LiveDrive Review – Online Backup Service

In this LiveDrive review I’m going to look at the functions and features of the LiveDrive backup service.

LiveDrive Review

As people store increasing quantities of irreplaceable data such as photos, videos, music and other documents on their computer it becomes more important to have a backup of that information in case of a computer hard drive failure. As people have realised this there has been an increase in cloud storage servers and data centres to meet this demand. Live Drive is one of the more established online backup solutions who will store your data safely, securely and remote on their servers. They have over 500,000 paying customers around the world including PC World, Currys, Dixons in the UK; CompUSA and TigerDirect in USA. One of the distinguishing features of Live Drive is that they offer unlimited online backup for a single computer with their home user and business backup service. Live Drive offer many features for personal users and business users and is great value for money. All types of files can be backed up with Live Drive including pictures, documents, music and video streaming.


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Live Drive offer the option of either doing automatic backups or scheduling backups at a particular time. The default settings that live Drive comes with will not backup automatically so it is necessary to configure Live Drive in the settings section to ensure that you are fully protected. There is also a Facebook ready feature included and the live Drive software can download mobile apps from Apple iPads and iPhones.

Live Drive make uploading and downloading files from your computer easy to do with a drag and drop web interface. They also provide a Java upload which you install on your PC which provides a file ‘dropbox’into which you can copy files into.

Like any backup service when you sign up with Live Drive the initial backup will take a long time – depending on quantity and size of files on your computer and also the speed of your Internet connection. LiveDrive is easy to set up and once setup a LiveDrive shortcut will appear on your desktop and in your control panel to allow easy access. From this you can manage your backups, edit the settings, and see the status of the backups, and access the Live Drive online web portal.

Using LiveDrive is intuitive and easy to do using there easy-to-use online dashboard which is well-organised. The interface lets you organise your uploads by their type name of all the name. Any folder file on your PC that needs backing up can be done easily by the right click of the mouse and selecting LiveDrive and then click backup with Live Drive. All folders and files that are backed up by live Drive have a little green square next to them making them easy to identify.

Online Interface – LiveDrive Review

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The LiveDrive online interface allows easy access to your file backups. Within this web portal it is possible to check your data. Options are available to rename folders, stream music and download previous versions of files. If you want to restore a large number of backed up files to your computer at the same time there is an application that can be downloaded to do this which you can install on your PC. Using this application you simply select the folders and files you want to restore and click the ‘restore’ button. You then tell the software where to restore the files to on your computer and it takes over.

Briefcase LiveDrive Review

The LiveDrive briefcase is Live Drive’s answer to cloud storage. The briefcase allows synchronisation of files between different computers and comes with 2 TB of cloud storage. The briefcase appears on the PC as a new drive and is compatible with both Windows PCs and Macs. By using the briefcase it is possible to have the same files synchronised and appearing on all computers that it is being used on.

Live Drive provide a free mobile phone app to access the Live Drive briefcase which creates an easy to access folder on your phone that allows easy navigation through your backed up files to access photos documents music and videos. Using this app it is easy to stream music and videos files that are stored on your PC and backed up by Live Drive. You can also upload music and videos to your Live Drive briefcase. Included is also a facility that allows easy sharing of files that are stored on your PC and the backed up with Live Drive. The chosen file or files can easily be sent someone or you can choose to share them publicly through your LiveDrive web address. When sharing publicly access to the files can be protected with a username and password which you send to the people that you want to have access to it.

Livedrive Online Storage

Security – Live Drive Review

One of the most important features of any backup service has to be security when you are trusting the backup service with your valuable personal or business data. With LiveDrive all uploaded data is encrypted and stored multiple times to ensure that it is 100% safe and secure. With live Drive they have safety measures in place to ensure you can use them with confidence in storing your confidential files and media so that they won’t be leaked or hacked by unauthorised access. This is achieved by LiveDrive employing technicians who monitor the databases all the time.

Price – LiveDrive Review

Live Drive offer two backup services, one of which is suited to personal users and businesses with a single computer, and the other is aimed at businesses and individuals with multiple PCs. The single computer backup service starts from $6 a month. It is possible to add additional computers for an extra one $1.45 per month. The pro suite package offers online backup for up to 5 computers with 5 TB of storage. The briefcase feature costs $12 a month. All of the prices have discounts available when you commit to a longer period of time. Live Drive also offer a 14 day no obligation free trial that does not require a credit card.

Help And Customer Support

If you need any help doing anything on the LiveDrive backup service they offer support by means of e-mail support seven days a week. Typically their support department will respond within 2 to 3 hours during business hours


Live Drive offer a cheap and simple backup service that comes with unlimited storage space for one computer. They also offer an excellent business backup solution for multiple PC’s. Their service has easy to use controls and some great applications as well. Maintenance and setting up of the LiveDrive backup solution can be done quickly and conveniently and it is easy to access saved and uploaded files. With a 14 day free trial that doesn’t even require a credit card and a 30 day money back guarantee Live Drive should certainly be trialled to see if their back up solution is what you need.

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LiveDrive Review

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