Why You Keep Failing At Internet Marketing

So you have taken the decision that your future is in internet marketing? You have educated yourself on how to make money marketing online and you are now ready to get going. You start following the system that you have learned and each day you discover what does not work. You keep telling yourself that it is OK not to find success immediately because Thomas Edison made about 3000 attempts to make a light bulb so you will get there in the end. Each day you experiment and find more ways that don’t work so you must be closer to success. How long can you keep going like this? Are you really prepared to fail 3000 times before you succeed? If you are working fulltime then you will probably not, because unless you have deep pockets you will run out of money. So you have to succeed. And the more you fail the more you need to succeed. Ultimately you become increasingly impatient and more desperate to succeed. You start to think you need try another guru’s latest course as the solution even though you can’t afford it. So what should you do? Give up? Try yet another course?

You need to really analyse what you are doing. Are there other people making money doing what you are doing apart from the self-declared guru that sold the latest course to you? Why can they make money doing it and you can’t? Something is probably wrong in your process. Is the product that you are trying to sell good value for money? Do you make enough on each sale to allow you to make the campaign profitable? If you are direct linking to the sales page does it have a good sales page? Are you tracking all of your traffic so that you know which words or sources are driving the traffic? Do you know at what times of the day the traffic is coming to your site? Are you getting any conversions and if you are when in the day do they come. Maybe the campaign is profitable at certain parts of the day or with traffic from certain sources. Without good tracking in place you will not know this. Would having your own design of landing page make a difference?

Is it possible for you to change the sales funnel so that you capture the email address of the prospects so you have more than one attempt at selling to them. Can you add an exit pop or traffic regeneration on the page so if they try to leave the page a message or an alternative offer is presented to them? Can you have a back end sales funnel that is able to sell other products to the captured leads.

Ideally you need to be profitable on the front end rather than the back end of the process at first. You don’t want to be relying on the back end until you have an established and profitable process on the back end that you know the numbers. Once you know the numbers for the back end process as well you can then afford to scale your marketing and pay more per lead because you know the value of a customer when they sign up.

Your whole process should run in a scientific way where you are monitoring and adjusting until you make a profit. Remember if you are measuring and monitoring then you can’t manage your way to profitability.

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