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How Much More Than $25 Do You Have To Pay To Get Results From The Empower Network? | Lifestyle Select

How Much More Than $25 Do You Have To Pay To Get Results From The Empower Network?


In this video I answer a question that many people have. make sure you watch all of it or you will miss the opportunity at the end…





Hello its Neil Ball here, I’ve had an Email from somebody asking me how much more money does it cost if you want to produce results so I thought I’d produce a video to try to answer that question as clearly as I can.  I get the idea from the question that there is a suspicion that there is some kind of catch to this and you are going to end up in some kind of funnel that is going to be asking for extra upsells and one-time offers and things like that and there isn’t any of that, if you are looking for an excuse not to spend the money on it, what I would suggest is you think about something here because its ok finding a reason not to do something, but how many times have you done that in the past have you found reasons not to do something and as a result of it you have never changed your life?  You have never made a difference because you are always finding a reason why you shouldn’t do something, so you need to be open minded and you need to take on board the possibility that this could benefit you in many ways because it will.

So what I’m thinking now is I will go through what the system is again and I will try and be a bit more concise and clear with it about how it works because it is quite complicated and I am going to miss some bits out and they are not bits about what you spend they are bits about what you will make in terms of money because it will come further down the line so the first thing is, the blogging platform.  The blogging platform in its basic form cost $25 per month, and for $25 per month you get a high paid rank, high authority blogging platform that you can promote anything you like on.  You can promote other products; you can promote the Empower product.  You can write about anything you fancy.  There are no restrictions; as long as it’s legal you can publish it on there.  You have got control over it, there isn’t some editor who is going to come along and take the content off.  So, you have a free rein to do what you like, so that provides and opportunity so as I said in the other video, people like HUB Pages and Ezine Articles and Squidoo they edit, they remove or they remove content that they don’t like and it means that you put effort into the content and possibly submitting it and then finding that its not accepted or removed.  You are not going to get that with this so if you decide to promote products from commission junction who have affiliate offers and you want to blog about those products on the Empower Network and make money through Commission Junction you can do that and that will only cost you $25 per month.to get access to the platform.

Remember with the $25 per month you don’t have any of the hosting costs, you don’t have any set up costs and you don’t have any expertise to set it up, it’s very, very simple.  So that is the first level of it.  So there are more levels to it and it really depends what you want out of it.  So its not that there is a catch, its how much do you want out of it and how much do you want to put into it so if you take it to the next level, the next step up from there is to become an affiliate.  Now what that means, is that as an affiliate, you can then get paid for promoting the Empower network platform, so if you introduced it to other people and they buy into it, they will make money out of those people investing in the Empower network.  So the other thing it gives you when you have done that is that you also have access to sales funnel which will give you sales videos, squeeze pages, really all the pages which you send your traffic to which you have come through when I promoted this to you and you also get emails which you can then send out to people so that you have got a sort of in the box solution. You are not having to start from scratch, creating videos, creating emails, create anything else, just the whole funnel itself, that’s all created for you.

It’s very simple, you just copy and paste a few bits and pieces, it tells you what to do in the training and you can start promoting it.  The other thing I didn’t mention is that when you buy the blogging platform, you get Quick Start training which explains to you how to get the most out of the platform as a blogging platform, so what you need to do to get results over a period of time.  When you promote the bog and you are using the blogging platform, you are not going to see instant results because it takes time and it takes time for Google to index the pages and for the pages to get ranked in the search engines and for traffic to accumulate over time, if you steadily add content to the blogging platform, then all the time you will start to build traffic that comes to the platform and you will start to increase the number of subscribers that you get and you will promote to those subscribers with a possibility of making money out of them, when they buy into the system.

So that is the very basic level, now then what you have beyond that you have training which you can buy and there are different levels of training you can buy and you can promote those as well but before I get into that I think what you need to do really is ask yourself ‘what do you want?’ knowledge is power at the end of the day, if you think about a doctor or a lawyer, they go to college and they spend in excess of $100,000 training themselves up to get qualified so that one day they can make a lot of money.

