FastHosts Online Backup Review

This FastHosts Review looks at the facilities and functions offered by the FastHosts online cloud backup solution. FastHosts Review Below.

FastHosts Online Backup Review

It is critical if you have data stored on a PC or server that you use some kind of off-site backup solution to cover every possibility of data loss such as fire or theft, as well as data corruption or hardware failure. Fast Hosts provide a quality online cloud storage solution that can easily adapt on demand as needed without any infrastructure or hardware hassle.

Unlike a lot of other online cloud backup solutions FastHosts operate out of their own state-of-the-art data centres in Gloucester in the UK rather than renting space in other people’s data centres. They are a web hosting company that also offer an online backup solution. The obvious benefit of this is that they have complete control over the whole infrastructure and hardware that is being used to doing online backups. They have two data centres which have high levels of physical security with CCTV monitoring, security guards, swipe card access to ensure your data is physically safe. FastHosts datacentre is also protected with climate control and fire protection and their servers all have redundancy including UPS power supplies backed up by a diesel generator which is capable of keeping the data centre running up to 30 days. Additionally all equipment is constantly monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year by on-site technicians to ensure that any problems are either avoided straight away or fixed as soon as possible after they occur. (See also FastHosts Web Hosting Review)


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Like other online backup solutions the FastHosts backup process is controlled by installing client software on each PC or server that is to be backed up. At this moment in time the desktop application is only available for Windows operating systems. The entry-level backup solution is not compatible with Apple operating systems but there is a step up version that is compatible with Apple operating systems. The software will allow the backing up of all data on the PC as well as an unlimited number of connected devices. Furthermore you can also backup all of your PC’s and servers at no additional cost. The Fast Hosts backup software is easy to navigate and use. It makes it easy to run the default backup and also set up new backups. Adjustment of any settings is also intuitive and easy to do. There is also an easy-to-use option for restoring files if and when needed. Each option once selected has an simple to follow wizard that guides you through the chosen process. There is also an option for creating customisable alerts such as when you are approaching the limit of the current backup plan.

The Fast Hosts online backup service allows the backing up of all types of files that are stored on a PC or Server including images, music, videos, documents, Outlook folders, etc. The backup wizard provides options for selecting individual files or folders for backup as well as entire drives, SQL databases and any system files. There is also a built-in backup scheduler that allows the time of the backup to be specified so that it is done when the PC and Internet bandwidth is ideally not being used for any other demanding tasks. It is possible to set up an unlimited number of automated backup schedules for single or multiple files. Once setup the backup process runs automatically in the background without the need for user intervention.

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FastHosts software‘s control panel provides an option for either running full backups or incremental backups. The first time that the Fast Hosts software is installed and a backup is run it will take an amount of time to complete the initial full backup. The amount of time taken will depend upon the size and quantity of files to be backed up as well as the amount of available online bandwidth. By using incremental backups the time required to maintain the backups is substantially reduced saving processing resource on the PC or server and also Internet bandwidth. Versioning of the backed up files allows restoring of previous versions of files if you accidentally change or delete the current version on your PC.

Restoring previously backed up data can be done at any time using the provided Fast Hosts software for either an individual file or the entire computer. Like most of the other functions in the software this is guided step-by-step by a wizard. During the process of setting up the restoring of files options are provided to allow overwriting of existing files or restoring the file as well as the existing file. The location of the restored files can also be specified using the restore Wizard.

Access From Anywhere – FastHosts Online Backup Review

The step up backup solution from Fast Hosts also offers access to the backed up files via a web browser from anywhere. This allows easy access to the latest version of your backed up files and synchronisation of data between different PCs.

Security – Fast Hosts Online Backup Review

Any data that is backed up with Fast Hosts its first compressed for speed of upload and then encrypted to ensure security of the data when being transmitted over the web. The data is also encrypted whilst stored on the Fast Host servers in the UK data centres. Throughout the whole process the valuable personal and business data is protected with 128 bit AES encryption.

Price – FastHosts Online Backup Review

The FastHosts starter online cloud backup package starts at £10 per month for 10 GB of online cloud storage. This package comes with a 30 day free trial. They have also got a step up range of online storage solutions starting from £19.99 per month providing up to 2 TB of online storage which costs £199.99 per month – there is a sliding scale of options available between the entry-level backup solution and the 2 TB solution, for details visit the Fast Hosts website by Clicking Here.

Help And Customer Support – Fast Hosts Online Backup Review

Fast Hosts provide phone and online support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year – they don’t work 9-to-5 like some other companies.

Conclusion – Fast Hosts Online Backup Review

The Fast Hosts backup solution at the entry-level is slightly more expensive than competing equivalent services from other online backup providers. There are also less functions and features than some other backup companies provide. One massive benefit however is that Fast Hosts have full control over the equipment and backup process because they use their own data centres rather than renting space in a shared datacentre. This provides added peace of mind and accountability and in view of the slight premium it is worth paying the extra amount for FastHosts Online backup solution.


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FastHosts Online Back Review

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