Hide My Ass Pro VPN Review – IP Address Changing Service

In this Hide My Ass Pro VPN Review I am going to look at the best way to hide your IP address using Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN.

Many people want to change their IP address for more privacy or to get around an IP block or for online marketing.  If you do any amount of SEO that involves link building then you are going to need to find a way of disguising your real IP address otherwise you will find that some sites will ban your IP address and any content that you have submitted will be lost. This is especially the case if you are using any sort of automated content submitter tool. Changing the IP address temporarily can be done either by using free publically available proxies or by paying for a proxy IP address.

If you decide to use the free publically available IP addresses then you will need a piece of software to scrape them such as Scrapebox. Once you have scraped the free IP addresses you will then need to test them all to see if they work,  if they provide anonymity and also how fast they are. Once you have found the ones that work, which can take several hours, you will then have to hope that they continue to work with reliability and anonymity for the period needed. I have tried this method in the past and I have found that speed and reliability is a problem and it ultimately affects whatever you are doing. Sometimes they will work for a period of time and then they will stop.

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Another alternative is to pay a service that provides one or more IP addresses where you pay a small amount each month. I have found problems with this method because often you can’t change the IP address enough or automatically. Also if you want to use some of these services with software hosted on your PC or server it is sometimes difficult to interface.

The best solution that I have found is a service called Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN. Hide My Ass Pro VPN is a VPN client on a VPN service which creates a tunnel encrypted connection to the web site that you are looking at on the internet. What does that mean? It means it is a piece of software that you install on your PC or server that securely connects to the internet. The Hide My Ass Pro VPN software has an easy to use dashboard that makes the control of IP address selection simple to do. It will work with all software programs/applications on your PC. Once Hide My Ass Pro VPN is installed and set up on your PC as a client there is nothing else to set up.

About Hide My Ass – Hide My Ass Pro VPN Review


Hide My Ass VPN Pro Software Review

Hide My Ass VPN Pro Software Review

Hide My Ass  have a massive number of IP addresses. They operate in 53 countries and have over 350 VPN servers. In total they have over 41,000 IP addresses and this is increasing – which is more than any other service that I have ever come across. New VPN servers and IP addresses are added regularly at no additional cost. Having servers in many countries is a benefit not only because you can create the impression that you ‘virtually reside’ in almost any country. But also because you can ensure maximum connection speeds by choosing the country that you are in or nearest to you. It is possible to choose any country and any of the Hide My Ass servers.

The table below shows all of the countries that Hide My Ass have servers in.

Europe Europe Europe Oceania North America Asia
United Kingdom France Romania Australia USA Hong Kong
Netherlands Hungary Russia Canada India
Austria Ireland Serbia Africa Indonesia
Belgium Iceland Slovakia Central America Israel
Croatia Italy Slovenia Egypt Jordan
Cyprus Latvia Spain Morocco Panama Malaysia
Czech Republic Lithuania Sweden Philippines
Denmark Luxembourg Switzerland South America Singapore
Germany Moldova Turkey Japan
Greece Norway Ukraine Argentina
Estonia Poland Brasil
Finland Portugal Chile
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Using Hide My Ass Pro VPN saves having to do the time consuming task of scraping IP addresses and testing them. It is also a lot more reliable, more stable and faster -unlike free public proxies.  The connection is encrypted and is not detectable as a proxy server, unlike other free and paid proxy services, because it uses a secure VPN tunnel to the country and server that you choose to use. The software uses a secure VPN tunnel to the server in the country that you choose and then the IP addresses are used from that server.

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Installation of the Hide My Ass Pro VPN client software on your PC is like installing any other software and is very simple to do. Once installed on your computer you need to enter a Hide My Ass Username and Password. Next you go to “Connect to VPN” to select the country you want to use an IP address from and select the server or alternatively let Hide My Ass select randomly from 10 servers. Picking the closest servers will usually provide the fastest VPN connection. You can also opt to use Random servers. Each time the software connects it will use a new IP for increased anonymity. Once connected to the HMA VPN service your online identity will be masked behind one of the many anonymous IP addresses. There is also a one click connect facility for ease and speed of connection.
Security – Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN Review

Once you connect to the VPN servers, a secure internet connection is established between your internet provider and the Hide My Ass VPN servers. Everything you do online is then ‘encrypted’ and essentially anonymous. The tunnel connection is encrypted securely using government level of security and 128 bit key.

Changing The IP Address Manually – Hide My Ass Review

You can change your IP at any time in Hide My Ass by just clicking a button in the client software that is installed on your PC. There is also a facility in the task bar by clicking the icon in the Hide My Ass Pro VPN software. This can also be done by ‘right clicking the mouse button’ on the icon in the task bar and selecting the option to change your IP. Changing the IP is done very quickly and usually takes about 20 to 30 seconds.

Changing The IP Address Automatically-Hide My Ass Review

It is possible to set up the desktop software that runs Hide My Ass Pro VPN so that IP address changes are scheduled to occur every period of time, where you select the time period. Then the HMA software will continuously change to a new IP every time that period of time has elapsed since the current IP address started being used.

Built In Address Checker – Hide My Ass Pro VPN Review

There is also an IP address checker built in to the software. This can be set to the country that you want the IP address checker to check your IP address from. Alternatively you can use a site such as WhatIsMyIP.com to check your IP address.


Speed Guide – Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN Review

The Hide My Ass Speed Guide tells you how far you are away from the servers. Generally the closer that you are to a server the faster the connection will be. It is also possible to test the speed with a ping test
The speed of the connections I find to be more than adequate for submitting content using automation programs for search engine optimisation (SEO). If you are looking for more demanding uses such as streaming movies it might not be as reliable but it can certainly be used for downloading big files without any difficulties which I have done.

Secure IP Bind – Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN Review

You can set up Hide My Ass so that it binds to software programs that run on your computer or server and then they can’t run unless Hide My Ass VPN connection is active. This prevents you accidentally using software without the VPN connection. The service works with Multiple protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. When I use the HMA software I always use OpenVPN because it is safer and faster. If you are using Hide My Ass with a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone then use L2TP or PPTP services which are ideal.

Pricing – Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN Review

The pricing structure is very simple for Hide My Ass Pro VPN. There are no usage limits or bandwidth restrictions.  If you pay monthly then it costs $11.52, 6 monthly costs $49.99 and annually $78.66 which is the best deal. There is even a 30 day money back guarantee.

Help & Customer Support – Hide My Ass Review

Hide My Ass also provide customer support with a Hide My Ass forum. Support can also be access by sending an email which will be replied to within 12 hours. Additionally for 12 hours of the day there is a live chat available for the paid VPN service.


I use Hide My Ass Pro VPN for search engine optimisation (SEO) with content submitting software and it works really well for me providing the anonymity that I need. It really is a great service with superb client interface software on your PC making it easy to use. So if you are already using another service then it is time to switch and get rid of the hassle and inflexibility if the inferior service.

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