Simplycast Email Marketing Review

Simplycast Email Marketing Review

Simplycast offer a whole range of different services including a hosted email platform. Simplycast is a less well known email marketing platform than Aweber, Get Response or Mail Chimp but it offers some excellent features at a low price. You can even sign up for a free account and send out 30000 emails to 2000 subscribers each month. When you open an account for the free account you don’t need to use a credit card.

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Simplycast Email Contact Management

There are many ways to add contracts in the Simplycast Email marketing suite with the option to integrate and upload from other CRM programs such as Salesforce, WordPress, Oracle CRM, Zoho, etc. It is also possible to segment you lists so you can easily send different messages to the various categories of subscribers on your email list

The creation of an email web form to use on your own web site is easy to do on Simply cast and you can customize the colours. Additional fields can be added such as the state or fax number. You can also easily move the various elements around so that the web form looks exactly how you want it to do. The features and flexibility are not as comprehensive as you get from other provides such as AWeber or Get Reply but they are good enough.

When someone subscribes to your email list there is the option to send a confirmation email which is set when the web form is designed. There is also an autoresponder facility which is easy to set to send out prewritten emails to your subscribers automatically at set intervals of time after they have subscribed to your list.


Simplycast Email Creation

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When you create an email in the Simplycast Email system you can either use one of the many included templates or create your own using your own HTML, plain text or create it using the Simply Cast editing tool bar. If you use the readymade templates it is also possible to customise them by adjustingthe colors, width, and other design elements. Making these adjustments is easy to do with editor and is done by just clicking on what you want to change and making the adjustments.

Once you have created your email you can then use the Simply cast rendering engine to check and view the emails to see how your email will appear for your subscribers when opened. This is done by simulating how the email will look in the viewers in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird and many more.

When emails are sent out the Simplycast Email Deliverability team are constantly monitoring email sent to make sure that the maximum number of emails are delivered to the contacts inbox.


Simplycast Social Media Sharing


Simplycast also has a function to add social sharing buttons to your emails to make it easy for people to virally share you information on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. These can be set to automatically be added to your Newsletters

Simplycast Email Ease Of Use

The user interface dashboard is easy to understand and intuitive to use with bright icons for the main areas such as create emails, view reports and manage contacts.

Simplycast Email Analytics And Reporting

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The reports in Simplycast Email are the typical ones that you would expect including reports on the number of email opens, link click tracking, email bounces, unsubscribes, Monitorind Complaints, Manage Growth and more. When you set up a report you can also define the time period that you want to run it for. Reports are generated in real-time. The results of different campaigns can even be displayed side by side for easy comparison. The reports are displayed in colourful graphs.

For any project that you create there is an impressive option to run an A/B split test to find the most effective email. Once this is set up it is possible to report on the results.


Simplycast Customer Support And Help

In the event that you are not able to work out how to set something up in the Simply cast Email system you can also contact them by email, phone, or live chat.


With a facility to send 30000 emails up to 2000 subscribers each month on a free account it is difficult not to see the value in that. Once your list of email subscribers grow bigger the costs are still very reasonable and you can choose either to pay based on the number of emails that you send out, or the number of subscribers on your list or on a pay and go basis where you just pay for the number of emails that are sent on each occasion with no future commitment. The Simplycast email platform looks like a no nonsense, simple and easy to use hosted email service. If you don’t have any need for some of the extra features found on some of the other email services then it is worth trying out.

To Sign Up For The Simplycast Email System Click Here


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