Boa Constrictor Facts And Information

Boa Constrictor snakes are solitary and nocturnal snakes. They are one of the largest snakes in the world. I will explore Boa Constrictor Facts in the article below.

About – Boa Constrictor Facts

Boa Constrictors are found from northern Mexico to Argentina.  This snake thrives in a variety of habitats.  They grow to 13 feet as adults.  They are from the Boidae family and have head sensitive pits on their head.  This snake has more simple heat-sensitive scales.  The boa constrictor is pinkish or tan in colour and they have dark crossbands.  They are a heavy-bodied snake.  Males usually have longer tails.

Habitat – Boa Constrictor Facts

The boa constrictors live in wet tropical forests and in deserts and in cultivated fields.  Boa Constrictors are terrestrial and arboreal.  Some fascinating boa constrictor facts show that they have the least inclination towards water.  They prefer to live in the rainforest due to the temperature and humidity.

Their Wild Diet – Boa Constrictor Facts

Some great Boa Constrictor facts about this wonderful snake reveal that they feed on large lizards in the wild, small birds, bats and squirrels and rats.  Interestingly, they are nocturnal hunters and use their heat-sensitive scales to find their chosen prey.  They prefer bats and they catch the bats by hanging from the branches of the trees.  They snatch them out of the air as they fly by and kill them by constriction.  Young snakes can be fed once a week and adult snakes fed only once a month!

When Threatened – Boa Constrictor Facts

Some interesting boa constrictor facts show that these fascinating snakes will strike when threatened.  They hiss loudly and strike repeatedly when disturbed.  They will bite in defence.  This bite can be painful from large snakes.  Boa constrictors that are in a shed cycle will be more unpredictable.  This is due to a substance that lubricates old skin and new makes the eyes look blue or milky or opaque.  Then the snake will not see as clearly and become quite defensive.

Reproduction – Boa Constrictor Facts

Boa constrictors are ovoviparous, giving birth to live young.  Eggs hatch inside the body.  Some interesting boa constrictor facts reveal that the males mate with multiple females.  The female emits a scent from her cloaca to attract males, they then fight to breed with her.  The litter size can be between ten and 65 young with an average of 25.  Some can be still borns.

Handle Regularly – Boa Constrictor Facts

Boa Constrictors should be handled regularly and large boas should be handled by two people.  They are very very powerful.  Some more boa constrictor facts include that they should never be handled with 48 hours of feeding as there is a risk of regurgitation.

To conclude, the boa constrictor are ambush predators and will often lie in wait for their prey to come along and then they will attack.  They are known to hunt their prey and usually at night.  Interesting boa constrictor facts include that the boa will strike the prey at first, grab it with its teeth and then constrict the prey until death before eating it whole.  Their teeth help force the animal down the throat as their muscles push it to the stomach.

Boa Constrictor Facts

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Boa Constrictor Facts

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