Marketing Zombies Go To Therapy…

….and when marketing zombies seek this type
of treatment – there’s one of two things that
always happen.


1)    they ‘wake up’ and find hope (and success)


2)    they stay stuck in an everlasting state

of pain, poverty and struggle.


Good news:


There IS hope.


(in case you didn’t know – you’re reading this
email because someone sent you to our website
and you subscribed to our mailing list in the
last few months – and maybe you didn’t take
action – but you have a limited window to act
now – don’t let it pass you by – keep reading…)


Over the last 4 months, we’ve helped
more “average” people start to finally see
measurable results in their business…..


….than anything I’ve ever personally
seen – anywhere – ever – and it’s happened


Really fast.


but Neil, what do you mean by….

“Measurable” – ?




Most marketers will talk circles around
people with clever sales copy that hides
what they really want to say.


And translated, that corny pitch says….


“I have nothing better to do except push
useless information on to you that you
really don’t need…..


… while I’m at it, here’s another ebook
that you don’t need that will keep you more
confused, and set you up to buy the next
useless thing I have to sell next week.”


That’s when product launch after product
launch becomes – well, frankly…




So what’s the difference between
“measurable” and, well…




It’s simple.


One creates what I like to call an
“evidence report”.


(this is when people’s success is
really, really evident)


The other creates what I like to call
“replacement therapy”.


(this is when people wonder aimlessly
around looking for something or someone
to “fill the void” of failure – and eventually
turn into markeitng zombies)


And the statistics of what people are
buying and selling are worse than the
80/20 rule.


They’re more like 95/5


And 95% is “replacement therapy” – which
turns good people – who can succeed…..


….into marketing zombies.


It’s tragic, really.


So is Empower Network different?


YOU tell me…..


Facts to digest:


– We’ve got over 100 people who have
earned over $5,000 in our affiliate program.


– The 33rd highest paid affiliate has earned
right at $20,000 – the number #5 has earned
over $93,000 (you do that math, playa)


– Our funnel converts at numbers people
are not used to seeing – anywhere (but they don’t
write copy like me either – hey, just saying)


– Our products and marketing system focuses
you on 2 things. Creating content and generating
traffic (you keep it simple – we do the rest)


– Our training program is developing previous

“replacement therapy” zombies into actual
results driven marketers who now have an
“evidence report” to show their friends and
family – gotta love that, baby


– And here’s the really cool (and fun) part
about us – there’s never a dull moment. We
have fun – we’re adventurous, and you’ll
never get “bored” with us (satisfaction
guaranteed – 100%)


There’s much more to mention, but that
will do for now.


So here’s what I got:


After rigorously testing our system and
creating our own “evidence report” – which
has now spit out sales (into our affiliate’s pockets)
feverishly to the tune of right at 4 MILLION
dollars in only 4 months…..


….I can say, without a shadow of a doubt….


…you absolutely need to get and devour
what’s what’s waiting for you…..


When You Click Right Here Now:


Once you’re in, you’ll head strait to the
fast start training where we’ll show you
how to never fall for “replacement therapy”
garbage again, start collecting 100%
commissions on all products you sell
with us….


….and kick marketing mediocrity in the
groin for good.


Click Here And See What I Mean:


Warning: we don’t beat around the bush,
and that video may shock you a bit (make
sure all kids under 12 are in a different
room). But oh well – if you’re gonna work
with us, get used to hearing it strait.


And stay real :-)

P.S. Oh, and something BIG is coming (for
those who are in).


On top of our already ridiculously lucrative
100% commission affiliate pay plan, we’re
about to give someone 10 G’s to go crazy.


Yes…. $10,000.00 :-)


And the top 5 will fly out and hang with
me and my partner in Costa Rica to sip out
of some coconuts.


And a whole slew of other prizes anyone
can win (even you, yes – even if you’re recovering
from marketing “replacement therapy”)

We love ya.


More details tomorrow (or in the back office
when you get there here in a minute).


For Now, Here’s Your Special Link To Buy:

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