So they are investing in themselves for a potential future that will come eventually, but its going to take a lot of hard work for them, they are not going to get there straight away, so they have to believe they are going to get to the end of the process and they have to stick with it.

If they don’t, they won’t qualify, and if they don’t qualify they won’t get the money at the end.  So this is a similar sort of thing but much less money.  A similar sort of thing would be MacDonald’s.  To set up a franchise of MacDonald’s, which anybody could do as long as they accept you, it would cost a lot of money.  So to invest in the brand of MacDonald’s, which would cost you, because you are buying their expertise and you are buying their training, you are buying their systems, you are buying their brand and then you have got to invest in the actual outlet itself and you have got to pay ongoing fees to MacDonald’s every time you sell a burger, so there are a whole number of payments that are going to be made forever with a franchise.

This has a small number of payments you have to make but not much, really not much. If you are an affiliate it costs of $25 and to be an affiliate would cost you $25 per month so really I think the question, the question ‘how much is it worth to you?’ to do something that would change your life, how much to you value trying to make a difference so that you can change your life?  Do you give yourself an opportunity to make money and do something different to what you are doing now?  If you feel there is a lot of value in that then this is definitely for you.  If you feel that you might not make it or you might quit part way down the road then it probably isn’t for you, but you are never going to be a doctor or a lawyer either because if you quit at that you don’t have half qualified doctors dealing with you.  You are either a doctor or you are not a doctor and this is very much the same so before I go into the cost of the training, I don’t want you to miss the end of this video.  If when I give you the numbers, you get put off by them in any way, obviously, your threshold for that will depend on how much money you have got available.  There is something about this system, which there is a real sweetener on it.  Which could potentially mean it won’t cost you anything.

So, do stick around to the end, because if you don’t you won’t get a full picture of what the system involves, and what the costs are and what you can get out of it so by explaining this as simply as I can, without going into specifics of what each of these trainings are, I will explain what is available.  The first training is called the inner circle.  That is about 70 audios which are usually about an hour long but can be anything up to two hours long, and they are pack with information on how you can market online and indeed market this system if you want to do that, you can also use the training for marketing other systems, and its also got a number of people from the Empower network who have made a lot of money and they come on these inner circle interviews in a mastermind environment, and they reveal how they are doing what they are doing.

So they will give away some of the secrets of some of the things that they are doing, which are making them the money that they are making, so you get to understand what is the difference between what you are doing and what they are doing – so all the time you can adjust what you are doing and improve what you are doing.  The other thing about it is, it also gives you a mindset that you can use for the way you approach what you do and a mindset, just your general mindset in life about success and the mindset of making money, the whole thing, I could go on about that for ages but I’m not going to, I’m going to try and stay focused on what I’m talking about.  There is a huge amount of training in there which is really, really useful which will become part of what you will use to become successful with the Empower network, if you want to use it in a particular way.  Now as I said to you earlier, it is optional.  You don’t have to buy this and if you don’t buy it, as long as you do what you are told to do in the beginning, eventually, you will make money out of it.  It will take time.  Whereas once you start buying the training, what you are effectively doing is, you are buying more expertise, more knowledge so that you get to the desired outcome quicker because you are wiser because you have got more skills.

