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I want to talk to you about success habits

You are born to succeed and improve your life. All you need to do is make a decision to become successful. Everything that you need to be successful is inside of you. All you need to do is know how to release your inner greatness. Napoleon Hill said ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. As long as you work towards your goals and you don’t doubt yourself.

Belief Without Working, OR Working Without Belief will result in failure.

Today I want to share with you habits that I have found are synonymous with successful people and that many of them share.


Plan your success

Successful people don’t just hope for success they plan it and they have successful habits.

To be successful you need to make a conscious decision to be successful in the first place. When you make that conscious decision to be successful there are habits that you should do which will make it much more likely that you will achieve the success that you are looking for. Most successful people have these success habits, whether they know it or not, to make their day as productive as possible and achieve their success – Successful people such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more share some of the habits.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a habit as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”

The biggest thing is that you have to decide to be successful. Once you have made this decision you then have to start investing in yourself and learning to become successful.


And then model your life

Strive to be better in your life. Decide what you want in your life in terms of goals, and what you are going to do to achieve them.

To become successful in your life you have to adopt the habits of successful people. Humans are creatures of habit and you need to make sure that you have successful habits rather than bad habits. To get more out of your life you need to align your habits with your goals. If you are struggling to get the results that you want in your life it is probably due to you not having the right habits in your life. By changing your habits so that they are aligned to your goals you will achieve your goals in less time and with less effort.

Model your habits for success and reaching your goals on other successful people’s habits that enabled them to achieve the goals that you are aiming for.


Plan Tomorrows Work Today – Daily Productivity

Having good work habits will determine how effective you are and how much money you will make.

Write down everything that you want to accomplish tomorrow at the end of each day. Then you should plan the top 5 priority activities that you need to do the next day and write them in a list. Then the next day start your day by doing these tasks first before anything else.

The to-do list helps you to clarify things in your mind and allow you to work on a task without thinking about what is next. Don’t do anything else until the list is completed and everything has been accomplished. Repeat this process each day. By doing this you will keep yourself on track to achieve your goals.

If you work in a business that is constant evolving and changing adopt a ‘plan as you go’ attitude allowing you to adapt to changes over a period of time. By doing this you won’t get caught in the trap of being locked into doing the same tasks each day even when things have changed. These changes will prevent you from sticking to a concrete plan. This is especially the case in internet marketing where there are continuous changes each and month and each year.

And don’t Procrastinate. You can’t implement things immediately if you are procrastinating

Begin With An End In Mind

Are you right now who you dreamed that you wanted to be? Do you remember when you were a kid and people used to ask you what do you want to be when you grow up? Did you achieve it? Are you doing that right now? Or are you doing something else?  Are you right now who you wanted to be? What you dreamed you would be? Doing what you always wanted to do? Be honest with yourself.

The truth is that most people are not where they really want to be and they are not thriving, they are not fulfilled and they are not excited by where they are.

Do you feel that you are successful? Is the success that you have had at the expense of something would have been more valuable to you? Or is your ladder leaning against the wrong wall? If your ladder is leaning against the wrong wall then every step you make is moving you in the wrong direction faster.

You can begin with the end in mind on where you want your life to be in the future at a point in time and also on smaller daily tasks always having clear vision of your required outcome and desired direction.



Set Goals And Write Them Down

This habit really continues on from the previous point of begin with the end in mind.  If you don’t have any goals how are you going to motivate yourself?

It is important to visualize what you want in life in your mind and also write  it down to reinforce it. By writing down where you want to go to you can see where you are going and keep focused on it each day by reading it. It is easy to become distracted when you don’t have goals written down.

By writing down where you want to go to you can see where you are going and keep focused on it each day by reading it. It is easy to become distracted when you don’t have goals written down.

Once you are able to clearly visualise in your mind what you want in a mental creation the physical creation will follow. The mental creation is a like a blueprint of your future. Once you have this you believe it then your subconscious mind will empower other people as well as circumstances to shape you and your life to become what you visualise. It is very important that you believe that you can achieve it.

Your goals should be very detailed and date specific with defined amounts in them. The goals should be so clear that you should be able to visualize yourself in your mind having already achieving the goals. You must also believe that you can achieve your goals.

By writing your goals you can see what you have achieved and see that you are on track. Also this will motivate you to continue pursuing your other goals and keeps you focused.

Don’t allow being uncomfortable doing something prevent you from doing something if that task is needed to achieve you r goals. By doing something that is uncomfortable eventually it will become comfortable. Don’t allow fear stop you. By taking action you will become more confident as you continue to do the task.

Have a journal to keep track of what happens to you on a daily basis. Write down what you have accomplished, new opportunities. By writing in a journal it helps you to keep track of your progress and you can refer back to in the future.



Adopt a ‘plan as you go’ Attitude, but keep a To-Do List

Successful people often use to-do lists to clarify things that need to be done and remove the need to think about what needs to be done next. All businesses have some part of it that is constantly changing over time. Because of this you can’t always do these things the same way forever sticking to a concrete plan. The approach that is needed is a ‘plan as you go’ attitude. This is especially the case in fast moving areas such as internet marketing where the business model shifts regularly every month of every year.




