that you are always using different IP addresses.

You can also select in here, once you’ve done that you can also check and verify the IP address that you using to make sure that the IP address is working. So for example there I have just had a look at “What’s My IP” and it has come up telling me the IP address is Which if I just go back to Hide My Ass. You will see its which is what it said their. So it is obviously working. That is an independent verified confirmation of what the current IP address is. So you can check to see if it is leaking in any way and overtime if you check it a number of times you begin to get confidence in what you are doing. In fact the other thing to note on what I just showed you there is it also says here no proxy detected. Now that’s very important because quite a number of sites if you’re, certainly if you are doing Internet marketing, and you are doing any sort of automated content submission, will stop you from doing submissions if they detect that you are using a proxy server in the process of doing the submission. So the fact that your use of some kind of… Your use of Hide My Ass is not actually detectable from the point of view of being a proxy is a, is a good feature to have built-in to there.

So now let me just have a look. What else can I have a look on here. Let me just go through this again. There is also. This is another great feature here actually which is the Secure IP Bind. Now this feature is a feature which allows you to set up software on your computer, which ordinarily wouldn’t interface with this software, but with the with this Hide My Ass interface you are actually able to set it up so that the piece of software isn’t able to operate unless Hide My Ass is operational. So what you would do with this is you enable it, and once you’ve enabled it, what you can do is you can then add various applications to the software. So if you have got a piece of automated software that you want to work with this then you would add it here, as one that this is a software, and as long as that added there and this facility is enabled, that piece of software will never work on your machine without Hide My Ass been operational. So you can’t accidentally use the piece of software and do a submission and reveal you true IP address which you may not want to do so for whatever reason. So a great feature again, and something that is quite useful because a lot of software may not have the facility that it actually allows them to interface with Hide My Ass. However because Hide My Ass has got a facility on it to interface with other pieces of software it effectively gives you the same thing. And if you use that in conjunction with the IP address settings on this screen then you can have the Hide My Ass changing the IP address every period of time. And whilst it’s changing the IP address it will stop this piece of software from working until it’s finished. Until it’s finished changing. Which means that you are getting a constantly refreshing IP address, so that you are not doing too many submissions on the same IP address.

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Now the speed guide here gives you the distance from, the distance from the server that you are currently working on. I’m not 16 km from the London server but the ISP that I’m using obviously is. So you can see here then that the distances to different servers around the world is all highlighted here and in essence the further you are away from the server the slower the service is generally speaking. If I just take a selection of these I can just demonstrate that. So if we take some UK ones. I will take a couple in France, How about a couple in Canada, a couple in the USA. And I will just go all the way around the world to Australia. There we are Australia. Now if I use the Ping test. Which is down here. Okay I have got to disconnect that. So disconnect like that. Now we have performed the Ping test. Now what it does is it goes out and it checks the speed of them and as you can see the ones that are closest are the fastest, generally speaking. In fact this has worked perfectly apart from that one there. For some reason it is faster than some of the other ones in the UK. Even though I’m in the UK. Then we are going out sort of to USA/Canada, approximately the same speed. These speeds are in milliseconds so they are still pretty quick. But you would notice a slight amount of lag if you use the Australian one you would definitely notice a difference compared to this. Because it is almost 8 or 9 times quicker for me in the UK than the Australian ones. Now obviously if you are in Australia or New Zealand or somewhere nearer to Australia then you are going to find that the Australian servers are much quicker than the UK ones for you. So it means that you can get an idea of the quality of the service that you going to get from what you are doing. It depends on what you are doing online. For some of the stuff that I’m doing it doesn’t actually make that much difference whether I use the Australian ones are I use the UK ones and I have actually used all of them and the quality of the service has been excellent. So not really a, not really too much of a problem there.

Now the other thing and that is built into here is. I will just get rid of that. You’ve have also got. I have got to. Just one second. I will just close that. Right you have also got the proxy settings here which allows you to determine what sort of connections that you are using. I always use a direct connection to the Internet recommend, which is the recommended setting here. But you may decide that you want to use HTTP proxy connection or SOCKS proxy connection in which case you would then select here and save the settings and that is the way it would work from that point on.

As far as price is concerned. Amazingly good value for money. As I have said previously I have looked at many, many different services over the years and some of them can be quite expensive for a very small number of IP addresses without any of the flexibility that you get with Hide My Ass. Hide My Ass at present is working out of $78.66 a year. Although there are special offers from time to time so it is worth checking my website, which I will tell you about in a minute, For details of any special offers. But they also do a monthly and a six monthly rate which you pay slightly more for but obviously if don’t want to fork out $78.66 all in one lump, that might be better for your cash flow. Now to see the latest offers – If you go to my website which is WorkWithNeilBall.com, any special links or offers that are available will be available in the link from my website to the Hide My Ass website. And sometimes there are offers available by clicking that link that you might not get if you were to go directly to the site. So it’s worth trying just to see if there is anything available.

The other thing about Hide My Ass is that unlike some other services you actually do get some customer support. Which is a nice thing to have. They have got a forum. You can also communicate with them by sending them an e-mail, and they claim that they will reply within 12 hours. I’ve never had a problem with the service, so I have never had to communicate with them. So it’s alright having Customer Service but the best customer service is never to need it, and I’ve never needed it. Additional to that they’ve also got live chat which is available 12 hours a day. Now depending on where you are in the world, that will depend on how those hours synchronise with you. Because I think. In fact I didn’t even know where Hide My Ass are based. But it will probably mean that you may have to speak to them at some strange hour if you’re at a different time zone.

So really in conclusion and to wrap this up. Hide My Ass is a fantastic tool which is great for search engine optimisation and automated content submitting software. It works really well and provides anonymity. It has certainly provided the anonymity that I have needed. I have never really had a problem with it – great service. Superb. I think this piece of software, this client software that they supply to you is a great piece of software. Really easy to use. That gives you all the functionality and flexibility that you need and it is ideal. If you are using another service. Quite honestly it is time to switch. It really is. I’ve not found anybody that have anything like as good a services as these. By switching to Hide My Ass you’ll get rid of all the hassle. You’ll get more flexibility. Just a better a better quality of service.

One of the things about this service – obviously I’m using it for sort of, a particular type of online activity which is for search engine optimisation, and things. You may be using it. If you are wanting to stream video or that type of content then you may find that the quality of the service might not be quite as good as your direct connection because obviously you might not get quite the bandwidth. But the one thing with Hide My Ass is they don’t restrict you on bandwidth so if the bandwidth is available, and it’s fast enough for you, then you get a good quality of service. If there are lots of people using that particular server then the service might not be quite as good. But you could still download very large files. Because I have done it. So you might not be able to get a stream which is as good as you can on your normal connection. However you would definitely be able to download very big files and use those. And view those files. So if you were wanting to download a big video to watch or something like that then it will work very well with that.

So really and that’s… That’s really everything there is to say about this. If you are watching this on You Tube and you want to check out the latest discounts. If you click the link underneath the screen that will take you to my website which is WorkWithNeilBall.com . If you are already on my website and you are ready to get started using this reliable piece of IP changing software then what again… If you, well if you click the link below the video, that will take you to the Hide My Ass website where it there are any special offers they will have been built into the link for you. So you get that the latest and greatest deals. So you save the most money. And really that concludes everything about Hide My Ass. There is not much more to say about it. But as you have probably gathered I am quite impressed with this piece of software. Thanks your time and we will speak again. Thank you, Bye

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