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How To Download & Copy Videos From Websites | Lifestyle Select

How To Download & Copy Videos From Websites

Have you ever purchased an expensive “how to” course from an online Guru? Did you follow the course and then stop using it? Then maybe 12 months later do you think yourself maybe I should have another look at that course and have another go at it? So you decide to login using the provided login instructions you enter the URL and the page is no longer there or you enter the URL and the page comes up when you try to enter the username and password it doesn’t accept it? At first you figure it made a mistake so you retry you recheck and try over again. But you soon begin to think yourself and realise that you are no longer able to login. Now you have discovered that the Guru who was your friend wanted to make your life better and help you to succeed was really just there to take your money and once he got your money he was no longer interested so he shut the website down when it came to renew the domain name.

I have had this happen to me on more than one occasion having spent thousands of dollars on a course which has been apparently purchased by many other people at the same time so the Guru must’ve taken potentially tens of thousands or more dollars in the sale of that product to myself and many others. Now I’m no longer able to access it this happen to me with several different well known internet gurus over the years who continue to market their knowledge online and infact who continue to e-mail me even though previous content has now disappeared. I have even tried e-mailing these people asking why I’m no longer able to access the contents that I pay for and I’ve never had an e-mail back explaining this I have just been ignored.

The results of this is that I have to make a choice of whether I continue to buy information online from anyone or do I find a way of capturing that video information and downloading it onto my hard drive so that in the scenario where I can’t access the information I still have the information that I paid for.

Now unfortunately and understandably a number of people that have content online that they’ve sold in courses have experienced the theft of that information, with it being published on file sharing sites which is obviously an infringement of various copyright laws. As a result of that they will often try to make it more difficult to copy or download the information. In many cases it may appear that the only way you’re able to access this information is to play it on their site.

One problem with having to access the information via their site is that if their infrastructure is not good enough then the video playback may not be any good and what’s more you may become frustrated with having to wait for repeated buffering of the video content. Or it may be the case that your Internet connection is not fast enough or consistent enough to provide a continuous viewing experience. Another drawback to having to view the contents online is that it is often more difficult to navigate and relisten to parts or video over and over with online video players than it is with a video player such as QuickTime that is installed on your machine.

Ideally it will be good to be able to download the video files and other content for you to view and review on your PC without having the connectivity problems mentioned above. So how do you do this when there isn’t a download button or a way of saving the video files. The solution will depend on the type of video file and the way that it has been stored on the site concerned. Additionally this will become more complex if the owner of the content has gone to lengths to try to prevent you from downloading content.
When the owner of the content makes it difficult for you to copy or download the video content you have something of our dilemma because whilst this is understandable you also have to consider the strong possibility that at some point this contents may no longer be accessible. So as long as you are downloading the content for your own use it is probably okay to do this so that you will always have access to the information that you have paid a lot of money for.

Download Helper

There is a way of downloading certain video files with a plug-in for use with the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox called “download helper”. This is a simple easy-to-use plug-in that automatically detects video content as you play it and it allows you to download the content to your hard drive. This solution does not work with all types of video material.

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Real Player

Real Player Video Download & Copying Software

Real Player


RealVideo player is another free plug-in for Mozilla and there is also a desktop video player that allows you to download certain types of video files. There is also an upgrade available that will speed the downloading of such files. The real video player plug-in is not able to download all types of video file especially if they are protected.
Download Online Videos with 1-Click for Free with the

Click Here For Real Player


Applian Replay Video Capture Suite

Applian Replay Video Capture is a piece of software that is part of a package of video capture software programs that facilitate the capture of video and audio from most websites. Software will even record live webcasts with its screen capture software.
Click Here For Replay Capture Suite

Replay Capture Suite

I have found that this software is capable of recording by streaming for the majority, but not all video on websites. In the cases where it can’t stream the video there is an option to grab the content by capturing it from the screen. When you use the screen capture method the resultant video file is larger than it would be using the streaming method.

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Hidownload Platinum

recently I have found that new methods of protecting video content have in some cases prevented “Applian replay video capture” from recording some types of video. The solution that has filled his gap me is high download Platinum. Again I have found that this software does not copy all types of video content but it seems to be able to record the protected videos “Applian replay video capture” is unable to copy.

Click Here For More Infor And To Buy HiDownload Video Copying And Downloading Software

HiDownload Platinum (Life-Time License)

HiDownload(HD) is an all-in-one stream downloader that aims to download multimedia streaming video and audio, enabling you to download movies, music and capture streaming video and audio,record radio from Internet.
I have found with the four pieces of software that I have mentioned above it is possible to capture video content by streaming from all websites whether protected or not. Depending upon how the video is set up on the webpage and the type of file will determine which of the above needs to be used in a particular instance.

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I have just come across a video that none of my existing tools were able to down load one of them told me that the video was copy protected and it wouldn’t let me download the video even though I bought it to do that. So here it is my new weapon is Stream Transport. Stream Transport is able to download Hulu TV shows, Record Hulu Movies, capture Hulu videos, download You Tube Videos, and it is a FLV downloader. It can download HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE protocol material which are found on a lot of sites such as Hulu, Veoh,  Joost, Boxee, Yahoo Video, CBS, etc. The FLV downloader will download almost any video and audio file. When it downloads the video file you can save it as MP4 or FLV. For more info click here – Stream Transport


How to Save or Capture an Adobe Connect Recording

To download a video on a url similar to the one below


First of all remove everything after and including the question mark. So the example above would become


next you need to add the following to the end of the URL



So the example URL will become



Now go to the URL that you have created and the video file should automatically download and you should find it in your downloads folder






Video Widget

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