Monavie Scam? Discover The Honest Truth Regarding The Monavie Multi Level Marketing Business Model…

Is the MonaVie business model a scam or just an authentic home business opportunity? This can only be answered simply by examining various essential areas of the MonaVie model which include the MonaVie Company, the MonaVie Home business opportunity, the MonaVie product range etc.

MonaVie LLC was initially founded in 2005 by Dallin A. Larsen, Randy Larsen, Henry Marsh, and Charlie Brink and is now run as a privately-held company. MonaVie makes their own scientifically formulated nutritional products which actually use a combination of nutrient-dense fruits that supply phytonutrients and antioxidants to encourage and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Usually MonaVie products and solutions are formulated with blended fruit, purées, vegetable juice concentrates and also powders. The actual distribution is conducted employing a multi-level marketing (MLM) home business model.

Investing in any home business opportunity will lead to individuals questioning the business model itself in their own research process. This is particularly the way it is if a person is making an investment in something that they haven’t come across before or they have not been involved with before like Multilevel marketing business opportunities. Typically the Network marketing organizations will often tell you about what a fantastic investment option it is. Therefore, it is essential for someone that is considering committing to an opportunity, to be satisfied and content that the particular business opportunity is not a scam but an authentic business opportunity before committing to it.

As a result of researching the MonaVie LLC business model my belief is that the Multi level marketing business opportunity that is provided by MonaVie isn’t a scam – allow me to clarify precisely why I say this below. Just in case you are wondering, I’m not affiliated with MonaVie whatsoever – I have not at any time recruited folks in a MonaVie downline and I also haven’t ever been recruited into somebody’s MonaVie organization. Furthermore, I’ve not previously used any of the MonaVie solutions and products. Thanks to my past business successes and also my involvement in the Mlm industry over a period of Two decades, I’m able to look at this in a way that many people aren’t able to do.

The Macmillan Dictionary describes a scam as ‘a dishonest plan, especially for getting money’. It really is important to remember this when identifying if the MonaVie network marketing opportunity is actually a scam or else an authentic home business opportunity.

The business model that MonaVie business opportunity offers is an MLM or Network Marketing Business structure. This is often confused by people as a pyramid scheme which as outlined by Wikipedia as ‘an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment’. The MonaVie business has a product which is retailed to end users, which makes it a real business opportunity that doesn’t fall under this description.

In the US in the latter part of the Nineteen seventies the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigated the Network marketing model and argued it was an banned pyramid scheme. The courts decided that a Multi level marketing business is not the same as a pyramid system and that it is an authentic business model. Furthermore MonaVie operate in a lot of countries worldwide and they’ve got to comply with company law as well as consumer laws in every one of them.

All of the MonaVie products are manufactured by MonaVie, most of them employing their patented formulations which actually claim they offer a range of health benefits. The products are available with 100% full satisfaction full money back guarantee that offers the choice of returning them to get a refund if not happy with them. I am not planning on looking at individual products, however discovered in my research that the MonaVie products and solutions appear to have a very good rating from their customers.

MonaVie’s money making home business opportunity is a Multi level marketing plan based on a binary model type of comp plan, which means that you can make money based upon successfully developing two teams. And also this MonaVie’s compensation plan offers a variety of ways to make money, including retail sales, team commissions, bonus pools, and others. To register to MonaVie as a distributor needs a basic registration start-up price of $39 and there are also a number of levels that you may buy in at. Before getting involved with MonaVie be sure to completely understand the pay plan to make sure you know very well what is required to be done to generate money.

As with any company or opportunity you will discover people with good and bad viewpoints. I’m certain many folks place their funds into Multilevel marketing opportunities with their eyes half open. They assume that operating a business is similar to having a job or putting their cash into a bank account and so they expect guaranteed results without any effort on their part. Hence, these individuals, then gripe as soon as they do not get results and they realise that they need to put some work in and even go outside of their comfort zone. My belief is that because you really don’t actually know the simple truth of exactly what the people did to make their own home business successful, it’s best to ignore all of them unless you strive to be just like them. Then you need to concentrate on ensuring your Multi level marketing organization is a success.

In so far as I can tell the MonaVie MLM business opportunity isn’t a scam, but actually a real home business opportunity that really needs the right mindset and also dedication. Many people make an income with the MonaVie opportunity. Provided you are realistically, there’s no good reason why you cannot make it a success for you also. The actual conclusion is simple – MonaVie is NOT a scam. Therefore, it would be better to never make reference to it as the ‘MonaVie scam

The greatest challenge for MonaVie distributors is getting sales leads – this is easily changed…

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It is necessary to educate yourself with the required skills. A number of the skills are taught in the MonaVie training, but some of the necessary skills that the top earners use aren’t. You need to find out about the best ways to get qualified leads and recruit these people to your organization like the best leaders actually do, by watching this free video training. It’s going to explain to you how recruit in a way that the training that MonaVie gives you really doesn’t inform you of. Make sure you watch this video training to make sure you aren’t lacking this method from your recruiting efforts. Simply click here to watch the video right now.

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