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“Have been scammed big time online and have never made a dollar YET…” | Lifestyle Select

“Have been scammed big time online and have never made a dollar YET…”

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Video Transcript

Hello its Neil Ball here, I’m making this video because I received an email from one of my email list subscribers just sort of connecting with me and at the same time, saying that they had been previously scammed big time and never made a dollar online. It is because of that, I thought I’d make a video just to explain how the Empower Network differs from some of the other schemes that are out there. So what I would like to do is first of all start off with saying what Empower Network isn’t. It isn’t a get rich scheme. You can make money out of it and you will make money out of it if you follow the system but it isn’t a guaranteed get rich scheme so I’m not going to stand here and say you are going to make X a month because there are all sorts of factors that are going to determine whether or not you will achieve that but as long as you follow the system you will make money out of it.


It’s also not a one click system. It is not one of these set it and forget it systems where somebody claims they have discovered this secret loop hole that is going to give you untold wealth and all you have to do is click a button and everyday the money will come pouring in. It isn’t one of those. I’ve bought those in the past from places like click bank, I’ve bought WSO’s in the past, I’ve bought various guru big ticket launches and I have tried to make money with a number of these schemes and all of them have a few things in common but one of the things that they do have in common is that they tell you the system but ultimately they don’t give you the means to be able to make the money so the person who is telling you about it has made money out of you because you’ve bought the system. So then you are there with a system that may or may not make you money but you’ve somehow got to make that work.


The thing about the Empower network is that is has various things, it can be used in various ways really so rather than being just a sort of one way of making money there are various things you can do with it so the first thing I would like you to do is to forget about what has happened in the past because whatever has happened in the past is certainly not going to affect what happens in the future because this isn’t any of the other systems but you have to approach this with a different mindset. Otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail. Now, you’re either here because you want to replace your existing income or you want to supplement your existing income. Either which way you’ll want to make money. So what is the empower network? There’s an awful lot of promotion surrounding this product and it can be a little bit confusing as to what it is and there is a lot of misinformation about what it is so I thought what I would try to do is explain to you because it is really, I see it as four things. First of all, it is a blogging platform. Now then, you might be thinking what do I need a blogging platform for? Well the thing about the Empower Network blog is that it is a high authority a highish paid rank blog which give you an advantage. Now I have tested this, I have set up a word pressed site where I have put the same content one the Empower Network Site and a word pressed site and compared the results a d I find every time the Empower Network out performs my standard word pressed blog so its giving you an advantage just as a word pressed blog. The other thing about it is you can actually promote virtually anything that you want to on it so it is not like using something like Squidoo or Hub pages where you can get high authority you can sometimes get some good rankings in Google but then all of a sudden you find that your page has disappeared because they have decided how dare you try to sell something and make money on their platform. So it differs in that respect so it gives you a definite benefit just a blogging platform. If you want to you can just buy it as a blogging platform, the other thing about it as a blogging platform is that you don’t have to pay any hosting costs, you don’t need to have any knowledge of HDML FTP CSS PHP, anything like that, you may or may not know what those things are and you don’t need to know what they are, all you need to know is that it is a simple to use ready to go system where you just put content on it. So as a basic thing, as a basic platform for $25 per month, it is excellent value for money when you consider the advantage its going to give you so just from that point of view its worth having because no longer are you going to find you can put a page up and it disappears, its going to stay up. You can then work on trying to improve your ranking with Google with back linking and various things to get the positions in the search engines so you get traffic to that so you may find you want to promote different products on the Empower Network Platform. Which it is excellent for. The second thing is, there are also various levels of training that you can buy into in the Empower Network. Now the training is really superb and the more you buy into it, the higher up you go. Some of the concepts that are in there, I have never come across anywhere else. There are some really, really fantastic ideas, sort of mindsets and various things, which you won’t have come across if you have bought any guru launches in the past because they always talk about the system. They always talk about the method, the don’t talk about the mindset that’s behind what your doing half the time. So that’s part of it as well so you need to have everything in there, and you will find with the Empower Network, the training that is in there, you get that. So you can actually look at improving yourself as a Marketer, and you can start improving yourself in the way that you write your emails and the way that you present yourself on the video, or anything. It is a constant improvement and it is a process that you learn as you go along but the great thing is that the whole system sort of gives you a platform to be able to go forward and make some money online, if you follow the system. Now that applies to anything, if you don’t follow the system, you are not going to get the result. If you go to University, and if you go and do the course, and if you don’t follow the course and do what you’ve got to do, you are not going to come out of the other end of it with a degree. Well this is just the same. If you don’t do what you are told to do, then you are not going to get the results at the end. Which shouldn’t be surprising really. So, those are the first two things, the other thing is, if you are an affiliate, you can also sell the blogging platform to others, so not only are you going to promote your products on it, you can even promote the Empower Network on it. You can also take other products from elsewhere, so like places from commission junction or Amazon or anywhere else and you can promote those products on the product on this platform, and you can also sell the platform to other people, so for every person that you sign up, you will make commission on those people that you sign up. So that is another way, another opportunity that comes from the Empower Network. The fourth thing you can do is  that when you buy the training, you also buy the rights to that training. So that you can then sell it to other people. So when you buy it, you are able to actually then sell it to others and make 100 percent money on it. 100 percent commission. There is no catch there, it sounds too good to be true. It really isn’t. It really is the real deal that. You will make 100 percent, so you can then make your money back for every person you sell it to. That again, is a great opportunity. You will find again, as I said to you earlier, that the level and amount of training that is included, in some of the training is just incredible. I mean if you take the 15K formula for example, there is something like 22 videos in there. Quite a number of them are three or four hours long. They are absolutely packed with content that is presented to you by the best people in the industry who know about that particular aspect or whatever is being discussed. So whether it is solar ads or video production, making videos or whatever it is, you really are getting the best information from the best people. So it is something that when you have got it you can go out there and sell it with confidence, knowing that whoever does buy it, is going to get real value out if. In fact, they are going to exceed the value of it because it is really underpriced for what it is.


