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Unique Article wizard is the ideal link building tool. As you probably know you can’t rely entirely on search results to generate traffic to a blog. You need to get your website noticed either by doing some SEO or by paying for traffic. Unique Article Wizard (UAW) is a tool that I use a lot for ranking my websites and their pages. Because of that I thought I would write a blog post on UAW to let you know more about it to help to see how it can help your search engine optimization for your websites.

I started using Unique Article Wizard in 2008 and have been using it since then and I have got some great results with it on several of my websites. By using UAW I always see an improvement in me search engine ranking positions.

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The basis of the success of Unique Article Wizard is link building which is a very important for search engine optimisation. How well you website ranks will depend on a number of factors including the number and quality of backlinks, the page rank of your page, the number of social mentions on Twitter, Facebook etc. As well as these factors the other factors are the quality the site that links to your site and the relevance of the content on that page compared to your page. There are other factors as well as these. It is important to have a steady and balanced strategy that does not rely entirely on any one of these methods.

Unique Article wizard is a tool that syndicates content and automates link building and allows bloggers, companies, writers, webmasters and affiliate marketers to quickly and easily publish articles online on many websites where back links point back to your website or webpage.

There are two ways that Unique Article Wizard can benefit your website. First the benefit of the multiple generated backlinks will help improve the position of your website in the search engines. Secondly the pages that Unique Article Wizard creates can also rank in the search engines and if these pages get traffic and your content is compelling enough people will click the anchor text in your back link and will land on your webpage.

The way that Unique Article Wizard works is you first have to write or provide the article that it will submit. Each article can have up to two links in it in the resource box with anchor text containing your keywords that you want to rank for.

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To make sure that this is most effective Unique Article Wizard will need to three versions of the article with paragraph spin. The paragraphs are then randomly ‘shuffled’ to generate a different version for each site that it submits your article to. When using the spin feature it is important to use human written article content rather than automated content. Whilst tempting to use, the automated article spinners produce gibberish which if used will mean that it is less likely that the submitted content will be published by the web site owner. Even if an article that is produced by an automated spinner is published by the site it is unlikely that someone will read the article because it will appear to be written by someone who is illiterate and in the worst case they are completely unreadable. Therefore the links in the article are not clicked because the reader never gets to the end of it.

Before an article is submitted it is necessary to select the best match for the category of websites that the article is to be submitted to. You can also select multiple pen names for the submissions so there isn’t a common name on all submissions.

To make the submission process look natural the articles are drip fed over time to the thousands of article sites that Unique Article Wizard uses. This is done by setting how many variations of the article should be submitted per day.

Many of the sites that the articles get submitted to have a page rank of PR1, PR2, PR3 and PR4. The page rank of these sites will have a positive effect on your website’s pages that they are back linking to. This is because the search engines will assume that the quality of the website that is linking to your site is an indication of the quality of your site. Since a good quality site is less likely to link to a low quality site. The quality filters to your site from the page rank as ‘link juice’ which improves the search engines perception of your website when you have many quality links pointing to it.

By using Unique Article wizard you will see better search engine results and therefore more traffic, than you will see if you just do on page SEO only or regular on page SEO plus manual article submissions.

The Unique Article Wizard software only costs $67 a month. For this you can create as much content as you want to, in as many niches as you want to, and do as many submissions as you want to in a month.
When compared with the many other systems on the market, Unique Article wizard is one of the best Article submitter tools that submits to more websites than most. So click the link below and start improving the ranking of your website.

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