That’s like anything in life, you can shortcut things and usually that involves you having to pay for the expertise.  Or you learn by the school of hard knocks.  Now some people like to learn by the school of hard knocks, they think they can do that on my own, I can go out, and I can figure out what works and what doesn’t, and you can, the problem is you can spend a lot of time figuring out what doesn’t work and if you are not lucky, you will spend all your time figuring out what doesn’t work and what does.  So its much better to learn from people who have already gone down that road, to learn from successful people.  So you emulate what they are doing, and then you become successful, which really is quite obvious.  The other part of the training is called the Costa Rica intensive.  The Costa Rica intensive was actually a $3,000 mastermind which was in Costa Rica with a small number of people and it has higher level of concepts and training in there to explain how you scale to the next level, so that you take the knowledge and you add to that knowledge, and you use that knowledge then to make more money.  Now the Costa Rica intensive is a $500 dollar one time payment.  So once you have paid that, that’s it, its yours.  Now that has eleven high quality videos in there and its not like one of these courses that you get on click bank or something.  Where you buy something and you think, ‘wow, I’ve got a dozen videos or something’ and when you start watching them you think each video is ten minutes along.  So actually you have got about one video divided into twelve.  This is eleven high quality videos, which are quite long videos.  You have got an hour and a half to two hours on each video, so there is a substantial amount of content, and it has increased I think, because when I last went through that I seem to remember there was about eight videos in there so there has been some more put in there since I last did it.  It has even added two as well, so once, you buy it, you get all the upgrades to it.  The extra content that comes in or improvement, they are all put in there for you.  So the next product is the 15K formula.  Now, the 15K formula is a number of training videos, there’s 24 of them in total which are all high quality content again, not short videos, substantial meaty videos, packed with content, packed with information to educate you and explain how you need to approach marketing online to get results and that is explained by some of the best people in the industry who will come along, the people who specialize in certain aspects and are the best at what they do will come along and explain how they get results using a particular method of marketing, so somebody will come along and talk about blogging because they are an expert at that and they own the blog and there are people who do that so that is conceptually the same as the $25 entry level but these people explain how they make it work and the other things that they do to get results.

You also get people who come along and talk about solo ads for example or talk about video marketing r talk about how to syndicate your content, how to market your content all over the internet so that you get results from various places and it is a fantastic amount of training that you really have to go through and you really have to experience because you will come out the other end of it a different person because you will find yourself thinking like the people who are talking to you.  And start practising some of the techniques that they offer you improve and you will be constantly improving what you are doing.  As you figure that they are doing something slightly different to you and they are getting results and you might not be – so, very, very beneficial.  So the 15K formula is a higher level of training with more information and as I say it is 24 high quality videos and the cost of that is $1,000.  That is a one time payment and that’s it.  Then the next level of training, and this is really high level stuff and it is going to take you some time to get to this level because the amount of content that is available and the amount of information that is available on the other levels is so much that it is going to take quite a while to get through all of that and to put it into practise so that it starts to give you results in your business.

But the next level is the Masters Course.  The Masters Course is the sort of pinnacle in terms of the quality and the amount of information that’s in there; it really is high level advanced training which again approaches mindset techniques of how to get results out of applying the information and using it to market the product, either the Empower products or the other products.  Either which way and there is something like 40 high quality videos in there which again, are substantial videos which will take an amount of time to get through and they are absolutely crammed packed full of content, which will deliver the next level, to get you to the top levels of making money out of the system if you follow the system.  With all of this, there are no guarantees and I said that in the first video that you saw last time and the amount that you get out of it is really proportionate to the amount you put into it.  If you follow the system and you do everything in there you will make money out of it, but if you miss bits out then you might not.

That’s like anything in life.  This isn’t some push button system that’s going to deliver guaranteed results.  You will get results if you follow the system.  If you don’t follow the system, you won’t get results.  The Masters Course that is $3,500, it sounds like a lot of money but there is a fantastic amount of quality content in there.  I think you have got to think about this that even if you add all those numbers up and look at all of them, you’ve something like just of $5,000 worth of training compared to the cost of training to be a doctor or a lawyer or the cost of setting up a MacDonald’s franchise.  Or the cost of buying a business of somebody else, it is quite a small amount of money for the information that you are going to get out of it.  With all that knowledge and information, if you use it properly, you really cannot fail to better yourself and get better results out of anything that you apply it to whether it’s selling the Empower product or whether its selling other products or doing something completely different.  You will change when you go through this process, you can’t not do, it really is that amazing.  So really, the opportunity is fantastic with this.  It really is, it is something that allows you to change your whole life if you put the time and effort in, if you feel you are worth that time and effort, if you really want to get results.  Where the opportunity comes into this and this is the really amazing thing about it is that you have spent $5,000 whatever that adds up to.  You can then use that information and re-sell it to other people.  So you can use the information that you have learnt to sell and then sell those products that you have purchased because you have the right to sell those products and when you sell those products to other people you get 100 percent commission.  So you sell the Costa Rica intensive you get $500 each time you sell it.