So really, is it a scam? No. I’d say absolutely not. It’s not a scam, its an opportunity which can be used in different ways. You may or may not have success with it, no one can guarantee you will be successful with anything, if you don’t follow the system. If you follow the system, you will make money with it. If you follow some of it but miss some out, you may not make money with it. You will definitely make money out of it if you follow the system to the letter. So, I think it’s well worth looking at and if you are still listening to this then clearly want to make money, and there is one thing for sure, up to now you have probably discovered every way not to make money, just as many people have and its time to look at something new and different and discover a way that you can make money.


The other thing about this, is that a lot of other systems, you have guru, maybe a well known guru within the industry who will tell you how this system has made him X amount of money of a period of time. You listen to the numbers and you think, ‘that sounds too good to be true’ or ‘that’s incredible, if only I could make that money, that would solve all my problems’. There is one thing about it and that it there is one thing that is different again and that is that normally, you find that there is one person who is saying ‘I’ve made all of this money’ and you don’t find anyone else. When you try it, you find that it is quite difficult or you can’t find anyone who will make money out of it. This system, there are many people. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. There are thousands of people who have made money out of this system. I’m not talking about making a fiver, or $5 or $20 or whatever; I’m talking about making a life-changing income so that they don’t have to work anymore. So that they are able to change their lifestyle. So it really is an opportunity that you need to be able to embrace, you need to look at, and it really comes down to this. If you want to make money, you’ve got to take some kind of risk and you have to invest in yourself. If you think that investing in a blogging platform or investing in training yourself is somehow risky, and I can’t really see how you can. Then, ultimately I am telling you what you are going to get before your buy it then you are knowing what you are getting here, it’s not wrapped in cloaks and daggers, there are big secrets, it’s a big loophole, there’s none of that. It is straight. What you see is what you get type of system. It may not be for you, but the fact is there are many people who are making money out of this system and you could make money out of this system, but you would only make money out of this system if you invest in it. If you don’t invest in it, you will save the money but in twelve months time, You will probably still be where you are now, being prudent or being smart, or thinking you are being smart and saving the money just in case you don’t make any money. Now the upside of this is you will educate yourself and no matter what you do it is going to be a benefit to you and you are going to learn many things that are going to be applied to anything. Whether you work for yourself or you market on line or you work for somebody else, you will benefit from the training that is in this system because some of it is just incredible, it is mind blowing and you have to see it, you have to experience it to see how it just changes the way you think about everything and it gives you a complete toolbox of ways to market and make money online. Which as I say, you can use for anything, so really what I would suggest you do is buy into it. You really do need to buy into it because you can’t look from the outside at it, you have to get in there, you’ve got to roll your sleeves up and you’ve got to work the system. You can’t buy into it and think, ‘oh I’ll have a quick look around and see what its like and if it doesn’t work I’ll get my money back or whatever’. That option is not there is any case, but until you’ve actually worked the system, you can’t really judge it. You know, if you think about it, if you decided one day you want to run in the Olympics, assuming that you are old enough to do it, or you are not too old to do it. You can’t just get out of bed one day and say ‘well I’m going to compete in the Olympic Games.’ It would take a huge amount of dedication, training and honing the skills and even then you might not have the genetics. Eventually, you may get to your goal but you will not get there without a lot of hard work. This, you don’t need to put anything like as much hard work in but you are going to have to put a certain amount of time in and you are going to have to learn the system and you are going to have to follow the system and eventually it will deliver results for you.


So what I suggest is that you hit that buy button and you buy the system. Don’t sit on the fence, don’t wait for the next scheme, don’t jump onto something else. Buy this system because this system, really is different. I know that you have heard that before, but it is. I’m telling you that because I’m stood here and I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve never recommended a system to anybody like this. I’m standing here because I think that by choice it is something that you should buy into. It is something that you should look at and if you do, if you follow the system, you can make money out if it. The other thing is, if you buy into this system, you can also work with me and I will be doing regular mastermind classes which you will be able to take part in, you will be able to ask questions, you will receive ongoing support and this isn’t for a week or two weeks, this is an ongoing commitment that I’ve got to the system and I can share my knowledge, and I have a lot of it, with you. I can help you along, and I will be helping you and other people who join me with this system so that we all make money together and we all do well together. Ultimately, we are stronger together than we are individually, we can draw on each others experience and we can grow and make money online. So really, hit that buy button and commit. Take a decisive and don’t sit on the fence because if you sit on the fence you will be sitting there in six months or twelve months thinking that you are saving that opportunity. If you are an entrepreneur you have to take a chance. You have to take a risk, so here it is. Just take it, don’t sit there and in twelve months think to yourself, I should have done it because your loss is twelve months.


I’m not saying you can’t do it in twelve months because you can, but now is the time so hit the buy button and lets get together, work together, lets make money together so thank you for your time.

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