Article Demon Article Directory Submitter Tool Review

As soon as you start looking in to doing any sort search engine optimisation (SEO) you will soon discover that you need backlinks with anchor text to improve your position in the main search search engines  such as Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo AOL etc. box-articledemonYou will soon realise that you need to have high quality backlinks with anchor text pointing back to your website from quality website with high page rank. It is also important to have links from a natural looking mix of different websites with a variety of different page ranks. One way to get quality backlinks is by submitting articles to article directories. The benefits of submitting to article directories are that it will help your own pages get ranked quicker , it will improve your search engine rankings, you will also receive targeted traffic from the articles, and it can boost the credibility of your business. Whilst this is not everything that you need to do it should be part of the mix. Once you have done this manually you will soon realise that it takes a lot of time. It is especially time consuming if you try to submit unique variations to each site. The solution to this is to use software that automates the process. Edwin Soft produces Article Demon which is a piece of software that is a bot tool that will automatically submit your articles to many high page rank article sites. Using this robot tool you can save hours of time and use the saved time on something more productive in your business or with your family.

Article Demon has just been upgraded to a new version which is the best and most powerful version yet. Compared to other article submitters on available it is probably the best. Offering more features and being able to submit to more high page rank web sites than its competitors.

The sites that Article Demon submits articles to automatically include many high page article websites such as the following

Host Name Page Rank (the higher the better) Alexa Rank (the lower the better) 7 11 6 432 6 2 6 4 5 5 5 11 4 22 4 5 4 9 4 6 4 11 4 15 3 23 3 13 2 222 2 40 2 115 2 306 2 33
Plus  over 300 more

As you can some of the best and most popular article directories are in the list with high page rank and also a good Alexa Rank.  There is also a good mix of different page ranks so that your backlinks look natural and the search engines don’t see them as looking spammy. On top of this there is also compatibility with article directory scripts such as WordPress, Article Dashboard, Article Beach and Article MS which allows you to add article directory sites that aren’t included. Using this feature it is possible to increase the number of sites that Artilcle Demon submits to hundreds.

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Article Demon Account Creation

The creation of accounts at the many article directory sites is no longer a chore with Article Demon because it can do it automatically for you. When it has finished creating the accounts it will even log in to your email account open the emails and click all of the confirmation links automatically.

During this process if any sites need a Captcha Code entering you can either choose to skip them, enter the codes manually as Article Demon submits or use an automatic Decaptcha service using the compatible services at a small cost. The Decaptcha services and prices of service that Article Demon is compatible with are as follows:

  • Decaptcher                      – It cost $2.22 per 1000 images
  • Bypasscaptcha                – It cost $7.00 per 1000 images
  • ImageTyperz                   – It cost $1.65 per 1000 images
  • Deathbycaptcha               – It cost $1.39 per 1000 images


In view of such low costs it does not make sense not to use these Decaptcha services so you can do something else more productive with your time saved.

It is also possible to create multiple Pen Names at each of the sites that allow it with Article Demon. As well this you can create multiple accounts at each of the sites and then set up Article Demon to randomly select the accounts as is submits to each site.

Article Demon Article Spinner

As is common in most article submitter robots Article Demon has a built in word spinner feature. The word spinning is done by using the inbuilt synonym and phrase database. This can automatically and quickly find alternatives for the words in your article. If you spin the words completely automatically it is unlikely that the article will read particularly well and as a result any article sites that check the articles with a human before publishing will not publish these. On sites where they don’t check then obviously the article will be published. The selection of the spin word variations is much better when they are manually selected. A better way to spin the articles either automatically or by choosing the word variations is using The Best Spinner.

Article Demon Automatic Article Submitter

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When all of the accounts have been created you can then decide how you want to publish your articles either straight away and all at once or slowly over time. To make your links look more natural spreading them over time is the best option. There is a built in visual scheduler that drips the articles over whatever time period you want to. You can opt to take hours, days or weeks to submit to all of the sites. Once set up Article Demon will then, at the elected time automatically submit the articles until completed. When the articles have been submitted Article Demon also has a feature that will check to see if the articles have been published after a period of time that you choose to allow for the article web sites approval period. Once Article Demon finds that the Article has been published it will then retrieve and store its URL which you can then see in a report. This report can also tell you which articles have not been published yet as well.

