Rackspace Hosting Review

Rackspace website Hosting was established in 1998 and has 9 datacentres with over 4,000 racks around the globe in USA, Europe and Asia from which they serve more than 190,000 customers. They offer hosting solutions for medium to large businesses and host for many well-known companies including Dominos Pizza, Renault, Vodaphone, Royal Navy, and many more. Rackspace employ more Red Hat certified engineers than anyone other than Red Hat. Rackspace has won many industry award and has been identified by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as a Top 100 Performing Technology Company and is in the Sunday Times list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. Rackspace have an uptime of 99.9%.

Security and compliance requirements are solved with Rackspace Hosting who offer the best security for data using security hardware, software and other services such as proactive monitoring. The proactive monitoring proactively monitors your web sites and applications to detect any security threats and address them in the fastest possible time. As well as this Rackspace will make sure that patches and maintenance are always up to date to maximise security. All of the rackspace data centres are compliant and accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and ISAE 3402 Type II SOC 1 standards to ensure that your website, applications apps and its data are all secure. Rackspace have an uptime of 99.9%.

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Rackspace Green Hosting

Rackspace has a number of measures in place to help offset its carbon footprint such as using energy efficient Dell PCs, energy efficient air climate control that utilises outside air temperature where possible. They have planted over 11000 in the UK and plant them at a rate of 1000 per year. Additionally they also only use paper from sustainable sources and recycle all aluminium paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic and use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Rackspace have a range of different hosting solutions including Managed Hosting, Private Cloud, Managed Colocation, Hybrid Hosting Email Hosting and Apps Hosting.
The Rackspace cloud hosting is ideal for file storage, SAAS, ecommerce, social-media and media. They have the following options including managed cloud, cloud servers, cloud files, cloud databases, cloud block storage, cloud backup, cloud load balancers, cloud DNS, cloud monitoring, cloud tools and private cloud.

The Rackspace Managed Hosting has the following options managed hosting, dedicated servers, hybrid hosting, managed virtualisation, Cloud Hosting, private cloud, critical application services, managed colocation, Email Hosting, Apps Hosting and managed storage.

Rackspace Managed Hosting

The Rackspace Managed Hosting uses Dedicated server(s) with a choice of a Windows or Linux operating systems on a dedicated infrastructure which is ideal for websites with Steady web traffic levels and that have high security requirements. The managed hosting service includes the Monitoring, reporting, security, admin & device control, back up, storage etc. bespoke to your own needs. The Managed Hosting starts from £325 per month depending on your requirements.

Rackspace Private Cloud Hosting

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Rackspace’s Private Cloud Hosting is based on dedicated virtual servers with a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems that are on a dedicated infrastructure. This type of hosting is ideal for situations where there is variable traffic with high peak loads along with the need to satisfy security and compliance concerns. The managed service includes the Monitoring, reporting, security, admin & device control, back up, storage etc. tailored to your own needs. The Cloud Hosting comes with managed services including monitoring, reporting, security, admin, device control, back up, storage etc. custom-made to your own needs. The Rackspace Private Cloud Hosting starts at £1300 per month and varies according to your requirements.

Rackspace Managed Colocation Hosting

Rackspace Managed Colocation Hosting works with dedicated server(s) on a dedicated infrastructure and it is ideal for situations that have steady web traffic levels as well as high security requirements. Colocation is also a managed service for servers with either Microsoft Windows or RedHat Linux Operating systems. The pricing of Managed Colocation Hosting is variable and dependent on the hosting requirements.

Rackspace Hybrid Hosting

The Rackspace Hybrid Hosting operates with a combination of dedicated servers with a choice of a Windows or Linux operating a system within a Cloud which is ideal for sites with variable or high traffic loads that have security requirements. Hybrid Hosting comes with a combination of managed Services and cloud tools to suit the requirements. The pricing of the Rackspace Hybrid Hosting is variable and dependent on the hosting requirements.

Rackspace Email Hosting

Rackspace has an Email Hosting service that provides a web-based and comprehensive email service that is fully-managed from £1.35 per month. This also has the option of mobile phone synchronisation. They have a number of Email hosting solutions using Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Rackspace Email mailboxes.

Rackspace Review Speed Test

When I tested the speed of the Rackspace website using Pingdom I found that it was just above average and it was faster that 54% of all websites as can be seen below. This is a surprising result and whilst it is not necessarily a reflection of the speed that you would get when you host with Rack Space, you would think that their own website would be fast.

Rackspace Review Speed Test

Rackspace Review Speed Test

Help And Customer Support

Rackspace provide lots of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in an online knowledgebase. If this does not provide the answer that you are looking for then you can use the ‘fanatical Support’ which is how Rackspace describe their help and customer support with unlimited technical phone support. This is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year technical support service that has expertise that takes ownership of problems and provides responsive and resourceful solutions with transparency of the process. The aim of Rackspace is to exceed customer expectations. Even if there is a hardware failure Rackspace guarantee to replace it with in 1 hour on managed hosting products.


The Rackspace ‘fanatical Support’ really is what it says it is. I have used their cloud hosting and I found they offered excellent support if there was ever an issue. They are a serious hosting company that are aimed at medium to large sized businesses who take their hosting seriously and want a reliable solution that is right for their business.


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