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MyOtherDrive Review – Online Backup And Sharing Service | Lifestyle Select

MyOtherDrive Review – Online Backup And Sharing Service

In the MyOtherDrive review that follows it looks at the functions and features offered by the MyOtherDrive online backup and sharing service. MyOtherDrive review below.

MyOtherDrive Review

MyOtherDrive was established in 2005 and are based in Dayton, OH, USA and provides backup services for individuals, businesses and the US government. All data backed up by MyOtherDrive is stored on Raid 6 storage servers. Over the years My Other Drive have received many awards for their backup service.

Many of the features that can be found on other online backup services are available on My Other Drive Online Backup Service plus some others not found elsewhere. It is compatible with Windows, Apple and LINUX operating system. MyOtherDrive allows the backing up of an unlimited number of computers and devices to one account and also the synchronisation of data between all the connected PCs and devices.


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When you first start using MyOtherDrive it is necessary to install My Other Drive client software on the device that is to be backed up. The software is easy-to-use with drag-and-drop functionality allowing the easy moving of files into the MyOtherDrive desktop for uploading.

Backups can be set up automatically or manually. A backup schedule can be set in the settings where you check the days and times you want the backups to occur on a recurring unattended basis. The backups will occur automatically at the elected times regardless of other activity on the PC. The backups can also be done on demand. There is not a facility to only backup when the PC is idle.

A useful feature is included to limit the amount of bandwidth that is allocated to the MyOtherDrive backup so that it doesn’t affect other online activities by taking most of the bandwidth. The backups can also be synchronised across multiple computers and other devices. Backups can be set up to either be ‘archival’ or ‘synchronised’ or a mixture of both. This can be set up using the backup map feature.

If you’re currently using an alternative online backup service and are switching to MyOtherDrive they have a great feature which makes importing data from competitor’s online storage easy to do. With this feature you enter the username and password of the other service and then the My Other Drive software will take over the whole process of importing the data.

The initial backup will take quite a long time when you first start using MyOtherDrive like any other online backup service. If you have a large number of files and you don’t want to wait for the initial backup to be completed by My Other Drive then you can send an external hard drive to My Other Drive and they will back up the data and return the hard drive to. There is no cost for this other than the cost of the return shipping. Once the initial file backup has been completed then all of the files that have changed or been added since the last backup will be backed up using an incremental backup. This has the advantage of saving time and unnecessary use of the computers processing resource plus the unnecessary use of Internet bandwidth. If you delete a file on your local hard drive MyOtherDrive doesn’t delete that file from the online storage which makes restoring the file possible should the need arise.

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MyOtherDrive have a feature that I have not seen on any other online backup solution which they call ‘Grab File’. With this feature if you have data that needs to be downloaded from another website using a download link it is possible to import the data straight into MyOtherDrive without having to download it to your PC first. This is done very easily by entering the URL and the location that is to be stored in, and then clicking copy.

Another useful feature provided by MyOtherDrive is a feature called direct linking which is useful if you have data stored on other websites that you want to store on MyOtherDrive as well. This is done by copying the link URL into My Other Drive. This feature could be used if you use photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa or Photo Bucket.

When using MyOtherDrive for storing photographs and images they can be stored in a gallery and MyOtherDrive creates thumbnails of the stored images in a thumbnail gallery. Any of these images can easily be seen as full size image without having to download them first. The uploaded images can also be easily shared publicly or privately using the MyOtherDrive sharing feature.

Web Interface – MyOtherDrive Review

The MyOtherDrive web portal provides a full range of features to maintain and manage the backed up files and folders. The majority of the features that are available on the desktop software are also included in the web interface.

Restoring Files – MyOtherDrive Review

The restoring of files on MyOtherDrive is done by choosing download. It is possible to download individual files and folders, or a selection of, as well as the whole drives.

File Sharing – MyOtherDrive Review

Files and folders can be shared with friends and business colleagues by setting their access levels. Then a secure link can be sent to the intended recipient to provide access to the designated files and folders. Initially to access the secure shared files and folders the people that the files are shared with will have to sign up for at least a free account with MyOtherDrive. The file sharing facility can be especially useful if you have a large file to share with someone else or a group. As well as this file sharing can be set up to share data publicly without the need to set up a MyOtherDrive account.

Another useful feature if you have more than one MyOtherDrive account is that it is very easy to copy documents, images, videos, etc to other accounts.

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Security – My Other Drive Review

MyOtherDrive uses HTTPS (SSL) connections with 128 bit AES encryption on the data that is being transferred and during storage. Before the encryption can be used for the first time an encryption password must be set which makes the data so secure that even MyOtherDrive employees can’t access it. This password must not be forgotten because it cannot be recovered by MyOtherDrive employees. The encryption can then be applied to any files or folders stored locally on your PC as well as the files that are to be backed up by hitting the encrypt button

Help And Customer Support MyOtherDrive Review

There are frequently asked questions (FAQs) available that cover most functions. Additional support is also provided by MyOtherDrive via e-mail.

Price – MyOtherDrive Review

With MyOtherDrive you can get a free 2 GB of storage plan for as long as you like. This free plan lacks some of the features on the paid plans such as encryption and includes ads. For the first 14 days of using the free plan most features are included in the free plan except the ability to schedule backups. After the 14 days has expired the features on the free plan become very basic and exclude encryption, automated backups, unlimited bandwidth, high-speed data transfer and parallel downloads.

MyOtherDrive has two paid plans known as ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’. The ‘Pro’ plans have pricing a number of pricing options from $5 a month for 100 GB storage and options are available for 500 GB storage, and 1 TB storage. The ‘Enterprise’ plans start with 1TB storage at $240 a year and options are available to increase to 2 TB, 5 TB, and 10 TB.

Conclusion – MyOtherDrive Review

MyOtherDrive is quite easy-to-use with most of the features that you would expect which are easily found where you would expect them in the software. It also includes a number of useful unique features as mentioned as well as some good collaboration features. MyOtherDrive online backup is a serious provider of online backup service that is recommended.

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MyOtherDrive Review


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