See, Plan And Do

This is something that successful people do. They will visualize what their goal looks like so that you can SEE it clearly in your mind and then they believe they can do it and they PLAN to make the success happen. They plan their work, and then work their plan. Then they DO what it takes to achieve the success. They take action. Many people will fail because they fail to consistently take action.



Always Move Forward

Successful People will always move forward. They don’t stop when a goal is achieved. They then set new goals and set about achieving them. By doing this successful people don’t end up comfortable and stuck at a particular level.


Make quick decisions

Be decisive don’t procrastinate on every decision. Successful people make decisive decisions and quick decisions. Once they have made a decision they stand by their decisions.



Don’t Make Excuses.  Have a can do attitude to everything.

Be quick to implement things that you have learnt and be slow to change your mind. People who aren’t successful are slow to make decisions and quick to change their minds. Accept Responsibility for where you are in life and don’t make excuses.

Don’t say I can’t, say ‘How can I’ – When you say you can’t do something you automatically rule out the possibility of doing it. By saying ‘How Can I’ your brain will look for ways that you can do it.



Invest in Yourself

The best return you will ever get on any money and time that you spend is by investing in yourself and educating yourself so that you learn to do something that you need to know. Without this knowledge you it will take you longer to achieve your goals. Buy training courses, go to seminars, read books, Listen to Audios etc.

At the end of this video I am going to tell you about some information that will aid you in finding the success that you and your family deserve so that you can do the things that you want to do when you want to do them.



The Law Of Association

Successful people spend time with other successful people to motivate themselves and feed off them. You won’t get this by being around people who are not motivated and in fact their negativity could cause you doubt yourself and to not stay as focused. By surrounding yourself with the people that you want to be like, you will eventually become one of them yourself. If you don’t know how you can do this I have some information at the end of this video that will make this possible for you.




Look for opportunity

Don’t expect opportunity to just appear. You need to have the right mind set and be looking for opportunity before it appears. When you do this all of a sudden you will see opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t looking for them.





Be prepared to fail

Be prepared to fail and learn from your mistakes. Don’t ever let the fear of failure put you off doing something. ‘It’s better to try and fail rather than never to have tried at all’ Successful people realise that success is not a straight line and they will fail along the way. Some of the most successful people have also had the most failures along the way. But they have overcome the failures and carry on and don’t quit.



Take Risks

If you always play it safe you will not get the big success that you desire. Successful people are risk takers and are not afraid to take risks. Highly successful people first weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of taking the risk and they make a decision and they take it. People who have had big success have had to take big risks to achieve it.




Complete Tasks

If a task is important then don’t leave it part done and avoid completing it.



Manage Your Time

Allocate a time slot each day to the important tasks where you only perform those tasks.



Be Motivated

Successful people are motivated and are not lazy. They have energy and focus and use their time productively and they get on with the tasks that need to be done to achieve the goals that they have set.




Don’t Complain

People who are successful don’t complain when they fail, they adjust and find solutions. Unlike unsuccessful people who complain, whine and blame everything and everyone but themselves.



Balanced Life

Allow time for leisure. Make sure that you also have time each day for leisure to spend time doing other things that you want to do, with the people that you want to do them with. Also allow time for yourself.



Replace bad habits with good habits

Ask yourself how you can develop good habits and remove the bad habits, and then implement the good habits.




Be focused on your goals and plans, and don’t allow new shinny objects to distract you because they may promise you everything that you ever desire.




Successful people are always learning, improving and adapting. Very few things are constant. The only constant is change. Therefore you need to be constantly learning new information that will help you to adapt to the changes and achieve your goals. Learning makes you grow. It is unlikely you will stand still if you don’t learn because things are always changing. So if you stop learning you die. You can learn from your experience, training, reading and so on.



Read Daily

Read for about 30 minutes each day or about 15 pages a day. Read things that are going to aid your success. By reading you can learn about things that are specific to your industry and create new ideas and new skills. As well as reading about things that are specific to what you do Personal development is also very important and will grow you as a person and speed up you achieving your goals. Reading expands you mind and takes it to places you would otherwise not go to. The result is that you will come up with ideas that you would otherwise never have thought of.

As well as reading each day also listen to audios when you are in the car, commuting, or at the gym etc.

  • Read 15+ Pages Of A Book – 30 minutes
  • Listen To An Audio each day – 30 minutes





Social Media And Gossip

Don’t allow unnecessary distractions such as gossiping on the phone, Facebook, twitter waste your time and prevent you from being successful. It is so easy to waste your time each day chatting about nothing. Only use these to aid your success in reaching your goals.


Don’t waste your time on negative thinking

Successful people don’t waste their time on negative thinking. Channel your thoughts into what you want to achieve and into achieving goal. Don’t worry about things that you are not able to influence or change.


Don’t spend your life looking in your rear view mirror all of the time.




