Magic Submitter Software Review

The Magic Submitter Software “The Traffic Wizard” is an all-in-one submission tool that provides the ability to automatically submit content and links to many different types of websites. The way that it works it is like having an army of marketers working for you.

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Magic Submitter submits to Videos sites, article directories, press release sites, PDF sites, WordPress blogs, Blog Sites, Social Sites, Micro Blogs, Bookmarking sites, forums and RSS feeds. Plus it will automatically ping the links after submission. In total it can syndicate content to over 2000 sites.

If you want to submit any type of content to any other site that are not included in Magic Submitter it can also be done easily adding them to the software. You can even add your own blogs so that Magic Submitter will submit to them also. The Magic Submitter software offers a combination of services in one package that are normally only found by using multiple software programs such as Traffic Geyser for videos, SENuke XCr for content and link submissions, Unique Article Wizard for article submission. There isn’t any other piece of desktop software that does all of this in one package. The nearest standalone software package is probably Ultimate Demon and hosted solution is probably Linkvana.

Magic submitter provides the ability to create many backlinks on a variety of different types of websites and steadily drip them over time so that links build in a way that appears natural to the main search engines.

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One of the many things that I like about the Magic Submitter software is the video upload facility which isn’t something that is included on many other pieces of back linking software other than Ultimate Demon and Linkvana. This is an essential part of a balanced marketing strategy and SEO and something most other pieces of software don’t offer.

Another great feature is that when submitting to WordPress blogs you can also add images and video to the text content to make the content look ‘normal’ so that it doesn’t look like spam.

Magic Submitter will make the whole process of making submission a simple and quick process. It will set up email addresses and it will automatically create hundreds of accounts at all of the sites that you want to submit to. During this process it will also complete captcha’s when required and verify the account creation by clicking the confirmation links in the account confirmation emails.

Magic Submitter will work with spin content so that all of the content that is submitted to all of the sites is unique and has the most beneficial effect on your link building campaign.

The marketing campaigns are created with an easy to use drag and drop GUI designer for easy creation of campaigns. The campaigns in Magic Submitter can be set up to submit over many weeks 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make the submission look natural.

As the links are being submitted Magic Submitter keeps a record all of the links that it generates which can be reported on at any time for evidence of what it has done, or for future promotions or for submitting to clients. Another benefit of keeping a record of all the links submitted is that Magic Submitter will cross reference the previously submitted links so you don’t submit the same URL link again to the same site.

Magic Submitter

Help and Support

Each month Magic Submitter is updated with new features, additional sites and existing sites are updated to ensure the highest submission success rates.
If you need to know how to do anything there is also a free video training vault with over 60 videos to explain everything from Press Release marketing to Video optimization and much more. To support this even further there is also an interactive forum, email support and a support desk. Additionally there is also a free monthly live coaching to answer questions and to provide an update on the latest trends in the online market. With all of this support you will easily be able to learn about and make the most of Magic Submitter as quickly as possible so it quickly benefits your online business.

Magic Submitter Software costs $67 per month which is excellent value for money when you consider what it does and the cost of the combined equivalent services. As an added bonus you can get a special introductory offer of $4.95 for the first month by clicking here. Plus there is a 60 money back guarantee if you are not happy for any reason.


The Magic Submitter software can perform many tasks that would take many hours to perform manually. Magic Submitter is a great piece of SEO software and for the cost of only $67 a month it is excellent value for money. The only other software to consider that submits to more sites is SENuke XCr which costs more a month and does not do video submissions. If you are not concerned about the cost and you are not interested in the Video submission facility then SENuke XCr is a better alternative. However for the money and features offered Magic Submitter is a substantial piece of software that will be beneficial for SEO.


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