The Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review

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What Is The “Empower Network” That Pays 100% Commission?

I have just joined the blogging Network called the “Empower Network”. It looked fascinating so I thought I would give it a go. I was recommended to join the “Empower Network” by an internet marketer that I know who is making money from this.

There are several ways to make money on the empower network either part time or full time.

Method 1 – Blogging – You can blog about anything . For any one that doesn’t know anything about this there is full training available that explains everything in easy to follow steps.

Method 2 – Selling you own products or services through the network

Method 3 – It is also possible to make money from Empower by getting other people to join again all the tools and training are provided with easy to follow steps. You make 100% commission from this.

For more information on how you can make money with the Empower Network Click Here


Below are answers to a few questions about the Empower Network:-

Who Set up The Empower Network?

The Empower Network was the idea of David Wood and David Sharpe and was launched in October 2011. Since then it has attracted in excess of 72000 paying members and it has paid out over $20 Million in commissions.

How Big Is The Empower Network?

The amazing thing is that the website in currently (December 2012) the 270th most visited website in USA and the 502nd most visited website in the world. This is according to the Amazon owned website which ranks websites according to the amount traffic/ visitors that they get each day. The traffic that visits the site comes from countries all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc.



So what is the Empower Network?

It is a hosted platform that you can blog on that is similar to, It actually uses the wordpress platform for the user to access the backend.

How much does the Empower Network cost?

The entry point is a basic level of membership which costs $25 and will get you access to the viral blogging platform. The great thing about the Empower Network is that if anyone signs up using your affiliate link you get 100% commission which is sent instantly and directly to your bank account. Commissions are also received each month after on recurring basis as long as the person remains a member.

There is a tiered commission structure that pays increasing amounts as you buy more products. Each product that you purchase entitles to sell that product and to keep one hundred per cent of the commission.  So the more products you buy the more products you are able to keep all of the commission on. The effect of this is that you only need to sell one of each product that you buy and you get your money back. Every qualifying sale after becomes pure profit.  On top of this you also get the monthly residual income. The products that are available to buy and sell and make commission on are below.

Empower Network Viral Blogging System

What is the Empower Network Viral Blogging System?


The “Empower Network Viral Blogging System” is a state of the art preformatted blogging website with integrated social networks that has a world class lead system for $25 per month. Within this you have access to customizable blog on the WordPress platform that is hosted for you and has sales videos and lead capture pages. It is also possible capture the leads into your own auto responder if you prefer such as Aweber or Get Response. To become an affiliate and qualify for the commissions there is a $19.95 per admin fee. The whole system is designed to assist you in capturing more lead so that you build your business quicker and easier with as little resistance as possible. The system allows you to buy, blog and publish.

Empower Network Inner Circle

What Is the “Empower Network Inner Circle”?

This is a product that is available as an optional upgrade to the existing members of the “Empower Network Viral Blogging System”. It is recommended for Empower Network members that are interested in learning from more advanced marketing training and leadership principals.


Empower Network Inner Circle Review

Empower Network Inner Circle – Click For More Info

The inner “Empower Network Inner Circle” product is designed for people that want to make more money, improve their life and build a marketing automation machine on complete auto pilot to build your business fast. The “Empower Network Inner Circle” costs $100 per month

The content rich interviews are provided in the form of interviews with industry phenonomens who share their online secrets of success in downloadable MP3 audio recordings that are 45 to 60 minutes long and can be listened to in your car, on a ipod or MP3 player. Again on these products you get resell rights and the ability to refer the training to others if you want to, and you will earn 100% commission.

Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive

What Is The Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive?

The ”Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive” product provide training on how to build a viral marketing machine. There is 11 hours high definition intensive training to facilitate this. In this training you will discover the secret that has created the viral phonenoma of the Empower Network.

Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Review

Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – Click For More Info


The ”Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive” product is an optional upgrade from the “Empower Network Viral Blogging System” and cost $500. If you opt to become an affiliate then if you promote and sell this product you will get 100% commission.


Empower Network 100% commission


How Do You Make Money on the Empower Network?

The Empower Network pays you 100% commission payment directly on qualifying customers. Commission is produced on the sale of the Empower Network marketing system as well as on education and training tools. To qualify for 100% commission on the sale of products you must have chosen to be an affiliate of Empower Network and you must have purchased the product.

The commission paid on Empower Network products use a dynamic powerline system where you qualify for the commission on the sales of the second, forth, sixth products. As well as this you will also receive the commission on every 5th sale of every affiliate that you have in your downline.

The Empower Network passup commission system is illustrated below. As you can see in this example John will be paid from 8 affiliates in his downline which can be seen by the yellow dots. 10 Payments will go to John’s downline members.


Empower Network 100 Per Cent Commission System Review

Empower Network 100 Per Cent Commission System – Click For More Info


For someone that wants to get into affiliate marketing or wants an online business this is a great opportunity because unlike virtually any other opportunity you keep all of the commission that you earn on the products that you have bought and subsequently sold as well as getting residual income. By comparison other affiliate schemes on affiliate products only pay from 2% upwards and in most cases there is no residual income.

So if you have always wanted to make some money on the internet but you don’t know how to do it have a look at this.

For more information on how you can make money with the Empower Network Click Here

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