No excuses

Make the most of what you have got don’t whine about it. Many people will make excuses for not doing things because they don’t have something or they are waiting for something to happen. I am waiting to have more time, or I am waiting to get this software, or I will wait to see how someone else does. Successful people will use what they have got and just get on with it and create the success from what they have got. This is how rags to riches stories come about. You don’t need to have to everything just perfect there are always ways to overcome problems. Use what you have. Most people who are successful and entrepreneurs start with what they have got. They don’t have the excuses though. If you really want to be successful then you won’t have an excuse and you will just get on with it and find a way. You will start with what you have got and from where you are. Now is the right time. No excuses allowed. Don’t allow yourself to be less than.



Don’t Quit

Successful people don’t quit when things become difficult they adapt and find solutions. They keep their mind on the goal and adjust as they go. They overcome obstacles and problems that they discover on the way. When NASA sends a space rocket to the moon a space rocket is off track 99% of the time as it flies to the moon so it has to constantly adjust, always with end destination in mind. The journey of success is the same. Successful people expect to be hit with unexpected difficulties along the road to their goals and they are ready to adjust to them before they even appear because their mind is focused on the achieving of the goal. Failing is ok as long as you don’t quit. But you should not quit because you have failed.



Be a good communicator

Successful people are good communicators – Business leaders, Politicians etc. Very few great men have been able to get away with being recluses at the same time. They have to be to get things done and inspire others. Example of successful people who are good communicators include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Donald Trump, Richard Branson etc. Being a good communicator is really important. When you are a good communicator you can motivate and inspire other people to follow you. Therefore you need to work on your communication skills all of the time. With the right information you can improve. The offer that I have at the end of the video will help you to become a better communicator.

A good way of becoming a good communicator is to do public speaking. To get practice you can join your local Toastmasters or practice speaking in front of friends.

You can also create videos on YouTube, do radio broadcasts and hangouts.


You can network with the people who have the success that you want using social media and local networking events through Meetup and other groups.



Help Other’s Be Successful

By helping others to be successful you will also help your own success.


Out Source

People who are very successful don’t do everything themselves. You need to work at your business instead of in your business. You need to be willing to take a risk and outsource or delegate tasks to highly intelligent people in your team either by employing them yourself or externally to freelancers or companies.



Be Proactive

Life does not just happen to you, you happen to your life. Whether you know it or not your life is designed by you. The choices that you have made up to now have made where you are in your life right now – whether you like where you are, or not. You have to take responsibility for where you are in life. You can’t keep blaming and making excuses for where you are in life. People who are Proactive recognize that they are “response-able.” for where they are in life. They don’t blame genetics, conditions, circumstances, or conditioning for their own behaviour. They know they choose their own behaviour. Your language and what you say is very important and is a good indicator of how you see yourself. Someone who is proactive will use proactive language – I will, I can, I prefer, etc. A proactive person will focus their energy and time on things that they can control instead of worrying or reacting to things they have little control over

Every moment presents a new opportunity to make new choices to change your life and do things differently.

Healthy habits

Successful people have a healthy lifestyle. They eat healthy foods and exercise. ‘A fit body means a fit mind’ and makes you more productive. Also people who have a healthy lifestyle and are motivated and need less sleep than unhealthy unmotivated people.


Eat For Success

You are what you eat. So if you eat crap then your energy levels will be crap throughout the day. It is very important to eat healthy food and when you do your energy levels will be boosted and your productivity will increase and you will be able to concentration and stay focused for longer.




Sleep Only For As Long As You Need

Sleep only for as long as you need. Don’t waste unnecessary time on sleep. Once your body has had enough sleep get out of the bed. Many successful people only sleep 4 to 6 hours a day without a catch up at the weekends. Doing this creates a lot of extra time to pursue your goals.  It’s possible to train your body to sleep for less time with a healthy lifestyle. See my video on “How To Sleep Your way to success”.




Take Regular Breaks

Throughout your day it is important to take regular breaks to keep you brain running at its optimum capacity. You may think that you can concentrate for hours on the same task at full efficiency but in reality you can only focus for about 90 minutes. Once 90 minutes has elapsed the human brain begins to lose focus and all of it abilities are compromised  affecting productivity causing your productivity to drop to as low as 50 per cent of its best. So it is important to take break of 5 to 20 minutes every 90 minutes and do something different that is stimulating to reset your concentration levels to full capacity.


Don’t Doubt Yourself

The only way to bring goals to life is you act upon them and take action. You have to make the conscious decision, you have to visualize yourself successful, you have to believe you can become successful, you have to plan for success,  then you need to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals – You have to take massive action, You have to be consistent. You can do it with successful habits.

Have a positive attitude

Stop being the person who worries. Worrying doesn’t get anything done.

You need to be a well of inspiration and show that you are confident and in control of your own destiny and you are taking advantage of the present. When you have a positive attitude people will bask in your positive energy that radiates from you.

By repeatedly having successful habits that you carry out each day you will move closer to your goals each day. Focus on the goals and don’t let any obstacles prevent you from achieving them. Adjust as you go along always keeping you focus on the desired goals.

To expand your life into something bigger you are going to have to upgrade your thinking. By doing this you will create a better version of you and upgrade your life to match your goals. You will be in a different place in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, a year from now if you follow these success habits.










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