Primerica Scam? Do You Want The Real Truth About The Primerica Network Marketing Business Model?

To figure out if the Primerica business opportunity really is a scam or an authentic home-based business opportunity it’s vital to look at the Primerica Company, the Primerica products, the Primerica pay plan as well as what folks are saying with regards to Primerica.

Primerica was founded by Arthur L. Williams, Jr. in 1977 in the US. They distribute financial services utilizing an MLM business opportunity. They also have franchises in North America, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. In the following paragraphs I’m going to focus only around the Network Marketing opportunity.

When folks are planning to commit their cash in a multi level marketing organization’s home business opportunity they will oftentimes want to identify whether they are making a smart financial investment, and they’ll search for the truth about the company, and that’s often difficult to get. Typically the Multi level marketing organizations will often describe their business opportunity as the perfect business opportunity, which could come across as too good to be true. By doing a little background work it will help to balance out this and this helps you to determine if the Multilevel marketing opportunity is truly a scam or even a genuine business opportunity that you’re able to make money from.

When it comes to Primerica, and concerning if their multilevel marketing business opportunity is actually a scam or just a genuine opportunity, it is undoubtedly a legitimate home business opportunity. Right now I want to let you know that I’m not in the least connected to Primerica in any way whatsoever. I have never sponsored individuals into a Primerica down line, and I also have not been in anyone else’s Primerica downline. Also, I haven’t ever been a consumer of any of the Primerica products and services. The Thing I do have is knowledge of the multi level marketing business over 20 years, plus I founded a business that retailed over $500,000,000 or £300,000,000 of consumer products during the time I was involved in it. With this background I’m well placed to possess a neutral and knowledgeable point of view on the company in addition to its business opportunity, allowing me to uncover what other people may not observe as a result of lack of know-how.

A scam is defined by the Collins English Dictionary as “a stratagem for gain; a swindle e.g. to swindle (someone) by means of a trick”. With this in mind now it’s essential to get to appreciate a little more about Primerica to find out the way I arrive on the judgement that the Multilevel marketing business opportunity isn’t a scam.

Primerica is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). They’re highly profitable and have a turnover of more than $1.2 Billion. To be listed in the NYSE necessitates the obligation to adhere to rigid corporate guidelines. As well, following on from the FTC’s review of the home Network marketing structure within late 1970’s, it was decided that the Multi level marketing business model is lawful. Primerica has already been operating since 1977 and it has over 90000 distributors.

Primerica needs to abide by the NYSE, the FTC in addition to the laws and regulations of Canada, Puerto Rico and also Guam. It wouldn’t be feasible to manage this size of organization for very long if they were a scam – they are really way too big to disguise what they’re up to from the authorities. Because of this knowledge I hope this will help you to understand why I am sure the Primerica home business opportunity isn’t a scam.

The products or services which Primerica offers include Term Life Insurance, Investments, Auto and Home Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Prepaid Legal Services, mortgage refinancing, along with debt consolidation loans.

On top of everything else the financial and insurance industry has got to conform to another list of legal requirements. In the event that Primerica were actually a scam business they could not last long within these sectors of business.

The Primerica Home Business Opportunity and also Multilevel Marketing comp plan

Absolutely no significant investments are needed to get going, it costs $99 to begin with Primerica’s Multi level marketing opportunity and then there is also a $25 a month payment for the online support system. The Primerica pay plan is based on lots of different factors. Each of the products and solutions, has a different method of compensation, and the amount varies based on how much of a specific product the customer decides to acquire. As a brand new licensed consultant, you get a 25% commission of the scheme value which new customer spend in an annual period. Once you build a down line, it’s actually possible to earn money from the organization which you make using a binary pay structure. Like all Networking compensation plans it is too complex to explain fully in this paragraph and you should read the comp plan to ensure you understand it prior to getting in any network marketing business.

In looking at the reviews and experiences that people have experienced with Primerica it’s always challenging to obtain a very clear view on people’s views. It’s a well-known truth that individuals are more likely to submit a comment when they’re unhappy over something as opposed to when they are happy with it. As well, when looking at the reviews you will never fully know how much effort was used by the person who’s penned the review – you do not know whether the person did each and everything like they needed to have done; these folks do not reveal anything they did not do correctly. It is far better to concentrate on the folks that are earning money simply because they demonstrate what is actually attainable. Exactly who would you prefer to be like – the successful person or the loser? Lots of people simply have unrealistic expectations or they haven’t done their research before joining a business opportunity. With the info that you’ve obtained here it should be no longer the case that you choose to refer to ‘Primerica Scam

Obviously you now know my conclusion that Primerica is not a scam which in turn grew to be crystal clear while I researched the different elements of the business model, products and services – they have to abide by too many regulations. However, it’s not necessarily definite that you will earn money either, that depends upon you and your dedication and motivation. If various other folks are earning money with Primerica and you don’t then it may be the case the organization is not responsible, you have to be sure to do whatever it takes to be successful.

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