To ensure that the maximum success is achieved in submitting the articles there is a feature in Article Demon that emulates human behaviour with an Anti Bot Mechanism. This is achieved by automatically varying the submission speed which makes the process appear more human like, and natural, so it is less likely that your account will be banned.

Article Demon Pinger

When all of the articles have been submitted and Article Demon has retrieved the URLs from the article sites there is also an article pinger included which will ping all of the URLs on the published articles. By pinging the URLs of your articles you let the search engines know that your article has been published so that they get indexed faster and you get the benefit quicker. After all if the search engines don’t find your article then there is no point in submitting them. So this is an import step in the process that is missed by many people when submitting articles either manually or automatically with a bot tool. Most automatic tools do not have this feature.

Article Demon Proxy Servers

When submitting to multiple accounts at the same article directory the one thing that all of your articles will have in common is your computers IP address. Because this is the same it is possible for your accounts to be flagged as spam and for the articles not to be published or published without your links. The solution to this is to use proxy IP addresses in rotation so that it is more difficult for the directories to catch you out. Article Demon can work with or without the use of proxies. When using proxies it can use the same proxy as you use with your internet explorer in cases where you use a service such as Hide My Ass which can rotate the IP addresses external to Article Demon. Alternatively it is possible to use a list of proxies, either paid for or scraped, and enter them into Article Demon. It is recommended that you use a proxy if you are submitting a lot of links and to prevent your accounts from being banned. It is also a good idea to keep changing all of your proxies over time and regularly set up new accounts so that if your account is banned you don’t lose too many previously submitted articles. Of course if the article directory sites look for all of the articles with anchor text that link to your site then there isn’t really a way of preventing that and still keep the SEO benefit. So it is always good to take all precautions necessary to stay below the radar and minimise the risk of your accounts being banned.


Article Demon is an excellent article submitter robot that has more features than any other article submitter. It may be a little bit more expensive than the others but when you consider its feature list it is well worth paying the extra because you will benefit with better results in your SEO and search engine position rankings and you will you will save time.

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The Latest Version Of Article Demon Features


Article Demon – Create Accounts Automatically

You can create accounts at hundreds of article directories. ArticleDemon comes with a mixture of Popular Main Directories, ArticleMS, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress article directories.It will take hours or even days if you are creating accounts manually across so many article directories.

Article Demon – Seamless Submission From Start To End

Previously, you have to wait for your account creation to finish before you can verify your emails. Once you have finish verifying your emails, you can then submit your articles.A lot of human intervention and waiting is needed between these steps. With ArticleDemon 2, you no longer have to babysit the software during the article submission process.
You will be able to setup everything from one screen and let the software do the job seamlessly without any human intervention.


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Article Demon – Add Your Own Article Directories

In addition to the list of article directories that come with ArticleDemon, you can add and build your own list of article directories.You can add article directories that uses the following article script: ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress.There are more than a thousand of such directories around. Can you imagine the number of Backlinks you are going to get if you submit to all of them?* If you need support for article script not listed here, let us know. We will add it if the article script is good.

Article Demon – Scraper

Searching manually from the search engines for article directories using the free script such as ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, ArticleBeach and WordPress is extremely time consuming.With ArticleDemon’s scraper, you can now search for these scripts using any footprint. It will be able to detect the type of script used automatically and remove any sites that is not supported.


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Article Demon – Article Status Checker

ArticleDemon comes with a built-in feature that will find out if your submitted articles are published.If an article is published, ArticleDemon is capable of retrieving that published URL and include that in your exported report.You can save all your live links into .CSV file and use it for other purposes such as pinging.


Article Demon – Ping Your Links

ArticleDemon comes with a pinging feature to help you ping your approved articles. This will help get your article pages indexed faster.ArticleDemon comes with a ping servers checker. You can check if the ping servers you have entered are working. You can also add your own webpages and any URLS for pinging.


