How To Make Your Dream Income Online A Reality

When you have a business online it is important to have a clear and concise vision of what you are going to achieve in terms of how much you are going to make in monetary terms and by what date. Then you must have faith in your ability to make it happen.

Once you established what your monetary goal is then you need to turn this into something that you can work with. You are less likely to make this happen if you focus on your annual or monthly requirements than if you focus on your daily requirements.

So once you have an annual income target you need to divide it by 365 to get to a daily number. If you have a monthly income target I would recommend multiplying it by 12 and then dividing it by 365. The reason that I suggest this way is because the number of days in a month vary from 28 to 31 so you will have better daily numbers if you calculate the way that I suggest here.

The way that you produce your monthly income is by you focusing your daily actions on producing a daily income and focusing only on things that are able to control. By focusing on your daily income and focusing on the actions that you need to take to produce that daily income this is all you need to do to get your goal. And if you focus on that and that alone then you will produce your dream lifestyle.

The key is to focus on your daily income and that should be tied to your daily production – and it has to be daily. If you focus on anything other than daily production then it will produce an undesirable emotional state that will send you flip flopping back and forth between making different amounts of money from month to month.

The next thing that you need to do is to work out how many sales of whatever you are selling you need to produce to average that required amount per day.Now the only remaining part is to figure out how to create those sales each day.

Over time for different traffic sources you will discover that the numbers will become predictable and you will know how much it costs to acquire a customer before you get a sale. You will then know how much traffic (visitors to your website) you need to your website each day. If you are building a list of subscribers then similarly you will know how much it costs to acquire each Subscriber. Then you will also soon be able to work out what the lifetime value of each subscriber is, assuming you follow up the acquiring of the email address with regular emails. To be able to achieve these numbers you will need to be tracking your sources of traffic and email sign ups and sales.

When you are armed with the lifetime value of a customer then you will be able to start spending more money on getting traffic because you will know how much you can afford.

If you focus on your monthly income then you will not focus on the daily actions that are required to produce the monthly income. So what you will end up doing is always catching up. By focusing on daily consistent numbers and over time the daily consistent numbers will produce very predictable income and it will grow over time.

By monitoring and measure your data on a daily basis you will always know if you are on track to hit your daily income requirement and ultimately you dream lifestyle. Once you know what it takes to produce the daily income you then need to apply it to your business every day.

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