Go Daddy Website Hosting Review

Go Daddy Review

Why GoDaddy For Website Hosting

Go Daddy hosts over 45 Million domain names and is considered one of the biggest hosting companies in the world. This is a huge number when compared with other companies such as Hostgator that hosts about 9 Million Domains. They offer a whole range of services including Hosting, Domain Registration, Email service. Godaddy claim they do not outsource any of the hosting and they use all of their own data centres where they support, run and own all of the servers. As a result of this they are able to offer competitive prices and excellent customer support.

The GoDaddy hosting is across multiple servers with proprietary dynamic Traffic Management this reduce the possibly of your website having an outage due to a server failing. By comparison Hostgator hosts on single servers so if the server fails that your website is on it will go down. So the Godaddy platform is more robust and less likely to fail.

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Go Daddy Web Hosting Solutions

Go Daddy offer a range of hosting solutions from shared hosting to virtual server hosting (VPS) and dedicated server hosting. The cheapest prices are on the shared websites and the dedicated servers and the most expensive with the VPS in the middle. The more expensive the service is the more robust and reliable they are. They also offer secure Best-in-class equipment for firewalls, routers, servers, secure hardware, network redundancy with a Fully-Integrated monitoring system and on-site support staff. The security at the data centres are protected by fire protection, detection and suppression systems and 24/7 security staff. As well as this they also offer Full and incremental backups. They claim to have an up time of 99.9%

The web hosting features offered by Go Daddy include all the services that you will need such as website hosting, email services, databases, shopping carts, etc. Not all of these features are on the entry level package and you may have to pay extra to access all of them. They also offer domain registering, domain auctions, and the ability to order domain names that are not available and put them on back order for if they become available in the future.

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Economy Deluxe Ultimate
$1.99/mo $4.99/mo $6.99/mo
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
100 GB space Unlimited Space+ Unlimited Websites, Space+ & Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Websites°° & Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts2
100 Email Accounts2 500 Email Accounts2 Unlimited MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.)
10 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.) 25 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.) Website Accelerator
FREE†† Premium DNS, Site Scanner, SSL Certificate with Fixed IP address
FREE $50 Facebook® Ad Credits4 FREE $50 Facebook® Ad Credits4 FREE $50 Facebook® Ad Credits4
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Go Daddy Web Hosting Hosting Packages

Go Daddy hosting plans start with the Economy Plan which is at a low price with 100 Gb of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 Email Accounts and 10 MySQL Databases for your money. For a small business or online marketer this should more than enough to host a small website. For larger business and people with more ambitious pursuits a more expensive package may be more suitable. If you want to secure your data with an SSL then you will need to go the Delux package upwards which also offers unlimited storage, unlimited websites, 500 Email accounts and 25 My SQL Databases. I haven’t included pricing in here because the rates and also the costs are constantly changing. Over a period of time you will find that you will get and more for your money. The unlimited term in the some of the features requires reading of the small print because they don’t literally mean unlimited and if you use more than a certain quota you will be asked to upgrade.

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The email facility also has limits on usage but as long as you are not trying to do email marketing and just sending ‘normal’ emails then it should be more than sufficient. If you are looking for more than that then again you will have to pay more. However Go  Daddy does allow you to mix and match the different features so you only pay for what you need.

Setting up a new website is easy for beginners at  Godaddy with lots of site creation tools that will suit beginners through to experts. Not all of the marketing tools are available at the entry level hosting plans but can be accessed by paying a little more. Extra Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and search engine submission tools are also available for a small additional charge. There is also reporting on site statistics and other information such as raw access log. There is compatibility with most popular programming languages such as ASP, PHP, MySQL, CGI (Python and Ruby), Perl, ColdFusion etc.

Some parts of the GoDaddy interface are very easy to use and some parts sometime need a little bit of thought because you sometimes have to search for some of the functions. Areas such as file and database management are easy to use and maintain with plenty of useful features. Not everything is instant. If you need to create a database it will take up to 24 years.

Go Daddy Speed Test

When I tested the speed of Go Daddy using Pingdom I found that it was above average as can be seen below

GoDaddy Internet Speed Test

GoDaddy Internet Speed Test

Go Daddy Help & Support

Go Daddy offers forums, blogs, articles, Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs), email support, and 24 hour, 7days a week telephone support.


Go Daddy has a hosting platform offering that is very popular and has an offering for most requirements. The incredible number of people that use this service speaks volumes for the quality of the service. If people were not happy then they would vote with their feet. The GoDaddy portal is generally easy to use, the prices are very competitive and the quality of service is excellent.

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