My PC BackUp Review

In this review I will look at My PC BackUp and how it will benefit you if used to protect the data and files on your PC.

My PC BackUp Review

Most people store most of their prized photos, memories, music and other irreplaceable documents on their PC. Yet most people don’t realise how important it is to backup their computer files on the hard drive just in case the PC hard drive crashes, fails or during one forgetful moment a file is accidentally deleted. If you have ever experienced losing the data because your PCs hard drive has stopped working then you will know how important it is to back up your data.

The best solution is to back your data regularly to a secure location. My PC BackUp provides an automated solution that has a high level of security and the ability to access the data remotely from a number of mobile devices. My PC backup is created by Veritas and is a small desktop application that installed on your computer and automatically backs up all your files to a schedule chosen by you. It takes a copy all of your files encrypts them and it sends them to the my PC backup high-tech data centres.

Full or Selected file backup – My PC BackUp Review

My PC BackUp has the option of doing Full or Selected file backup. For most users it is best to back up all files. If the Full back up is not selected then there is a chance that other files will be lost if the computers harddrive crashes or if the PC gets a virus. If the Selected file backup is selected then My PC BackUp will only back up the files selected leaving the remaining files unprotected.

Full or Incremental backup – My PC Back Up Review

There is also a choice of doing a Full or Incremental backup. A full back up will back up all files according to whether you have chosen Full or Selected file backup. An Incremental backup will only back up files that have items that have been added or changed, and it will also backup any new files that have been added to the system. Backup MyPC will do a full back up after every 10 incremental backups to ensure that all the data is saved in the case of a computer crash.

Compressing Files– My PC BackUp Review

My PC BackUp lets you choose to compress files so that they take up less space. Although this takes some time to do it can also save time when the files are being backed up to the My PC Back Up data centre.

There is also a facility that lets the user schedule when the computer data backups occur – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. The more often you back up the data the better to minimise the amount of data lost and the effect of a harddrive failure. When My PC BackUp completes the backup it can also send you an email to confirm that it has finished the backup. The notification that is sent will let you know it been done successfully or otherwise.
When My PC BackUp is backing up if the backup is interrupted there is an automatic restart facility that will cause My PC BackUp to continue from where it was up to before being interrupted. When backing up My PC BackUp starts with the smaller files first. My PC BackUp will back up any external hard drives and USBs that are connected to the PC for total data security. The first time that you use My PC BackUp the back up will take the longest amount of time to complete but once completed bcakups are done very quickly.

The control dashboard for My PC BackUp is very easy to use and allows adjustment of settings and access to data information about your backups.

My PC BackUp can also backup the registry and other system data which will help in case of a computer recovery. Additionally there is also a Disaster Recovery program that will back up the whole computer including program application information. It is recommended that this is done at least once to allow the future install of programs if there is a need to do a full computer recovery.

Synchronise Data With Other PCs and Devices

My PC BackUp will allow the synchronisation of data files and folders between different PCs which is ideal if you have a PC at home and one in the office or some other location. As well as this it is also possible to remotely access the backup data and files from anywhere via the web. With this facility you can access the data from a smart phone such as an iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry and if you want to you can synchronise all the data to or from your mobile phone. If you change files when you are not connected to the internet My PC BackUp will synchronise the data when a connection is restored to your computer.

Security – My PC BackUp Review

My PC BackUp store all of your PCs data and files securely with encryption for maximum security. The quality of encryption used is government level of security with a secure 256 bit SSL, connection which is as good as it gets.

Back Up Storage Space – My PC BackUp Review

The My PC BackUp service does not have a limit on the amount of data that can be backed up from a PC. This means that any file size can be backup including photos, music, videos etc. In fact My PC BackUp allows you to backup any type of file or document.

Help And Customer Support – My PC BackUp Review

If you need help and assistance when using My PC BackUp there is an all-encompassing knowledgebase with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which have information on most subjects that you will need to know. There are also a number of step by step videos to assist with most common tasks. If the information that you need cannot be found in any of these then My PC BackUp also offer help and support via email and a ticket system.


My PC BackUp in an excellent backup service that is safe, secure and is amongst the best online backup services. The My PC BackUp system is so easy to use that even beginners will quickly pick up the steps needed to get it working quickly.


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