JustCloud Review – Online File Backup Solution

In this JustCloud review I’m going to look at what functions and features are available from the JustCloud online file backup solution.

JustCloud Review

Most people know that they should backup their files and data on their PC. In fact many people keep putting this off and saying that they will do it and they don’t or they may not do it as often as they should do.  When you consider that all computer hard drives will fail eventually this lethargy in backing up the computer data is something everybody should be concerned about. The solution is to use an online automated backup service which will take away the need to remember to do it and it will safely store your data in a datacentre at a remote location. JustCloud provides an automated backup service that will do this by copying the files on your computer’s hard drive to a remote and secure location using an encrypted connection. By doing this if your computer has a problem or it is stolen or the building it is in burns down your files will be safe and secure in the JustCloud datacentre. JustCloud facilitate this with simple easy-to-use backup storage to a remote cloud storage location that allows unlimited storage.


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When you first start to use JustCloud there is a small Windows and Apple compatible desktop application program that needs to be installed on your computer. This program provides an overview of the current status of your file backups. It also allows quick and easy access to the backed up online files with options for setting synchronisation of folders as well as file restoring. The first time you backup your data with Just Cloud will take quite a long time. The length of time will depend on the size and quantity of files that need to be backed up initially as well as the speed of your Internet connection.

All types of files such as music, photos, documents, videos,emails, PDFs, etc can be backed up with JustCloud. There is also support for Network Drives and NAS Drives. The backup of data can be scheduled to run as often as you like. Once set up the JustCloud backup will constantly and automatically backup your files on your PC whilst running in the background. It is only possible to have one backup schedule running at a time. So you could not have some files being backed up more regularly than other files being run in different schedules at the same time.

Just Cloud backup does incremental backups, which means it only backs up files that have changed since the last backup or new files that have been added. By doing incremental backups it takes less time to do backups and the backups use less bandwidth on your Internet connection. The incremental backups also provide file versioning which allows previously saved versions of file to be accessed in the event that the current version is accidentally deleted or changed. It is also possible to exclude files of a particular type or above a certain size. With this option to exclude files you could backup smaller files such as music and photos but exclude large files.

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It is also possible to add a file to the backup by right clicking the folder, file or partition and an option is available to add the file to the JustCloud backup which can be done straight away if needed. Another option to backing up files is to use the dropbox style of folder where you can copy files into ready to be synchronised with the Just Cloud server.

Online Access To Backed Up Files – JustCloud Review

JustCloud provides online access to the data files that have been backed up by JustCloud using a web interface. Using this easy-to-use web interface allows easy access to all of the backed up data files. It is very easy to download or restore one of these backed up files. If there is a need to do a full restore then this should be done using the provided Just Cloud software.

Mobile Apps – JustCloud Review

Using the JustCloud mobile apps the data that has been backed up by JustCloud from your PC can be accessed from anywhere using a free App on an iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Surface and shortly on Kindle Fire. Using one of the Just Cloud Apps it is possible to access music, video, files that had have been backed up from your PC and stream them to your mobile device. Additionally you can upload pictures, music, files, etc from your mobile device to the JustCloud backup  server so you can access them from your computer.

Synchronise Files – JustCloud Review

As well as providing a file backup service, JustCloud also provide a facility that allows files to be synchronised between different computers. This is done by using a dedicated sync folder (similar to dropbox) and dropping files that you want to synchronise into it. These files will automatically be synchronised with any PCs that you have allowed access to your Just Cloud account. Additionally it is possible to share folders with friends using this feature.

Data Security – JustCloud Review

JustCloud provide data storage that is secure fast and stable on servers with built-in redundancy and an uptime of 99.99999999% guarantee. The Just Cloud backup servers are housed in data centres around the globe with no single point of failure to make sure no data is lost. The data is stored on multiple backup servers in multiple data centres for added data security. These data centres are monitored round-the-clock 365 days a year.

By using the best quality equipment Just Cloud provide fast access to the backed up files when you need them. From the moment that a file is copied from your PC and stored in the JustCloud datacentre it is encrypted with military/bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure that your data cannot be accessed by unwanted individuals.

Price – JustCloud Review

The JustCloud unlimited online data backup service starts from just £4.95 per month with a two-year upfront commitment. There is also an ‘any time money back guarantee’


The JustCloud online data file backup service is a great service that is easy-to-use and backed up with a robust infrastructure. Currently there is even a 14 day trial which doesn’t need a credit card to try JustCloud. More information click this link.


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Just Cloud Review


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