Why Some People Succeed And Most People Fail In Business

The difference between success and failure in business is that people that are successful are very clear in their mind about what they want. They can describe what they want with so much clarity that if they describe it to a 5 or 6 year old child they understand it first time and they will be able to see a picture in their mind even though they may not understand the business model. So the difference between success and failure is clarity – a clear vivid vision of what needs to be accomplished.

It is also important to have a clear outcome even though you may not fully understand how you are going to accomplish it at first. So you need to start running towards your vision even though there may not be a clear path to it initially. Just like a NASA rocket that is heading to the moon it is off course for 99% of the time. A dog will not bark at a parked car. Your energy will not be steered unless you are taking massive action in your business.

People that fail want to be able to figure everything out and they don’t want to take action now. They don’t want to get their knees bloody. They don’t want to go out there, take action and make it happen until they know what the perfect solution is.

Successful people have a goal and a clear vision and they will act before they entirely know how to do it and achieve it. During the process of taking action they correct their mistakes as they go. That is how they figure out what to do. Just as you can’t steer a ship that is not moving you can only correct action that is being taken.

So the difference between success and failure is having a clear outcome and then taking action on that outcome before you know how to do it. The people that don’t succeed don’t take action on that outcome before they know how to do it. And usually by the time they know how to do it that will have changed.

So the first step in becoming successful is setting an outcome and a goal that is perfectly clear so it will help you get the results that you want.

What income goal would like to hit and by when?

You need to set an amount and a date that you will achieve it by.

Why do you want the goal?

What is that level of income goal going to get you that you want in life? If there isn’t a purpose to your income goal you will not achieve it – there has to be a reason. May be you will quit your job or buy a new car that you have always wanted or help others. If you just say you want to earn $10k a month and you don’t know why then there is no purpose and you are much less likely to get it.

What evidence will there be that you have accomplished your goal?

For example – When you have achieved your goal it might be that you see yourself looking at a bank account statement and you will see the money there month after month.

What reward are you going to give yourself for accomplishing the goal?

Each time you accomplish a goal you need to do something nice for yourself to celebrate it. You need to make the reward exciting enough so that you take massive action before you know how to do it.

When you are seeing the evidence of reaching your goal what is the environment around you like?

This reinforces the clarity in your mind.  Are you in your house? On a beach? Starring at your bank account? Being at Disney land with your family? Etc.

By crystallizing your goals and writing them down in the first person and in present tense it will make it more likely that you will succeed. People that fail all the time are always seeing their goals at a far off distance point in the future. You never want to describe goals as if they are around the corner or as if they are far off in the future.

The difference between people that get massive results and those that just ‘float’ is that the people that achieve the massive results have faith and belief in something before it exists. It may be that they have a belief in themselves and they know that they will do great things before they accomplish them and before there is any evidence to support it. They have faith that they can accomplish it regardless of whether they know how.

You need to write a goal and it has to be written so clearly that people will instantly be able to visualise it. It needs to be written so clearly that you automatically have to see yourself already accomplishing it when you read it. The goal needs to be clear and vivid and written in the first person, in the present tense, and be visually auditory and kinaesthetically descriptive with a specific dollar amount, and have time based evidence that you have accomplished it, and it should include the nice thing that you will treat yourself with for achieving it. Ultimately there are two types of people – those that take action and those don’t take action to achieve success.

The difference between people that continue to get results after they have accomplished a goal and those that don’t is that they keep setting bigger and bigger visions. By doing this it prevents burn out which is caused by a lack of clarity. Intention and purpose are more important than knowledge.

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