If you sell the 15K formula, you will get $1,000 each time you sell it.  If you sell the Masters Course, you get $3,000 you get each time you sell that one – so slightly less than the full amount.

But substantial amounts of money each time you sell the products.  So you only have to sell one of each of them to somebody else and you’ve got your money back.   Now it doesn’t stop there because what you can do then is you can sell them again and again and again and you make more money.  There are people who have made a huge amount of money.  There are people who have made lots of money out of doing this.  So, its not something that one person is doing and no one else can do.  You can do it, I can do it, anyone can do it as long as you follow the system.  If you don’t follow the system, you won’t get it.  So, the next opportunity in here and it is not something I am going to spend a lot of time on, because really, I think, it’s a bit complicated explaining it, but there is also a residual income opportunity.  In this, further down the line it won’t come initially because you have to sell to other people to get the residual income.  But once you start getting more people on board, you will start to make residual income out of other people.  So not only will you make money selling the products that you bought.

And whatever else you are marketing on there, you will also make residual income on an ongoing basis from the people you introduce.  So that is another opportunity, so really it depends on what you think you want out of this.  You buy what you can afford; you buy what you are comfortable with.  If you feel that you just want to dip your toe in the water and try it at first, buy it at the $25 level.  Try it out and get to know more about it and then as you see what its about and as you understand it more then spend more money it.  If you feel that you want to get results quicker and you feel its worth investing in yourself, then spend more money.  Spend what you can afford, there’s no point in you remortgaging your house and finding you can’t afford the payment because you’ve done this.

Make sure that whatever you spend, you can afford to spend.  And then follow the system, no matter what, follow the system.  If you find you are not getting results at first follow the system, you’ve got to follow the system.  Keep following the system, if you don’t follow it you will fail.  But as I said, that applies to anything.  So there’s no guarantees, I can’t give you a guarantee.  No one can give you a guarantee.  I’ve seen MacDonald’s and Subway franchises fail, they have shut down and they have moved because they have not been successful.  Those people probably thought they would be.  So you can’t get a guarantee.  The best guarantee anyone thought they could get was from banks at one time and I don’t know about you, but certainly here in the UK, those banks wouldn’t exist apart from being propped up by governments and it’s the same in many countries around the world.  So no one can guarantee you anything but what I can say is that there are many many people who are making a lot of money out of this, so the probability is there.  The possibility is there.  This isn’t some kind of theoretical you can make money out of it, it is real.  You can make money out of it.  There are always going to be nay sayers or people out there who say it is this or that or the other but ultimately, they will say that to anything you do.  There are always people who never do anything in there life because they always criticise things but they don’t take action and if you don’t take action you don’t get results.  So it really is a question of how much you put on yourself  and what you want out of your life , if you feel it is for you and you want to invest in your education then spend the money, if you don’t feel its worth it, then don’t.  I cannot be more honest than that.  And it is like anything in life, you will ultimately be the person who makes it a success or not a success.  If you are honest with yourself, (a lot of people are not honest with themselves) – they will say, I followed the system.  And you will say to them, ‘did you do this and did you do that’ and they will say ‘no I didn’t do that.’  So you didn’t follow the system.  But you have got to follow the system.  You have got to do the whole process and if you do, ultimately you will get results.  So I hope I have answered your question.  Thank you for your time and hopefully we can work together and I will see you on the inside.

Thank you.  Goodbye.

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