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Article Demon – Contextual Linking For WordPress

You can setup multiple contextual profile for your wordpress directories. This will help you insert your anchor links into the body of your content automatically.

Article Demon – Contextual Linking For WordPress

You can setup multiple contextual profile for your wordpress directories. This will help you insert your anchor links into the body of your content automatically.
As shown in the above example the word ‘training’ has different meaning in different niches.


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Article Demon – Scheduler

Make use of the scheduler to submit your articles over a period of time. You can spread your article submission evenly or randomly with your preferred timing.


Article Demon – Article Spinning And Rewriter

You can use spinning syntax in the form of { | } to create hundreds of unique versions of your article. Multi level spinning is also supported.Unique versions of your articles will be submitted to different article directories.
ArticleDemon comes with its own synonyms database which you can easily use to build spin syntax for words and phrases in your article.
You can also identify all the words in your article that have synonyms with one click of a button.
ArticleDemon comes with a mass replace synonyms function that allows you to instantly create spin syntax to all the words/phrase that have synonyms in your article.
We have also integrated some of the most popular article spinning services such as SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, thebestspinner and ContentProfessor.If you are an existing memeber of these services, just enter your account details and ArticleDemon will connect to their database.


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Article Demon – Spin Syntax Error Detection

EdwinSoft’s software is the first to implement the spin syntax error detection. If you are missing or have entered extra { or } , ArticleDemon will warn you before you proceed.


Article Demon – Spin Article Into Hundreds Of Unique Versions

With ArticleDemon, you can spin your article into hundreds of unique versions and store them into .TXT files


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Article Demon – Niche Synonyms Classification

With ArticleDemon, you can replace your article with your favorite synonyms. You can build and classify your own set of synonyms into different set of niches.
As shown in the above example the word ‘training’ has different meaning in different niches.Now you can easily rewrite your articles by using different set of niche specific synonyms to produce more readable spun articles.

Article Demon – Preview Spun Article

Preview your spun article as you rewrite. This ensures that your spun articles are readable.


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Article Demon – Synonyms Harvester

ArticleDemon comes with a synonyms harvester to update your synonyms database by using your existing spin-able articles.

Simply paste your spin-able articles into ArticleDemon and it will harvest all the spin syntax to build up your own unique database.



Article Demon – Accurate Category Selection

ArticleDemon has the most advanced category searching system. You can enter multiple keywords and ArticleDemon will find all the article directories that matches the correct category.


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Article Demon – Account and Project Management

You can add, edit and delete multiple account profiles. You can renew your account profiles for different sites and task.rganize for your multi-niche needs.
You can create multiple projects and tasks for better niche management.


Article Demon – Anti-Bot With Human Simulation

ArticleDemon is the only article submission software to implement Anti-Bot mechanism that support Submission Throttling. It can simulate human submission speed to lower the chance of getting your accounts banned.


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Article Demon – Faster Submission With MultiThreading

If your connection and computer are fast, you can increase the multi threading number in ArticleDemon. You can speed up your article submissions by submitting to many article directories concurrently.You can also set the submission speed to make your article submissions more human-like.


Article Demon – Proxy Servers Rotation

If you are naughty and get your IP banned from the article directories, you can always make use of the proxy server function to submit your articles.Some article directories restrict the number of accounts you can create daily. The use of proxy servers will enable you to create more accounts.
With the proxy tester, you will be able to find out if your proxies are revealing your real IP address.


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Article Demon – Visual Aid

Now you can have handsoff CAPTCHA solving for your submissions using the low cost CAPTCHA services provided by decaptcher, bypasscaptcha, imagetyperz, deathbycaptcha and captcha sniper. Just enter your login credential into ArticleDemon and you are ready to go.Decaptcher @ $2.22 per 1000 imagesBypasscaptcha @ $14 per 2000 imagesImagetyperz @ $1.65 per 1000 imagesDeathbycaptcha @ $1.39 per 1000 imagesCaptchaSniperYou can also set the priority of the captcha services. When your first priority captcha service fails, it will move on to use the 2nd priority captcha service and so on.


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