Internet Marketing and Shiny Object Syndrome

Whilst many people have an aspiration to make money online very few people are able to replace a full-time income with it. Why is this? One of the main reasons that this has to be what is known as the “shiny object syndrome”. In the online marketing realm the shiny objects are in the form of sales letters and videos that promise untold riches with hardly any effort presented by slick presenters that convince people that this is the way of their future.

So you want to make money working on line with the internet. In the past you have bought courses from some various gurus but you have found that you haven’t been able to make their recommendations work. You probably have a computer hard drive full of video’s, audios, PDF’s and software with “how to” and “ways to” make money online with easy to follow systems that guarantee results. Maybe you have found that even though you have followed their recommendations when you do exactly what they do you find the results are not the same for you. Or you discovered that after you committed to the initial purchase there was an additional upsell that required an amount of that was greater than you could afford or than you were comfortable spending so you gave up on it. Then again it might just be that you started to follow the magic system that was going to transform your life only to find that you were offered another latest and greatest system which you could not resist so you end up doing that system and ditchedthe previous one. You may have done some of these examples more than once and become completely jaded by the lack of results.

One thing that all guru courses have in common is that they sell you a product and are armed with the information on how to make money. The only problem is that this is all almost theoretical without a product to sell. So you end up with a head full of knowledge on how to make money in theory but you are never quite sure which product to sell that will make you money.

Eventually you end up so overwhelmed and confused that you don’t do anything due to fear of doing it wrong. This state is also known as Analysis Paralysis.

The solution to all of this is to sort through all of this and find what really works and stick with it. Stop being sucked in by this week’s offering from various gurus and WSO’s by unsubscribing from all the mailing lists that you have ended up on.

Now you are probably thinking well all of that sounds good but it still doesn’t sort the problem of how to make money online and what to promote. There is now an offer of a  system that not only tells you how to market the product with a method but it also provides you with the rights to sell the very product that you have purchased and make 100% commission.  What’s more you can also make residual income month after month so you build a business and an income stream from your efforts.

Your ultimate objective should be to make a business and have a life and not be glued to a computer screen 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

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