NetObjects Fusion Review – Website Builder

With NetObjects Fusion it is easy to create a website or ecommerce site without any technical knowledge or knowledge of HTML or CSS. This is done with a 3 step interface that uses drag and drop to design the layout of the web page from scratch or alternatively you can use one of the included templates and tweak it as you need to. NetObjects Fusion is a HTML generator instead of a HTML editor. This basically means it can create websites easily without any technical skills. NetObjects Fusion is perfect for designers who don’t know HTML or business owners and individuals who want to create a web site.

To start you must either create your own page or select one of the three hundred free templates in the NetObjects Fusion WebSite Creator. Then you select the page layout. The included templates have text boxes that are prepopulated with generic text, which is suitable for various sites but is best replaced with text about your own business.

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The next thing that you need to do is add your own text which you can type straight in or copy and paste from elsewhere. You can also make text scrolling text.

Adding pictures is easily done in the NetObjects Fusion website Designer from the library of free included images or by uploading your own from your computer’s hard drive. It is also possible to make images transparent or rollover images with the built in editor.

Within NetObjects Fusion Website Builder you can edit and change the layout of the templates screen using the easy to use What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. And also by using drag and drop you can move objects around the screen and then adjust the page by stretching, shrinking and nudging the page elements until they are in the exact position that you want them in. As well as this you can customize page style attributes such as color, page layout, font type, font size, etc.

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Next NetObjects Fusion allows the links between pages can be added and changed as needed. As well as this any contact forms, calendars, animations and sounds should be added.

Once you have designed your site the NetObjects Fusion Website Maker will change it into the required code to make a website ready to upload. Before you upload it is easy to test what it will look like on any web browser that is installed on your PC without first uploading the web pages. The uploading of the website does not require any special FTP software because it can be done directly from Net Objects.

The latest version of NetObjects Fusion also has a step-by-step site creation wizard that makes it easy to create a mobile friendly website. There are a small number of templates for mobile sites which are mobile optimised and are quick to set up so that your mobile site is up and running in a matter of minutes. Quickly and easily add feature like click-to-call, one-touch maps, GPS enabled directions, lead generation forms, social media, Tap to Contact, Store Hours, Restaurant Reservations, QR Code coupons, Photo Galleries, Embed Video, E-Commerce, add Twitter feeds, create a user survey and much more. You can even integrate analytics so that you can review mobile visitor results with analytic reports.

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During the design process descriptive URL’s for the search engine are created in friendly structures automatically. This is beneficial for SEO so that the search engines are able to find the pages and rank your site higher in the search engines results pages. As well as this NetObjects also generates a site map that can be edited. This is also useful to help the search engines find their way around your website and rank it in the search engines.

There is also a backup feature in NetObjects Fusion known as Site Safe, which backs up your website and all associated files externally to a network drive or to a directory at your web hosting server. This protects your website so that if there is a problem in the future with your site you have a backup copy that you can restore from.


If you have any knowledge of HTML you may find the NetObjects Fusion web designer limiting. But if you have no knowledge of HTML and want to control the designing of your website at a low price then NetObjects Fusion is the way to go. Try it FREE for 30 days by Clicking Here .


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