SugarSync Review – Online Backup Service

This SugarSync review looks at the features and facilities provided by the SugarSync online cloud backup service. SugarSync review below.

SugarSync Review

Backing up data on a PC or server something that every computer owner should do regularly just in case there is a problem and the data is lost. A simple way of backing up valuable personal and business data is available from SugarSync who provide a secure and reliable online backup service as well as file synchronization between PCs and file sharing. SugarSync is suitable for home and business users and can backup and sync documents, PDFs, executable files, music, videos etc of Unlimited size. The SugarSync online backup and file syncing service allows access from unlimited devices.


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SugarSync works in a similar way to most online backup services whereby the device needs to be backed up has to have the free SugarSync software installed on it. When installed the software gives the option of either automatically backing up all of the systems files or allowing selection of the files and folders the need to be backed up. Selecting the files manually is easy to do and is aided by a tree style view of the PC or server folders and files. The files that are to be backed up are easily selected by checking or unchecking the folders. There is even an option to include or exclude a folder. The main functions are easily accessible from a Windows system tray menu. Once the files that are to be backed up by SugarSync have been selected the software will automatically take over and make sure that the data is backed up and if required synchronised with other devices according to the schedule.

The syncing feature works for documents, music, photos, movies as well as other files and folders via a cloud service and is easily setup with drag-and-drop to set exactly what to sync. This is a great feature for anybody that has more than one PC maybe in an office and at home and also for collaboration of projects. It can also synchronise data with mobile devices using the SugarSync App. The syncing of files is one of Sugar Sync’s strengths. Unlike other services that sync to a default folder Sugar Sync allows you to specify which of the existing folders on your PC you would like to sync with other computers and devices – this removes the need for dragging and dropping the files that you want to sync. If your preference is to use a single folder for the syncing, automatically of other devices, SugarSync has a feature known as Magic Briefcase which has to be installed locally on your PC and any files that are placed in it are synced automatically with the other devices.

Files and folders can be restored as individual files or folders, or as a group of files or folders or as a full file restore using the desktop software.

Access from anywhere – SugarSync Review

The data that has been backed up from the PC or server by SugarSync is easily accessible online on the SugarSync website using a user-friendly web interface. Maintenance of the backed up data and account management can be easily done.


SugarSync App makes accessing stored music video and personal files via the Internet easy on mobile devices and is compatible with Apple, iOs, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry mobile operating systems. Backed up files can easily be viewed and edited using the App. It is also possible to sign into your SugarSync account from a mobile browser.

SugarSync has secure file and folder sharing and collaboration tools that make it simple for users to share any folder file using a public link that is a unique URL that can be sent by e-mail, messaging service or through a social network such as Facebook, Twitter and a blog. Sharing folders and files is useful for individuals and businesses. Anyone that is invited to view the shared files just has to click on the link without the need to sign up which is ideal for sharing photo albums using the SugarSync photo Gallery feature with friends and family members. Reporting is available that shows how many clicks each of the links have received. Any shared links that are created can easily be disabled at any time.

SugarSync Cloud file sharing can easily be set up by the drag-and-drop of the files and folders that are to be shared. File sharing permissions may be set on the folders that are to be shared so that only intended recipients can view the intended files and no others. It is also possible to set the files so that the recipients can either just view them or they can edit them as well.

SugarSync backs up the files with versioning which stores multiple versions of changed files which makes it easy to restore files should they be accidentally changed or deleted. Only the most recent versions of the file are allocated against the storage limit on the plan that you are on.

Security – SugarSync Review

SugarSync use government levels of encryption to securely transfer stored data in and out of the SugarSync cloud using industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). All data is encrypted using 128 bit AES keys during file transfer and storage.

Price – Sugar Sync Review

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The free basic service from SugarSync comes with 5 GB of online storage for a limited number of devices which is enough space to hold 6000 photos and 6000 songs. No credit card is required and there are no monthly payments on the free plan.

There are a number of paid online backup plans available from SugarSync which are priced depending upon the amount of storage space required – all of the plans offer a discount over the monthly charge if paid annually in advance.

The entry-level paid backup plan comes with 60 GB of online space at $7.49 per month or $74.99 per year; 100 GB costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year; 250 GB costs $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year. Online backup Plans are also available for even more backup space if needed. All the plans also come with a 30 day free trial.

Help and customer support – Sugar Sync review

If you need to know how to do something SugarSync provides help and customer support in a number of ways. The desktop software has help options with easy access to a getting started guide and there are also videos on how to setup the backup software. The website has a searchable knowledgebase and video tutorials and there is also a user forum. If none of these are able to provide the answer then it is possible to contact SugarSync by e-mail or live chat. Telephone support is also available for an additional monthly fee.

Conclusion – SugarSync review

SugarSync is very easy to use both through the desktop software, the web interface and the mobile app and will appeal to all types of users including people that are non-technical. The total package offered by SugarSync is superb and should be strongly considered to do your online backups and file syncing.


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SugarSync Review


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