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IDrive Review – Online Backup Service | Lifestyle Select

IDrive Review – Online Backup Service

The following IDrive Review looks at the features and functions of the iDrive online backup service. IDrive Review below.

IDrive Review

Research has shown that the backing up of the data on a PC or Server is something that most people know they should do but they don’t. This is often because people think it is too complicated or expensive to do. A simple solution to this is provided by the iDrive online backup service that has a user-friendly well priced solution, that is easy to use with a sleek interface with graphical buttons representing the main functions. The iDrive backup solution will backup an unlimited number of computers, servers, iPhones, Android Devices and Tablets as well as mapped drives into a single account.

Like all online backup solutions when you first sign up for IDrive backup you have to install an easy-to-use piece of Windows , Apple and LINUX compatible software on the device that is to be backed up. The first step of installing the software is to set up the encryption key and decide if you want the software to use its self-generated key or if you want to define your own custom key. Using your own key has the benefit of added security but has the disadvantage that if you lose the key you won’t be able to access the files that had been backed up with iDrive.

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Once the desktop software is installed it can be configured to suit your requirements such as setting the files and folders that should be backed up. By default the software will backup documents, images, music and video in My Documents and on the Desktop. Is also possible to set up a backup schedule for when the backups should occur automatically. Settings are also available to allocate an amount of bandwidth usage for the iDrive backup process to ensure that it doesn’t use the majority of the bandwidth making it difficult to do anything else online. Other settings are available to change the location of the iDrive sync folder, setting up proxy settings, activity logs and more.

The iDrive backup software also shows a graphical side-by-side representation of the local hard drive storage space next to the files that have been backed up by iDrive. As backups are being done there is a progress bar on screen showing how the backup is progressing. Files that have been backed up have a green circle and checkmark indicating that they’ve been synced the files that have been backed up have a blue circle with a white ‘recycle’ line.

The initial backup of the required files will take some time to complete by IDrive which depends upon the size and number of files and also the available Internet bandwidth. Once completed IDrive maintains the backed up files with incremental backups. Incremental backups have the advantage of only backing up modified portion of files that have changed or have been added since the last backup which saves processing resource on the PC or server and also unnecessary use of online bandwidth. IDrive also provides versioning of the backed up files and retains 30 versions of all files which has the advantage of you being able to restore a previous version of a file when it has accidentally been modified or deleted.

Restoring iDrive backed up files and folders to the location of your choice can be done easily using the desktop software. This is easily done using drag and drop from storage area your desired location.

Web Interface – IDrive Review

As is the case with most online backup services iDrive has a web interface which lets the user’s create folders and upload content directly. Using the web interface access can easily be gained to the iDrive backed up data from any machine even if it doesn’t have the iDrive software installed on it. The web interface has the basics and is functional but lacks some of the nice to have features that are available on other backup services.

The IDrive web interface also makes it easy to share uploaded files and groups of files with others. The image Gallery makes it easy to view and share images. Files and folders can easily be dragged and dropped onto the buttons for contacts to share additional documents. Access to the shared files is by a secure unique link and can be set up so that they are password protected with expiry dates and download limits for the intended recipients. The shared access can also be set so that if needed the users that sharing the files can also edit and upload the chosen shared content.

Online App – IDrive Review

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Access to the iDrive backed up files is also available by installing an IDrive App on an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. This allows all backed up files and folders to be browsed or searched. For added security if you have used a personalised encryption key then this has to be used. Files and folders stored on the mobile device can also be backed up to iDrive through the app.

Security – iDrive Review

The most important aspect of online backups is security because you trust your valuable personal and business data with an online backup company. The IDrive backup service uses 256 bit AES encryption on the file transfer and storage in their data centres. For added security it is also possible to set your own encryption key. The iDrive data centres have all the security and redundancy that you would expect such as smoke detection and fire suppression systems, camera surveillance, personnel access control, etc. For added security your data that is backed up and stored by iDrive is also stored in multiple data centres.

Help And Customer support – iDrive Review

IDrive has a built-in comprehensive help file that is well-written and easy to understand that explains all of the programs features. Support is also available by e-mail and live chat 24 hours a day seven days a week. Phone support is available Monday to Friday 6 AM to 6 PM US Pacific time.

Price – IDrive Review

IDrive have three backup plans available – ‘Basic’, ‘Personal’ and ‘Business’.

The ‘Basic’ plan is a free plan and that comes with 5 GB of storage space and doesn’t require a credit card and has indefinite storage.

The ‘Personal’ plan has many more features and starts with 150 GB of storage space for $49.50 per year. Increments of additional storage space are available up to 1000 GB at an extra cost.

The ‘Business’ plan has all the features of the personal plans plus ‘quick store’ which provides quick access to the backed up data if it needs to be restored via a portable device for speed plus there is additional online support. The Business plan starts from just $99.50 per year for 100 GB storage and there are a number of pricing plans that provide up to 2000 GB storage space at additional cost.

Conclusion – iDrive Review

IDrive is an excellent choice of backup service starting with150 GB of storage and excellent online content sharing at an excellent price. Plus IDrive has a high level of security with 256 AES encryption to protect your valuable business and personal computer data.


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IDrive Review

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