Ubot Studio Review

In this Ubot Studio Review I am going to look at Ubot Studio and how it can be used to automate many tasks.

Ubot Studio Review

Ubot Studio is an innovative piece of software that provides the user with the tools to make software to automate task that need to be performed either online or offline. This is done without the need for any previous programming knowledge and does not require any coding to create the task automation bots. This capability makes Ubot Studio essential for anyone who does a lot repetitive online tasks, especially online marketers.


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Ubot Studio is written in C# and .Net which is standard on all windows PCs. Whilst having some knowledge of HTML and Java is useful it is not essential. Ubot Studio is aimed newbie programmer and the bots are created in a visual manner. If needed it is possible to add Java snippets to the bots that you create.

I have used Ubot Studio for a number of years and over that time it has got better and better. It has become easier to use and more stable.

With Ubot Studio you can quickly make programs to do tasks that you need to do without having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to do it. The robots that you can create can then be used for your personal use or sold. The types of robots that can be created using UBot Studio include such things as the following:-

Account Creation Bots Keyword Research Bot Domain Research Bots Content Spinning Bots Link-wheel Builder Bot
Social Bookmarking Twitter Marketing Bot Market Research Bots Article Submission And Hundreds More
SEO Management bot Content Scraping Bots Blog Comment Posting Forum Posting Bots
Video Uploader Bots PPC Bid Management Script Installer Bot Social Networking Bots


Initally when you start using Ubot Studio there is a learning curve where you need to understand various aspects of different parts of the software and how they work together. Once these concepts are grasped it becomes very easy to create robots to perform various tasks.

The creation of the bots is done using drag and drop of the various ready built functions.

Automate Account Creation And Form Filling – Ubot Studio Review

Ubot Studio can automate the tedious task of creating accounts which can sometimes take hours. Once the required information has been entered Ubot Studio can also integrate with an email account for clicking of email confirmation links. Once the account has been created and confirmed if forms need completing to submit content that can also be done by Ubot Studio. This type of task may be needed to be repeated regularly as part of your marketing and it can waste a lot of time. With Ubot Studio this can be automated on any websites that you choose.

Captcha Solving – Ubot Studio Review

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If the tasks that you are trying to automate are on sites that have captcha codes the Ubot Studio software is able to deal with the captcha codes.  As you create a bot you can build this captcha solving functionality into it. It can be set so that it requires the user of the bot to solve the captchas or Ubot Studio can interface with Decaptcha which a paid captcha solving services. It can also be set up to use Captcha Sniper or Captcha Breaker which are pieces of automatic Captcha solving software.

Email Integration – Ubot Studio Review

Ubot Studio can also make bots that will perform various email functions such as sending emails, verifying emails, deleting emails, and downloading emails. So if a robot is required on a site that requires email verification it is possible to build this functionality in to it.

Web Content Scraping – Ubot Studio Review

It is possible to extract content from any website using Ubot Studio. Text can be scraped and saved into a text file (.txt) or comma separated values (.CSV) which can be used in a spreadsheet. Also Images can be downloaded into folders.

Data Management – Ubot Studio Review

Ubot Studio can perform complex data manipulation and calculations on any data either (or both) from your own data files on your computer or that has been retrieved from another website by Ubot Studio.

Regex And Java Script – Ubot Studio Review

For more advanced users and programmers Ubot Studio will also work with .Net Regular Expression Engine (Regex) and Javascript.

‘Bot Bank’- Ubot Studio Review

There is also a ‘Bot Bank’ which is a template library with readymade bots to perform specific functions on over 300 (and increasing) sites, such as log in to twitter, send a tweet, send Hotmail email, log in to gmail and many more. These templates are intended as quick start templates to which you then add the extra functionality that you need. They are not fully working submitters in most cases but that is not what Ubot Studio is about. They just help to speed up the process of creating the bot.

Make Money – Ubot Studio Review

When you have created the software robot you can then compile it and create a separate piece of software that can be used on any PC. The created software can be given away or sold or used as an incentive when selling another piece of software.

Three Versions Of Ubot Studio

There are three versions of Ubot Studio the ‘Standard Edition’, the ‘Professional Edition’ and the ‘Developer Edition’.

The professional edition has all of the features of the ‘Standard Edition’ plus it can Control Flash and it has more Advanced Image Recognition; Performance Enhancers can turn your bots into socket-like software; Multithreading allows the use of unlimited browsers simultaneously with separate cookies, cache, proxies, and user agents for superfast bots; and the Code View feature lets you to easily turn scripts into text, for fast and easy editing.

The Advanced Image Recognition lets Ubot Studio see websites the way that a human sees it. Using this it can automate pages like Flash applets, Java applets, Movie Player Applets, ActiveX controls or any other technology.

The ‘Developer Edition’ has all of the features of the ‘Professional Edition’ plus it allows the look of the bots to be completely customized using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Also the Ubot Studio branding can be removed from the created bots in the ‘Developer Edition’.

Help & Customer Support

There is a blog, online tutorials and frequently asked questions (FAQs) available to help when you need it. Additional to this there is an active forum where you can resolve any problems.


Ubot Studio is a great tool to automate any task you need to. When you own this software you no longer have to wait for a solution be created by someone else or alternatively pay for a programmer to create it for you. It really is a great tool and something that I use regularly. All of the Ubot Studio robots come with a no risk 30 day no questions asked, unconditional money back guarantee. I recommend this software as a solution to anyone who does any tasks repeatedly on their PC.


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Ubot Studio Review


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