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ServerPronto Web Hosting Review | Lifestyle Select

ServerPronto Web Hosting Review

ServerPronto was founded in 1999, it is a subsidiary of Infolink and is based in their datacentre in Miami, Florida, US. Infolink is a premier provider of high performance, high bandwidth solutions.

The data center is PCI compliant and has appropriate facility entry controls where only authorised users and staff have access to the equipment. There is also 24/7 video camera monitoring. ServerPronto use quality high specification equipment and it is cooled with climate control to ensure maximum reliability. Additional to this there is also a central remote monitoring management console that allows the technicians to view the status of devices and track environment conditions to prevent problems and sort them as soon as they arise and hopefully before you know that they exist.


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Multiple levels of redundancy are built in to the data centre. There is a UPS Battery Rack in case of a general power failure when these batteries would hold all systems online until primary or secondary power is restored. Additional to this there are Backup diesel power generators for if the electricity grids power cannot be restored. The building is connected to the web using multiple Tier One Internet Service Providers, to ensure maximum uptime, including Level 3, AT&T, Global Crossing, Cogent, Fiberlight, Fibernet, and Covad. ServerPronto is always dynamically routed to the fastest available carrier.

ServerPronto have a full range of services available including domain registration, Green Hosting, Colocation, Bulk Servers / Server Farms, Managed Backup Solution, VPS Hosting, Virtual Dedicated, Dedicated Server, Managed Hosting, Dedicated X3 Server, Cloud Servers, Cloud Technology, Content Delivery Network. If what you need isn’t listed here they also have a bespoke service to provide exactly what you want.

ServerPronto Virtual Private Server (VPS)Hosting

VPS hosting is ideal for indivuals and businesses on a small budget. Server Pronto offers a range of Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting packages starting from $7.95 per month. All of the VPS plans come with a 99.999% Uptime Guarantee and they are scalable so you can easily increase the available resource when needed. As well as this they all come with 1 Gbps connection speeds and fauult-Tolerant hosting infrastructure and Internet Data Center. There are four Virtual Private Server hosting plans based around server specification and traffic on the ServerPronto website, and each of them can be customised to your requirements. Due to this it is not possible to show the pricing in this review.

ServerPronto Cloud Hosting

The ServerPronto cloud hosting portal starts from $29.95 a month. The pricing is based on the size of the CPU and memory as well as the Hard Drive storage space required – you only pay for what you use. Beyond this there are more options such as choosing the operating system either Microsoft or Linux. When you order a cloud server it will be ready in just a few hours and it can upgraded or downgraded or removed in minutes whenever you want with no additional charge. This is particularly useful if your business has seasonal spikes when you can add additional Cloud Servers as needed and then remove them afterwards when the demand drops again.

Access to the ServerPronto Cloud servers available with remote managment tools and they are fully customisable with root access and a custom control panel. There are no set up fees and no contracts and there is 24x7x365 support included.

Dedicated Servers just $32.95, click for details.

ServerPronto Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server provides an exclusive server that is dedicated to your web application or website. They are ideal for web requirements that have high traffic, secure information, complex applications (i.e. e-commerce, dynamic content, database applications and multimedia applications). The benefits of a dedicated server include increased performance, higher reliability, greater security and exclusive use of system and network resources. A dedicated server gives complete control over your server and are ideal for complex applications, streaming media, high-end e-mail solutions, or just host multiple sites on one machine – For example web Hosting, Database Server, Cloud Hosting (Virtualization), Gaming Server, Reselling.

All ServerPronto dedicated server plans come with Free Setup Assist Service, Full Root Access, 24/7 Hardware Replacement, a Minimum one dedicated, 24/7/365 Customer Support and more. They also have a 7-day Money Back Guarantee.

The pricing is based on the memory size, hard drive space, operating system, software and just about anything else that comes to mind. Once you place an order it will be provisioned in 6 hours. ServerPronto offer a range of eight Managed and Self-Managed Dedicated server plans start at $49.95 per month. Each of these can be customised as needed and if there is a specification that you need that is not shown then you can ask for a price on that.

When you first sign up with ServerPronto Dedicated Server Hosting they provide a free Setup Assistance. This offers access to certified system administrators at no charge for the first 30 days. During this period help is provided with standard server set up tasks such as setting up FTP connectivity, configuring Domain Name Services (DNS) hosting, enabling Web site hosting on your server, configuring POP3/IMAP/SMTP e-mail services, and SQL database hosting.

If you need to have three or more dedicated servers in a bulk server cluster/farm they are also able to provide this service as well.

ServerPronto Colocation

If you have your own server ServerPronto can host it for you with their colocation service which starts at just $29.95 per month for 1U of server space. They charge for this service based on amount of rackspace required as well the bandwidth required, the number of IP addresses and power consumption of the server. The ServerPronto Colocation service still comes with a network uptime guarantee of 99.999%, the benefit of multiple providers and 24/7 customer support. The competitive pricing on the ServerPronto colocation is worth considering.

ServerPronto Green Hosting

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ServerPronto has a slightly different approach to Green Hosting because they offer a greener hosting options starting at $59.95 per month. But they don’t offer a companywide Green policy on all of their hosting. When you opt for the Green Hosting option you data is hosted on a server that is more energy efficient by about 40% which therefore reduces its carbon footprint. The servers use low energy CPU’s which reduced the amount of cooling that is required and therefore the amount of energy that is needed to achieve this. So less power is drawn from the electricity grid.

Whilst the offering of a green server is a commendable option it is a pity that they haven’t also offset the carbon footprint by buying back wind energy credits for the energy they consume from the grid. Also other companies do this without big premium.

ServerPronto Managed Data Backups

If you need a buck up service ServerPronto are able to offer a service from $15 per month. This will allow frequent Fully Managed Backups on your schedule (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) and there is support for Supports mixed server environments (Dedicated, Virtual, Hypervisors). The service also comes with a quick recovery and Fast System Restore facility.

ServerPronto Review Speed Test

When I tested the speed of the ServerPronto Website using Pingdom I found that it was below average with it being slower than 71% of all websites as can be seen below. This is a surprising result and may not be what you would get when hosting with them but you would expect their own website to be fast.

Server Pronto Review Speed Test

Server Pronto Review Speed Test

Help And Customer Support

Support is available at ServerPronto with seasoned technicians when you need them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year by email, a ticketing system and by phone.

Dedicated Server Support

For Dedicated Servers Hosting whether you need assistance with the seting up, or help rebooting the dedicated server, or hands-on expertise with something like a system restore, or upgrade support, or DNS troubleshooting, or other technical support, the ServerPronto staff are available 24/7 via their customer support portal which offers rapid responses. Additionally ServerPronto offers a one hour replacement when there is a hardware failure.

There are also Voice Support packages available at extra cost that offer immediate access to technicians who will troubleshoot issues with in real-time until the problem is solved.


ServerPronto Hosting has a very impressive set of hosting options for everyone except those that want shared hosting although my speed test did not impress. The infrastructure and customer support is superb and they are also competitively price.


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