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1waylinks is a link network that consists of a network of over 9,000 WordPress blogs. These blogs are owned by other members of the network and have geographical diversity with different IP and class C addresses which makes the links appear more natural to the search engines. All of the blog sites in the one way links network are manually vetted by a human reviewer for quality before being admitted to the 1waylinks network. This ensures that all of the sites are good quality, family friendly without any gambling, illegal sites, religious content or adult content and therefore unlikely to cause offence to anyone. Backlinks are distributed across the network on complete autopilot.


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The thing that makes the 1waylinks different to some of the other networks such as Article Marketing Automation, Unique Article Wizard, Linkvana, SEO Link Vine, and My Article Network is that you have to host articles from the network on your own blog so that you can post your content on the network and get backlinks. To add your blog on the network requires the use of XMLRPC which is part of wordpress and easy to setup. You can use another blog to satisfy this requirement so you don’t need to use your main blog.

Each month on the 1 way Links Network you can submit up to 250 article posts which can have up to 3 backlinks pointing to your website. These can deep link with anchor text to any webpage that you want to. So you get a total of 750 backlinks each month.

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The way that you get backlinks to your site is by writing and submitting a blog post that can have up to three backlinks in it which point back to your website. 1waylinks allows the use of nested spin content so that each version of your article that is submitted to the blogs in the network can be unique to maximise the effectiveness of each link.

When your blog post is ready to submit you decide how many sites it will be posted to in the one way links network. The links are then drip-fed over time to make the growth of the links steady and look natural. As the blog posts are automatically made the ranking of the pages that the backlinks point to will begin to improve in the search engines.

You can write as many articles as you like each month and distribute them throughout the month. The split and the spread of the blog posts and back links can be in any way that you choose up to the maximum post and backlink limits.

The cost of the one way links network is only $47 per year which makes it the cheapest network that I have come across. If you use the full posting quota of backlinks each month then each link will cost you $0.06.

1 Way Links

The links that you get from 1 way links may not be the highest quality but they of sufficient quality to affect the ranking of the pages that they point to. The number of posts that you can do each month could be higher but for the cost of only $47 per year it is good value for money. The best thing to do is blend the 1waylinks with other back linking methods and systems as part of a balanced SEO strategy. For a special trial offer on the first month click here.


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