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Mailigen Email Autoresponder Service Review | Lifestyle Select

Mailigen Email Autoresponder Service Review

Mailigen Email Autoresponder Service Review

Mailigen email service is a good value hosted email service with many advanced intuitive and easy to use features and tools that would normally only be found on much more expensive platforms. It makes it easy to create, send and analyse your email marketing campaigns so that you build and grow your email subscriber list. It is not just an email service it also offers surveys, Mobile Marketing and SMS marketing as well.

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Mailigen Email Contact Management

Email contacts can either added manually or you can copy and paste them or they can be imported from a file. There is also a synch facility to make sure that the imported lists remain the same as the one in Mailigen.
It is possible to segment your contact list based on various criteria that you can set such as age, demographics purchase history etc. It is easy to search for email subscribers using the easy to use filters based.
When someone unsubscribes from your email list they are automatically removed by Mailigen. There is also automatic deduping to ensure that contacts only subscribe once to the email database. The interface makes email list management easy and you can create an unlimited amount of email lists.
When people subscribe to your list you can also set Mailigen up so that it requires a double or confirmed opt-in to keep spam complaints to a minimum.

Mailigen Web Forms

Publishing a sign up form on your website is easy to do with Mailigen. There is a web form wizard that uses point and click to create sign up forms. There is also a ‘Microsoft Word’ type of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to assist in making sure that the web form matches the colors and style of your web site pages.

Mailigen Email Campaign Creation

The email campaign set-up wizard has easy to follow steps when setting up your email marketing campaign. Mailigen comes with over 130 premade HTML email templates and you can also import your own email templates. You can also upload your own image up to 10Mb size.
The free included readymade editable email templates can be easily customised with drag and drop. If you want to design your own emails, or adjust an existing template the integrated design editor makes it easy to do with a ‘Microsoft Word’ type of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing to produce an email template that is exactly as you want it. You will find it very easy to change text fonts and sizes, add links, add symbols and add pictures. There is even a spell check built in to test your emails before you send them out. This is so easy to do that even the most inexperienced person can do it. Once you create the template as you want it to look you can save it for future use.

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To ensure maximum effectiveness for your email marketing campaign you can integrate social media websites so that you can automatically post your emails on Twitter and Facebook also. As well as this you can include social media logos for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Flickr, Posterous, etc. in your mails to encourage people to follow your business and also share like or tweet it and drive traffic to your website.
When you send an email you can choose either to send to all of the people on your list or groups of interest that you have created with segmentation.
Before you send an email Mailigen has a built in anti-spam tester that will make sure that your email is unlikely to get stopped by spam filters by testing it against a number of antispam conditions.

When you send out an email it will have the Mailigen logo on it. This can be easily removed by asking them to remove it.

Once the email campaign is ready to send you can either send it straight away or at the date and time that you choose.

If you have a number of RSS feeds you can also integrate so your email newsletter will be automatically generated from several different resources.

There is even a facility that will allow you to send a personal email to you subscribers on their birthday.

Mailigen Email autoresponder

The Mailigen Email autoresponder allows you to schedule premade emails so that they are sent out at predetermined times after a contact subscribes to you email list or after some other event like making a purchase.

Email Delivery Rates & Dedicated IP Addresses.

The delivery rates for Mailigen are excellent which is due to them constantly monitoring the email delivery rates and working with the ISPs to maximize the delivery of your mail into the recipients inbox, and minimising the amount of email that is caught by spam filters and ends up being classed as junk mail. The delivery rates can be improved further using the dedicated IP address option that they offer. This is only available after a while of working with Mailigen, and after you have sent out a good number of quality campaigns without significant problems, you will be able to apply for a dedicated IP address. The benefit of this will be that you are no longer sharing the same IP address as a number of other users at Mailigen and as a result your mail will not be aggregated as the same as them for spam ratings from ISPs. So when you get your dedicated IP address your delivery rates will increase because you will have control over what is considered spam.

Mailigen Pricing

Mailigen offers two ways of paying for the service either on a monthly plan where you pay for the number of contacts on your list or on a pay and go basis where you pay for the number of emails sent.

Mailigen API

The Mailigen API (Aplication Programming Interface) allows you to create and manage your lists, create and send email campaigns, create autoresponders, deliver reports. The API also makes it easy to create and add sign up forms to any Facebook page. It also has plugins for WordPress and Joomla.




SMS Text Message Marketing

As well as being an email platform there is also a facility to send SMS text messages with in-depth SMS campaign reports. You can also segment you SMS audience.

Mailigen Reports & Analysis

Mailigen has a comprehensive and superb selection of real-time email performance reports that give you feedback data onscreen in a table with percentages and also graphically with pie charts and bar charts. You can also export the report data to your PC in excel format or as a PDF. It is possible to report on email delivery rates, email open rates, email link click rates, email forward rates, email bounces, new email subscribers.
Google Analytics can also be integrated for additional tracking to track click rates and conversions plus other subscriber habits. With this extra information you can then monitor your return on investment (ROI) and make sure that your efforts are maximized and optimized.

Help & Support

Information is available on how to use the Mailigen software in many different ways such as the blog, how to guides, frequently asked questions (FAQs) etc. If these sources don’t supply you with the information that you need then you can also send them an email, use live chat, skype or pick up the phone and call them.


The Mailigen email service is a great tool for email marketing that will help you increase the lifetime value of your customers and reduce your marketing costs with professional looking email campaigns. Even with so many sophisticated features Mailigen is very easy to use with an easy to understand dashboard where all the essential features are. There is also a 30 day no obligation free trial available to test it for yourself before you commit.

To Sign Up For Mailigen Email System + 30 Day Free Trial Click Here


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